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Report: Joe Gyau suffers new knee injury, could be done for season

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Joe Gyau’s struggle to overcome injuries this season took another turn for the worse this week.

According to a report in Dortmund-based newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten, Gyau injured knee cartilage in training this week and will likely require surgery. Borussia Dortmund II manager David Wagner speculated that it could be a season-ending injury.

Gyau tore the meniscus in his left knee during the U.S. Men’s National Team’s October friendly against Ecuador, and was originally slated to return by January. His return was postponed until February after the 22-year-old strained a muscle in his left leg after making just three substitute appearances for Dortmund II in late fall.

Now Gyau looks to be sidelined for the foreseeable future. In his first season with Dortmund II after signing a one-year contract last summer, Gyau has played in 11 games, making eight starts and scoring two goals. He also has one substitute appearance for Borussia Dortmund’s first team.


What do you think of this report? Disappointed to hear of another Gyau injury? Do you see him returning to Dortmund next season?

Share your thoughts below.


    • “you wonder if college is a surer bet.”

      A surer bet to do what? I think you’ll find plenty of athletes in college sports who have suffered serious injuries to knees and other parts of their bodies.

  1. I don’t think it’s as cataclysmic, i.e. Holden status yet, so hopefully he can make his return and stay healthy. We need all the wingers we can get.

  2. Oh god that’s so rough–gut feeling is he’s dunzo. Career already derailed in what was a tenuous situation. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Such a drag. Gyau is one of those players that has eye popping explosive speed and the games I’ve seen, seems the dude has a motor that doesn’t stop and skills to boot. Really been looking forward to seeing him develop and had hopes he’d explode into the picture mid cycle. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road that helps harden his resolve and pushes him to the next level. Sometimes having a challenge or something taken away from you can do that. Good luck and a speedy recovery to him.

  4. …how much more bad news on developing talent can a fan base take?? I think its about time we start to realize that we may have a dip in talent for a few years (nope, can’t blame it all on Klinsi people) because so many of our younger talent is either getting hurt or hitting their ceiling when we thought they were going to do bigger things.


    • I think what I hated most about this was the horrible feeling of inevitability about this headline. Holden-esque sense of destiny about this re-injury. I hope he is able to break the curse. It is awful to watch this happen to players.

  5. This is “the cursed year” : all the young talent abroad is getting hurt.

    Gyan, few new young players that impress with first caps.

  6. Seriously. Don’t wanna sound like a curmudgeon, but info on which knee should be the minimum expectation on reporting a mini story like this.

  7. man, renken, Gatt, now Gyau. It’s so frustrating to see these youngsters have their development/careers get interrupted. Hopefully he is able to take the necessary time off to let his knee heal properly.

    • I agree. I was thinking the same thing. Charles Renken, Josh Gatt and Joseph Gyau were an awesome threesome that I was looking forward to see mature and play with the USMNT at this time. All 3 have suffered so many injuries. Renken especially who looks done, but hopefully not for these last two.

      • He just signed to St. Louis’s new PDL team or PSL team or whatever team they have there. Hate to hear this stuff happening, man. Especially with only a 1 year contract, I hope they give him the Stu Holden treatment and support him

    • I remember seeing a study done by FIFA of U-17 WC stars. What they found was that most of the guys on U-17 WC teams never amounted to much, including guys who were star players at the WC. Some of them just never progressed professionally (Freddy Adu anyone?). Some suffered chronic injuries (Charlie Renken is a poster child for that). A significant percentage were out of professional soccer by the time they were 24.

      The lesson from this is that most youth stars are never going to do better than that. The chances of a youth star ever become more than a low-level professional are low. So US fans probably need to adjust their expectations whenever a Adu, Renken, Gyau or someone else emerges at the U-17 level and turns pro.

      • My problem with Gyau is that he was looking like an answer at left wing. He was killing it and looking like a legit difference maker when he went down with that first knee injury. This wasn’t a case of a “U-17 just not panning out”…this was a 20-some-year-old who was clearly emerging getting chopped down right as it looked like he was about to start delivering on all that promise. That’s a gut-punch.

        Really hope he makes it back. We need talents like this.

  8. Any details on which knee?

    I’d really hate to see Gyau fall victim to the injury bug so often, so early on in his career. Especially as a speedster.

  9. Is this new injury also his left knee?? I just hope he isn’t going down a path of knee injuries that destroy careers before they even start.


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