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Sacramento Republic adds 49ers CEO as new investor

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Sacramento Republic added another building block that they hope will separate them from the rest of the pack in the race for an MLS expansion spot.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson revealed during his State of the City address on Thursday that San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York will be investing in Sacramento Republic, as they continue their aggressive push to move to MLS. The news comes a day after Sacramento Kings ownership agreed to invest in the club.

“In an effort to ensure our proposal was too good to be true in the eyes of the MLS commissioner and board of governors, we sought to bring in a partner that would endeavor to give us that project experience and a premier franchise that was second to none,” Johnson said in his address.

“I am pumped beyond belief, to announce today that in the spirit of regionalism, the newest investor to the Sacramento Republic who will join our efforts to secure Major League Soccer in Sacramento, is none other than the San Francisco 49ers owner.”

York is the son of co-chairmen and owners of the San Francisco 49ers, Denise DeBartolo York and John York.

Mayor Johnson has been very influential in helping put together a superstar ownership group to bring MLS to Sacramento over the past few months. He was buoyed by the fact that the Republic won the USL Pro title in their first season as a club.

Sacramento is battling against Las Vegas, Miami, San Antonio, and two Minneapolis bids for the final two MLS expansion slots available in the league’s quest to expand to 24 teams by 2020.


What do you think of this development? Think that the Republic are in the drivers seat? Do you see them being awarded an MLS franchise?

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  1. Hmmm. Well, I guess it’s worth rolling the dice if they think that some regional solidarity will put them over the top in the eyes of the league. But frankly, I feel like the Sacramento management team is more competent than the partners they are bringing aboard. Hopefully (for them) they retain full control and don’t get off the rails.

  2. I don’t think Mayor Johnson would be “pumped beyond belief” that the new investor was going to result in the team from his city moving about 100 miles south to San Francisco. Sacramento has brought on lots of local and regional investors ( the King’s owners just the other day) with the idea of gaining a team for Sacramento in MLS.

  3. This would be the best thing to happen, for me. Yes, I am being selfish. I’ve always been a Quakes fan, or should I say Clash fan. That is what they were called when I went to their first game. Spartan Stadium, full of dreams. I was a kid then, fresh off the ’94 world cup buzz. I was high with joy and I thought I was the next Bebeto or Romario. And here came a local league boasting some U.S. stars. I think San Jose won that game, it was a team wearing white..maybe the Revs or the Metro Stars. Possibly a Wynalda or Lalas in the mix.

    I got off point. The point was that if the 49ers invest in a team. I will question my loyalty to the Earthquakes…only if the team moves to San Francisco. Then I can walk to the stadium. Selfish. In either case, they will most likely stay in Sacramento but I am allowed to dream.

  4. As a San Francisco native, this news is exciting. I grew up a Quakes fan, then gain. Then again, I”m thirty now so they were the Clash back then. I remember going to the first game high, off of that ’94 World Cup buzz, as a kid that was amazing. I don’t remember which team they payed that day. But in my mind they played the Revs or the Metro Stars and we won! I have a fuzzy memory Lalas was on the field.

    In short, it is exciting to see the 49ers coming into the fold, following suit. They may start to rattle that fandom I have for SJ if this where to happen. Move that team to SF and have a battle of the bay like the Giants and A’s have in baseball.

  5. This news, is beyond exciting to me. Born and raised here in San Francisco I’ve always been a fan of the Quakes. I went to their very first game, and although I was young I bet money it was against either the Metro Stars or New England. All I remember is it was a team in white, with some dark color. I was fresh off that ’94 World Cup buzz and loving it. Spartan Stadium was epic for a boy then.

    Despite that, I’ve always wanted a team in the city. I was raised an ‘9er & Giants fan. So to hear that this news is good to hear. I don’t expect the team to move to SF, although that would be the ultimate for me. I might find myself conflicted on which team to root for. I guess I might just have two teams. Go Clash!

  6. Ironic that SJ Earthquakes new stadium is what 5 miles from York’s 49er offices/stadium..

    Is this rich guys jumping on because they think it is a sure thing and money making thing?
    At what point does MLS have no face saving way of not adding Sacramento?

    I talked to a Sacto friend today, before this news, the town is in a frenzy right now of burgeoning pride and shop local mentality. Credit Johnson I guess? But the Republic and MLS truly have an opportunity here to become a HUGE hook this whole movement hangs on. Supporting the Republic means you support Sacramento.. and everyone if you’re anyone is doing that right now.

    • 6-8 hour drive?

      Ugh I must be from SoCal. I answered a question about distance in units of time.

      Ok, I don’t mean to be facetious.

      …but it would make an interesting point to have 4 MLS teams in one state (even if it is 3 different markets). What that point is, I don’t know. Just thought I’d take up some room and say nothing at all.

      • It’s actually only 6, without traffic. I routinely make the drive from LA to Sac in 5.5 hours, so the away supporters groups should be able to make it without a problem.

    • Around 12 hours round trip. This is from memory…I have only done it a couple of times and it was a while ago.


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