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Shaun Maloney joins Chicago Fire via transfer from Wigan

Shaun Maloney Scotland (Getty Images)

The Chicago Fire have had a busy offseason transforming their roster, but for all the moves made this winter, none may be as significant as their latest acquisition.

The Fire have completed the long-rumored signing of Scottish midfielder Shaun Maloney, the club announced on Sunday. Maloney joins the Fire via a transfer from English League Championship side Wigan, and will be the club’s newest Designated Player.

The Scottish national team midfielder has already arrived in Chicago, and will be formally introduced in a press conference on Monday.

“I’m very happy to be joining the Fire,” Maloney said in a team-issued statement. “I owe a lot to the manager Frank Yallop and the owner Andrew Hauptman for getting this done. I certainly didn’t expect it to get done this quickly, so I appreciate the faith that they’ve shown in me. It’s a brilliant league and I’m really hopeful that I’m going to enjoy Chicago and be a big part of what the club is building. I’d also like to show respect for my previous club and thank the owner and manager over at Wigan for letting this happen.”

Maloney’s signing is the latest for a Fire team that overhauled its roster after a disappointing 2014 season. Ghanaian forward David Accam and Trinidad & Tobago defender Joevin Jones are among the plethora of new faces Yallop will look to bring together in 2015.

What do you think of the signing of Maloney? See him being an impact player in MLS? Think the Fire will be a playoff team in 2015?

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  1. The Chicago Fire were 14th out of 19 teams in payroll last year spending just over $3 million. Until the Fire wake up and realize they are in the third largest media market in the US and start bringing in some EXCITING designated players like, Bradley, Altidore, Brek Shea, Lampard, Gerrard, Villa etc. then they and the MLS as a whole will remain in obscurity. I’m not saying the MLS revolves around Chicago being successful but having the nation’s major markets interested in the MLS on a year in year out basis wuill help grow the league. I am a soccer fan but only a casual MLS/Fire fan because it seems all they do is hire washed up, no name, DLPs and fire coaches and then hire another crappy coach. I remember going to a playoff game that they won late back when Blanco was playing and the place was packed and the fan experience was very exciting but I went to a game last year and I almost felt as if I was at a college game, super boring. Sign some players that I’ve heard of and I’ll come back and watch. I mean the fact that Toronto is home to two of the USMNT’s best players is disgraceful, if the Fire had signed Altidore or Bradley I would got to at least 3-4 games soley based on those signings, get your head out of your rear Hauptman and realize that you own a team in a major market, start spending like it. Take a page from the Blackahwks book that was a team in relative obscurity that captured the entire city’s heart by.. . #1 winning and by #2 having a decent marketing strategy. Figure it out FIre.

  2. Maloney is a very good player who will definitely contribute on the field. Is he worth a DP slot? Honestly, depends on how much they’re paying him.

  3. Yeah….he is going to put a lot of butts in seats.

    I’m sorry, as a Fire fan, I am not making the 3 hour trip to Chicago to see this guy. They will have do do a lot of convincing to make me want to go up and see them now. I will say it again. Chicago is a Polish, Mexican and German market. The least they could do is spend DP on money on bringing in some top talent from those markets.

    That would put butts in seats. I’m supposed to be excited that they are bringing in a Championship caliber Scot as a DP? Must be fund spending owners money.

    • Maybe go to watch a good soccer game instead of going to watch some dude because he is the same nationality as you. The Fire have made a few acquisitions this offseason that could make them very interesting.

      • Have you seen the Fire play under Yallop?

        They are not good soccer games.

        I’m Hungarian, so your ethnic comment does not apply to me. The market as a whole is Polish, German and Mexican. English style football does not really resonate with the Chicago market.

        In a market that has had Stoichkov, Nowak, Blanco, Razov, Beasley, McBride. Since Blanco, they have not had anyone that is worth the admission. Mike Magee is good, but he is only as good as the people around him. Blanco that made everyone around him better.

        They have been blah for too long.

      • Point taken about Yallop and lack of quality players recently. This does look like a promising offseason though. How Yallop sets them up might be a different story.

      • I gave up on the Fire. I’m throwing in my lot with OCSC. I got tired of waiting around, hoping that they’ll stop spending money on mediocre talents while watching the rest of the league pass them by. It gets old in a hurry, call me fair weather if you want but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Maloney, sonno buonnie, no baloney.

    MLS will one day rule the world.
    We will have our own postage stamps, and fancily dressed honor guard, just like the Vatican.
    MLS will be a sovereign nation within the borders of the USA, with a seat at the UN Security Council.

    Y’all dust off the snow shovels. Hear?

  5. My god there should be a penalty for giving so much money away for so little. There are players younger and better for much less money playing in Paraguay and Ecuador who would die for a chance to play in the USA. Just look at what is available in the ongoing African Cup. My god , give me a break with this English/scotish garbage. Lets eliminate our bigotry and biases and go for the most talented.

    • “Lets eliminate our bigotry and biases and go for the most talented.” You’re being bigoted by saying the only good players are South American.

      • He never said “the only good players are South American”. That is a reading comprehension fail. He just stated that there are better and younger players in South America and Africa who would come for less money than the Scottish/English players we seem to chase.

        I would agree to a certain extent. The establish stars (Keane/Gerrard) are quality players with established brands, which enable marketing. However, the mediocre players (and there have been a few) are arguably not as good and/or cheap as some of players that we could get from Africa or the Americas. To a certain extent, I have to agree a lot of these players from the British Isles don’t impress me more so than the aforementioned players.

      • Apparently he hasn’t noticed the other signings that the Fire have made this offseason. Two of whom are relatively young and African. The fact that he recognized this signing but not the others might point the reason why some teams would rather sign an older player who has played in the EPL.

    • The fire have had a nice offseason. Don’t think they can be accused of bigotry or for targeting only a certain nationality. This Maloney deal is just one piece of what they have done to really transform their team. Not sure if it will work or not, but they have definitely been trying…

  6. Maloney has played the best soccer of his career lately. His most important goals for Scottland have come in the last two years or so. Good signing for MLS.

  7. What do you think of the signing of Maloney? Its good. I would like the Scots to view MLS as a destination league. I think the MLS is higher quality than the Scottish Premier league.

    See him being an impact player in MLS? I really have no idea at this point.

    Think the Fire will be a playoff team in 2015? No.

    • Eh, hes sorta on the line. He just turned 32. His birthday is Yesterday. So he is younger than Kyle Beckerman. After a 3 year contract, Maloney would be the same age as Javier Morales currently is. So when compared to some MLS vets who perform well. He isn’t old just yet by any means. I wouldn’t sign the guy to a 5 year contract or anything though.

    • To call him a “has-been,” you’re implying that at one point he actually was something. SPL good, Championship mediocre, Premier League bad – we’ve seen that before. Worked out great. Right Portland?


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