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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Frank Lampard comes on Manchester City


Manchester City will look to take advantage of Chelsea’s absentee top-scorer when the top two teams meet in English Premier League play.

The FA upheld a three-match ban for Diego Costa on Friday, meaning the league’s leading scorer will miss the crucial matchup at Stamford Bridge. The Citizens sit five points behind first-place Chelsea and have identified this match as a must-win.

Both teams suffered shock defeats in the FA Cup last weekend, placing more importance on league performance as they chase down the title. Last time they met, Man City squeaked out a 1-1 draw thanks to an 85th minute goal from former Chelsea man Frank Lampard.

History favors the home team in this matchup. Out of the last 9 league meetings between the two clubs, six have ended in a win for the hosts.

As if starting the second half of the Bundesliga season in the relegation zone wasn’t hard enough, Borussia Dortmund begin a climb from the bottom with a trip to third-place Bayer Leverkusen. Last time the teams met in August, Leverkusen took a 2-0 win away from Signal Iduna Park when Dortmund’s rough league campaign was only beginning.

Real Madrid will be without the suspended Cristiano Ronaldo when they host Real Sociedad. Elsewhere in Spain, Atletico Madrid look for a win at Eibar to bounce back from being knocked out of the Copa Del Rey by Barcelona.

If you will be watching today’s games, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy today’s action (Today’s soccer TV schedule after the jump):

7:15 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Brentford vs. Middlesbrough

7:45 a.m. – NBCSN – Hull City vs. Newcastle

9:30 a.m. – GOLTV USA – Schalke vs. Hannover

10 a.m. – NBCSN – Manchester United vs. Leicester City

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Crystal Palace vs. Everton

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Liverpool vs. West Ham

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Stoke vs. QPR

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Sunderland vs. Burnley

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – West Brom vs. Tottenham

10 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad

Noon – beIN Sports USA – Genoa vs. Fiorentina

Noon – beIN Sports en Espanol – Eibar vs. Atletico Madrid

12:30 p.m. – NBC – Chelsea vs. Manchester City

12:30 p.m. – GOLTV USA – Bayer Leverkusen vs. Borussia Dortmund

2 p.m. – beIN Sports en Espanol – Granada vs. Elche

2:45 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – Roma vs. Empoli

4 p.m. – beIN Sports en Espanol – Celta de Vigo vs. Cordoba

6 p.m. – Univision – America vs. Tigres

6 p.m. – ESPN Deportes – Puebla vs. Cruz Azul

8 p.m. – Univision Deportes – Monterrey vs. Veracruz

9:06 p.m. – Telemundo – Leon vs. Chiapas

10 p.m. – Atlas vs. Pumas


  1. The running commentary is a disaster to read through…some pretty big games happened today but you wouldn’t know it from reading these comments.

  2. Van Aanholt is a huge key for Sunderland’s success. When he plays well and connects well the team general plays well. Him being injured a month ago was a big loss. glad to see him back. He was a huge upgrade over M Alonso from last season. Reveillere seemed to be playing better today. moving Johno to the left/middle has helped as well. he’s got a strong left foot and when in the middle he can keep possession better and create more. Sunderland seem to have switched to an asymmetrical 442 -4222. its hard to explain but it keeps wick ham slightly wider than defoe and the opposite mid slides up while the mid under connor slides in. odd but seemingly starting to work. so instead of connor as a LW he’s like a wide RS but the RM tucks in under him leaving the LB room on the opposite side to over lap. again hard to explain but it helped them create better. if only…..

    • on behalf of old school, please stop with the tactical analysis; anything more than the scoreline is just too goddamn complicated, and sounds a lot like an ‘excuse’ to fit a ‘narrative’…

  3. fabian goes 90, in midfield. looked alright, but i thought it was apparent that he hasn’t gotten a lot of competitive games lately.

  4. Watched some of the eintract frankfurt and freiburg game, chandler and the eintract d has really struggled in the second half. Still think hes a better rb or rwb option than yedlin at this point.

    • He will have a rough time playing as a defender for Thomas Schaaf. That manager has a reputation of giving up a lot of goals and scoring a lot. Frankfurt has 34 goals. 3rd most in the Bundesliga. They have also given up 34 goals. 2nd most in the BL.

  5. Yes! Watching it now. Have uverse. He’s been very good so far running at the defence, running down balls. Created 1 or two chances

    • Mikebsiu….. whom are you responding to?….. because you failed to do so. you must click the “Reply” link below whichever comment you wish to replay……

    • O.S., did you see the goal yourself? or are you just the type of person who reads a stat line and deduces something to your fancy?

      • Haha.

        Now we’re breaking down “how the goal” was scored instead of a goal being scored. This is the same demographic that wanted to break down “how someone played” even though they didn’t score.

        You can run yourself into circles like a young puppy chasing it’s tail for all I care. Each and every angle you and the rest of the apologists can find to justify Altidore’s horrific stint in the EPL appears to be an endless well.

        For the record I hope he does well in his return to MLS, and I don’t dislike him. I do, however, find it incredibly amusing to see what excuse people provide each week. Even when he’s gone from the club no less. Yes, the same club that allegedly everyone “hated watching”, yet still continues to in their attempt to be “right”.

        Keep trying. It’s entertaining.

      • NBCSN is a beautiful thing while at work, but you can stop with the red herring.

        It’s not unbecoming when so many apologists are just so adorable.

      • Soooooooo, again, did you watch the goal happen live? just curious. no need to go off……. relax.

        And to reiterate an above comment. I don’t watch Sunderland in an “attempt to be ‘right'”. I watch now because I enjoy watching Defoe play as I always have; and because I am curious to see how the trade will play out. I think it’s sad that Poyet just now switches to a 442 but what can you do. To further clarify, I’m not on here to prove that Jozy is World Class, etc, I just loathe superfluous hyperbole so when i see people specifically saying that “Jozy is terrible, doesn’t deserve a USMNT call-up, get rid of him, he’s the worst player ever” etc, etc I generally tend to comment to point out he’s quite decent just not the world star the US has been looking for. By using facts to prove this people have mistaken my points as “excuses”.

      • if you would only read the linked thread you’d see my stance has never wavered….. but thanks for proving my point. your question(s) were rhetorical, correct?…….

        all jokes aside, if you still need me to explain my point I can…… (…………..)…

      • I’m starting to think you don’t read your own comments or have any self awareness how erratic you appear to be when trying to make a point.

        You labeling me (or others) an “ldiot” might as well be a compliment. To be on the other side of a debate, based on your posts, likely means we’re on the side of sanity.

        Thanks, I guess.

      • Old School aka Joseph McCarthy, like a scholar, please quote passages to prove your point.

      • I provided you the link. What more do you want? To be spoon fed?

        You’re all over the place when trying to make a point with odd attempts at being funny, serious, factual or sarcastic. To say nothing of the red herring attempts.

        You sincerely appear to be off your meds.

      • in addition, OS, in the linked article i never really disagreed with you, moreso was trying to explain a point to GW

      • your patience with old school is admirable, as he’s pretty much a jozy troII at this point.

        just wanted to say, your last paragraph is right on (except for the ‘watching sunderland play’ part). i feel exactly the same way.

      • haha yea i can’t find myself arguing with the obvious ldiots on here but the people that sound educated but are saying mockingly illogical statements (aka Old School) i find the joy in responding.

      • So far you, GW, TomG, seem to be the most consistent scholars i enjoy reading. whilst people like Old School, slowleftarm, and Brett constantly lead the Illogical Army

      • Increase0, so far you’re on the fence. haha as if my internet opinion matters…

        carry on

      • Goals should be awarded by a five person panel based on “quality” much like figure skating judges.

        Tap ins, own goals, goals scored based on mistakes by opposition players should all be waved off..

        Penalties should not be awarded rather they should be corner kicks.

  6. Markovic misses a terrific opportunity in on goal at end of the 1h. WH backline looks to be tiring so hoping LFC can finally make their combination play pay off in the second.

    O/T – Serena Williams wins the Aussie Open for her 19th grand slam. Greatest US player by far (men and ladies) of her generation.

    • She won another? Shes not young anymore. You would think someone able to challenge her would have popped up in the last 10 years.

    • Mikebsiu is the epitome of an uneducated commenter. Defoe’s played 3 games sir, 2 league 1 cup (pun intended). People watching the game understand Defoe’s goal doesn’t mean much besides confidence considering how it happened. People not watching the game will continue to use it as ammo for their hyperbolic negativity towards a player (Altidore).

    • Look, it was a bad situation for Jozy. He was brought in by a manager who was fired several games in. Poyet never wanted Jozy. He never had any idea how to use him properly. The times he was in there, he was used in a hold up role and completely isolated from the rest of the squad. Defoe was brought in by Defoe at huge expense and will be given every opportunity to succeed. Despite all this, Sunderland scored at 3x the rate with Jozy in the lineup than without, so he performed a positive role of sorts when he was in there.

      Yes, ultimately, Jozy’s job is to score goals, but you can’t really compare Defoe, who sits on the back shoulder of his defender all match and looks to make poaching runs, to Altidore, who stands at midfield waiting to battle 2-3 defenders for long balls and spring teammates for the counter. For all practical purposes, they’re playing completely different positions under Poyet. It has to be considered a failure for Jozy because he didn’t score goals, but there are aspects of the situation you can’t ignore either.

      • ^^^^^^^

        I truly hope Old School reads the above comment. This is the point. Overall? yes Jozy failed at sunderland. But an educated look at the situation shows its intricacies. people commenting on this logic aren’t “jozy apologists” they are just trying to further understand WHY jozy didn’t play well at Sunderland to fairly assess a USMNT member. So the “Sunderland are terrible” is used often by “Jozy apologists” but also used by “educated realists”. the facts supported it. no forward scored more than 7 goals? with only Borini doing that–while playing as a wide mid, to note. I guess I’d just say pick your battles better and perhaps watch the games you find your self arguing about.

        I personally don’t think Defoe and Jozy should be pitted against each other on how this season pans out but to be fair, such is sport. So knowing that i choose to follow this storyline rather than “CHE vs City” or whatever. I aim to, with my own eyes, witness the storyline unfold such giving me the necessary tools to discuss it with like-minded intellects on this site. If i were to not watch and then in 3 months just unload hatred towards Jozy i would look terrible ldiotic

      • This is the posting of a crazy person:

        Jermaine Defoe goes scoreless in first two matches

        Sunderland update: Sunderland couldn’t score vs Championship side Fulham. Defoe did not score for the second game in a row. 150+ minutes of football at Sunderland and no goal. He must be the worst player ever…

        Wickham with his 3rd goal in 25 apps this season. Defoe still hasn’t scored….. he must be a terrible player right?

        Jermaine Defoe scores

        I personally don’t think Defoe and Jozy should be pitted against each other on how this season pans out but to be fair, such is sport.

        Interesting how you suddenly abandon the “pitting” against each other commentary angle when you spearheaded the charge.

        More evidence you don’t read your own posts. You’re a mess by all standards.

      • you obviously missed the sarcasm in the first post. a striker not scoring in two games doesn’t mean he’s terrible. i know that. hence the sarcasm. So I never spearheaded the charge, i did however notice the “storyline” and have openly said I’m’ curious to see how it plays out. but once you understand the first comment is sarcasm you should understand the full point. I don’t think people should pit them against each other, thus someone judging Defore after not scoring in the first two would silly.

        Once again, my point has not wavered…..

  7. Wickham with his 3rd goal in 25 apps this season. Defoe still hasn’t scored….. he must be a terrible player right?

    • Sunderland scores. Defoe scores a tap in. Gomez plays Van Aanholt in on the wing and crosses to a wide ope Defoe. looked like Burnley thought they were offside…. Third game’s a charm. now how many more will Defoe get?

      • GW I thought no one was ever going to watch Sunderland ever again? BTW I checked the score and that is in fact a real goal, it counted.

        Red letter week Defoe and Altidore score in the same week!

      • yea it’s a 442 i believe. and GW, i agree, i still want to see Defoe create a goal. i really think the Burnley players stopped playing thinking Van A. was offside.

      • i’ve always enjoyed watching Defoe play over his career. As much as i don’t enjoy watching Sunderland, i watch because of the previously stated reason and because i’m curious to see how it will play out. I don’t want Defoe to fail. by saying “he must be a terrible player” i am being extremely sarcastic…….. again, I’m mostly curious to see how it plays out and merely checking the box score after then judging would make me as idiotic as some of these other commenters who do just that.

      • i’ve always enjoyed watching Defoe play over his career. As much as i don’t enjoy watching Sunderland, i watch because of the previously stated reason and because i’m curious to see how it will play out. I don’t want Defoe to fail. by saying “he must be a terrible player” i am being extremely sarcastic…….. again, I’m mostly curious to see how it plays out and merely checking the box score then judging would make me as ldiotic as some of these other commenters who do just that.

      • yeah, I understand. I’ve been following Everton and their horrid season. It’s really frustrating to watch them but I do it anyways!

  8. Let’s go LFC and Ms. Serena Williams for grand slam #19! Liking the 3-4-3 with Coutinho, Lallana and Sterling, and Sturridge on the bench.


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