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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

CristianoRonaldoRealMadrid1-Cordoba2014 (Getty)

Real Madrid is poised to scoop up a fair share of silverware in 2015, and if the reigning UEFA Champions League title holders plan on kicking the year off in style, they will need to win a very tough first match of the new year.

Real Madrid faces Valencia on the road in the top match in a light schedule of Sunday action. Valencia is eying a top four finish in La Liga, and can seriously boost its chances with a win against a Real Madrid side that hasn’t lost in the league since a September defeat against Atletico Madrid.

In FA Cup action, Sheffield Wednesday will try to pull off an upset against mighty Manchester City, while Yeovil Town tries to play spoilers against Manchester United.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


8 a.m. – Fox Sports 1 – Dover Athletic vs. Crystal Palace

10 a.m. – Fox Sports 2 – Manchester City vs. Sheffield Wednesday

10:30 a.m. – Fox Sports 1 – Yeovil Town vs. Manchester United

11 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Valencia vs.┬áReal Madrid

12:30 p.m. – Fox Sports 1 – Arsenal vs. Hull City

1 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – Espanyol vs. Eibar

3 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – Real Sociedad vs. Barcelona


  1. Re Jordan Morris from the other day, do people really believe that someone with US cap history already has only the option of MLS? I’d think the fairer comparison would be Charlie Davies and not Jay Demerit as one was a name prospect in demand and the other was overlooked completely. Whether Morris is being evaluated accurately or is a flash in the pan obsession of the coach, his prominence by attention and cap is going to make him far more valuable on the market than people seem to be willing to admit. MLS may be lowballing him but the basic fact of getting JK excited and having some caps would probably net him six figures someplace in Europe regardless of tape or how well he plays going forward. Davies got a deal for something like $400k and for that Morris could easily save some money back for school, even one as expensive as Stanford.

    • An amateur player with one friendly international cap (with the US instead of say, Argentina) is suddenly worth six figures abroad?
      Talk about no willing to admit the facts. He might end up signing for an European power…. Or we might end up never hearing from him again.
      If people are not willing to give him his proper due you’re swinging too far the other way.

      • Facts are stubborn things, Davies when he signed was “amateur” coming out of BC and he was offered $200k by MLS and $400k by Hammarby. Both had youth NT history.

        I think you’re missing that most anyone signed in Europe at a decent level makes a hefty wage. Freaking Peterlin was worth nearly $300k. Peterlin! Bedoya made more than Davies at Orebro. Cervi made $500k. Yelldell $438k.

        I haven’t swung too far, you’re simply not acknowledging what a basic European salary in the right league in a decent division is worth. It’s worth more than enough to pay for Stanford.

      • I’ll be honest… I really don’t. I watch the Bundesliga and the EPL. It’s hard to follow more than that.

      • Watching it now… Valencia can’t do set pieces at all. Whoever is taking them is terrible.

        Also everyone is hacking each other… Ramos could be off. That could have easily been a 2nd yellow when crunched that guy in the box.

  2. Watching my 1st ever FA Cup game here on FS1 – love it. Crazy though that I can see a tiny team like Dover in the round of 64 (or whatever it’s at right now) but we can’t get US Open Cup games (not even the final!) on tv :(. Someone needs to get their ish together fast!


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