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Garza suffers knee injury in Tijuana win

Greg Garza (USA Today)


Club Tijuana was victorious against Morelia on Friday, but Greg Garza’s evening didn’t end so well.

The 23-year-old left back had to be replaced by fellow American Joe Corona after suffering an apparentĀ knee injury during the 4-2 Tijuana win. There is no word from the club on Garza’s current status, but the team felt the need to take him off in the 52nd minute.

It was Garza’s fourth-straight start for Tijuana in the Liga MX Clausura. He appeared in 15 of 17 matches in the Apertura last year.

The victory helped Club Tijuana move into first place in Liga MX, if only temporarily.


  1. Granted, I don’t see a lot of Xolos games, but from what I’ve seen of Garza, I just don’t see why he’s rated so highly in here as a Nat team LB.

    He’s Not particularly: fast, skillful, good at crossing, or clever in the attack. I suppose he’s a good positional defender, and maybe good at 1 on 1 defense. If I’m missing something please let me know.

    • g_dub,

      I’ve never seen a Xolos game. But I’ve seen every minute of Garza’s brief USMNT tenure at left back and left midfield.

      He has been very solid and steady defensively. Offensively he goes forward very well.. He looks like he has been playing there for years. And maybe he will do that.

      Or, it may be that as he gets more time and the US faces tougher opposition Garza will be exposed as a fraud. Besler looked awesome at first. it took a while for some of his flaws to show up.

      But for now, Garza is the #1 LB as far as I can tell.

      • I have seen several of TJs games, and I thought last year he met the eye test, and sure enough they thought enough of him to let Castillo go. And this year he hasn’t disappointed.
        He’s strong, has great touch, good vision and passing skills.
        I’m not sure where GDub is getting his info.
        I’d say his drawback is he’s not as fast as any of our outside backs in the current pool. He’s probably built for a 4 man backline-but we’ll see. If the 3-5-2 is more than just an experiment, I’m not sure he’s got the pace….but he does have the ball skills

  2. Increase0, you are right, I don’t like JK. I did not say he injured Graza. I said there has been an increase in injuries to the players since he took over. Compare the injuries suffered by players during the tenure of the past 2 coaches with that of JK’S tenure.

    • LoL
      Dude pu-lease. You can not possibly believe there could be any remote connection between JK and Garza’s injury…… right?

    • I’m not sure the same thing can be said about his German team when he coached them. Also, the amount of time they spend with Klinsmann, even if his regimes somehow are too tough, won’t break down your players like this. We have such a small player pool that’s it’s much more noticeable when we lose a player to injury.

    • First, you implied there was a connect between JK and Garza’s injury but you did not say it. Fine.

      Second if were gunna go down that route, Bob Bradley basically ended Oguchi Onyewu’s career. Urg, maybe he worked them too hard in the WC. But in the January camp… he didn’t work them hard enough so they were tired and lost. The man can’t win.

    • You are accusing JK of causing more US players to have injuries than BB did.

      Then you tell everyone that they should come up with the data by comparing the number of injuries during the two eras.

      That research should be performed by you.

      You want to prove a point? Do your own research.

      • Man, got me thinkin about Stu Holden. I’m glad he is working on his TV career. Dude deserves something to work out.

        If Eric Wynalda can do it, Holden can.

  3. Wow! A lot of injuries to USA players since JK took over the Program. Could there be a problem with his training /fitness regiment?

  4. Good thing Jurgen is experimenting with different formations because Garza was one of our few really good left backs, especially for Gold Cup. Hope injury was not serious. Get well soon, Greg.


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