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Tim Cahill announces move to Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua

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Tim Cahill’s next career move will take him far and wide from New York, but he is not headed home just yet.

Cahill has confirmed early Monday reports, announcing that he is set to move to Chinese Super League side Shanghai Shenhua. Cahill said he had offers from clubs in England, Spain and the Middle East, but thought that heading to China was the best situation for him at this time.

The 35-year-old Australian international signed with Shanghai on a free transfer just days after helping his country capture the Asian Cup, and a mere hours after he officially agreed to part ways with the New York Red Bulls. Cahill had fallen out of favor at the MLS club in 2014 and was linked for months with a move home, but told Fox Sports that no official offers came during the last two months.

Before finalizing his move to China, Cahill said he had been in discussions with his former Everton manager David Moyes about potentially suiting up for the Scotsman’s La Liga side, Real Sociedad. Cahill also weighed his next career move with former Red Bulls teammate Thierry Henry.

Shanghai Shenhua is no stranger to signing big-name international players. The Blue Devils, which finished in ninth place last year in the 16-team Chinese league, have previously employed Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka.


What do you think of Tim Cahill’s move to Shanhai Shenhua? Shocked that he isn’t heading to an Australian club? Would he have been a good fit for Moyes’ Real Sociedad side?

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  1. I really don’t get the criticism of him going to play for Australia. He’s the face of Australian soccer and Australia was preparing to host their continental championship. It’s a huge occasion for soccer in Australia. These were important warmup games, scheduled during FIFA dates. I don’t blame him at all for going to play in those games – MLS should not continue to schedule during FIFA dates. The blame lies with the MLS schedule.

    • Agreed. Not sure why so much hate for Cahill’s international duty. Overall, I think he reinforced the overall (world) image of MLS through his WC and Asia Cup play.

  2. Hard to explain if, as seems to be the case, he had a contract with BNY that would have paid him even more than the Chinese club. And that’s not even considering that club’s spotty history with Drogba and Anelka. Reading between the lines, RBNY may have been looking for some sort of commitment that Cahill wouldn’t jump to fly across the globe to play in every friendly that his national team might schedule, and Cahill refused. This could be a money-making stopover for Cahill that is closer to his home until he ends his career in Australia at a much lower salary.

  3. It was a free transfer because NYRB couldn’t wait to dump him. I think he was making $3.5 million with NYRB, but now $3 million in China. Great career move Tim. Good riddance.

    • There’s still value with Cahill’s name and winning the Asian Cup. Plus, 500k transfer fee could get a bit with communist salary cap.

  4. How about that Chinese team buys red bull New York 🙂 but in reality, I’m surprised there is no heavy rich Asian ownership group in MLS.
    Just sell this team MLS, nycfc is going to be a growing monster and red bull wil have to do something. Red bull should go to NASL and cosmos to MLS, that sounds better.

  5. I really liked him in year one but his heart wasn’t in it after that. he chose meaningless friendlies over important league games. that’s disgraceful. I hope the NYRB find another DP. one who wants to be here.

      • After a world cup, national teams should be inactive for 6-9 months.

        The world cup crowns the world champion. After that, IMO a little time needs to pass.

        IMO all those international games played in 2014 from june to december should never have been scheduled in the first place.

      • That isn’t how it works and the Asian Cup is the equivalent of the Gold Cup or European Championships. I’d also note both Gold Cup and Copa America are held the year after the World Cup. Plus, Australia was hosting so it was a great chance for them to win it, which they did. I don’t blame him for leaving. Blame MLS for continuing to schedule games on FIFA dates. This is nonsense and needs to stop.

      • One way MLS could free up some dates (so they could shut down for int’l friendlies) would be to eliminate in-season club friendlies, as well as the All-Star Game. I get that they make money, but it is equally nonsensical to interrupt your competitive season so some big European clubs can get some lucrative scrimmages.

  6. As I Red Bulls fan, thank you Mr. Cahill for 1 very strong season. Good luck cashing that paycheck in China. IIRC both Drogba and Anelka left because they weren’t paid.

    • The Drogba and Anelka issue was due to a crazy shareholder who would withhold his share of funds in order to get a bigger stake of the team. His share was bought out last year.


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