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Christian Pulisic impresses after training with Borussia Dortmund first team

ChristianPulisic-USU17MNT-2014England (Getty)


Christian Pulisic may be just 16 years old, but the American midfielder has already earned the praises of one of Europe’s most highly-regarded managers.

Pulisic, who has recently featured with the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team, was called into Borussia Dortmund’s first team training this week. The midfielder, who is part of a highly-praised wave of the club’s youth system, earned the praises of manager Jurgen Klopp following training this week.

“We were missing his position and that’s why we called him up,” Klopp said in a press conference. “He did a good job.

“Pulisic is part of that generation. He’s a great footballer, an attacking midfielder. He can kick the ball around really well. And in a very intense training session with narrow spaces, he did not stand out in a negative way. This is a real sign of quality.”

Currently, Pulisic is unable to participate in game action as he awaits his playing license from the German Football Association. Regardless, Klopp insists that he is going to bring Pulisic, and other youngsters like him, along slowly to maximize their development.

“That’s important for their development,” Klopp said. “That might not be possible everywhere — as you can see with [Martin] Odegaard [at Real Madrid]. But we will do all we can to allow the lads the time they need in spite of the great talent and the great quality they already have.”

What do you think of Klopp’s comments? What do you expect from Pulisic in the coming years?

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  1. If you guys haven’t watched this kid (and his cousin who plays goalie) do yourself a favor and watch the next U17 tourney on whatever sketchy feed you can. Granted he’s playing against other kids, but this guy is a baller. He’s tiny but owns the field in a way I haven’t seen in ages on the US side.

    Just watch, you’re gonna be impressed

  2. And in a very intense training session with narrow spaces, he did not stand out in a negative way. I remember david moyes saying the same thing about Cody arnoux.

      • God, I just don’t get it. Why can’t they just hate people by the color of their skin like the rest of us. I’m seriously just joking. But seriously…

    • I get your point, but I would think the opposite, Neven never felt at ease with the USYNT guys, in fact, I read somewhere years ago about him making the comment of “there was too many hispanics in the locker room” AND Neven never went to a WC. Pulisic enjoys the company of our “blended family” and has a good chance to be part of USMNT that will be going to every WC until retirement.

      • Louis Z.

        If you are going to label Subotic as a racist because :
        “ in fact, I read somewhere years ago about him making the comment of “there was too many hispanics in the locker room”
        Don’t you think you should have more substantial evidence than that?

  3. so Pulisic said, “Officially cleared to play for my new club Borussia Dortmund! Amazing experience training with the first team today!”

    i ask because of the line, “Currently, Pulisic is unable to participate in game action as he awaits his playing license from the German Football Association.”

  4. “He did not stand out in a negative way. This is a real sign of quality.”

    I could’ve sworn Klopp used to have a slightly higher standard… but I suppose we’ll take it!

    • I noticed that too haha. That being said, despite their current struggles, Dortmund is still one of the most talented teams in the world. For a 16 year old to train with them and not look out of place is impressive.

    • I think the point he was trying to make that as a 16 year old training among professionals there was not a dearth in quality between them. He was good enough to fit in as 16 year old which is pretty impressive!

  5. He should follow Donovan’s career trajectory: Become the most talented player in US Soccer, and proceed directly to a non-top 4 league; do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200.

    • Yeah, all Donovan did was make millions of dollars, play exactly where he wanted to for most of his career, win titles, and score numerous key goals for his National Team in massive competitions. Loser. So selfish.

      • Sure LD won titles. In MLS. It’s like winning Double A baseball titles in the grand scheme of things. Sad part is LD had the talent to excel in other better leagues and didn’t want to. Loved home too much. And that’s ok.

      • I agree that he could have played at a higher level. But his career went pretty exactly how he wanted it to, except being left home for Brazil ’14, which seemed more political than skill-based (discussed ad nauseum, of course). He also went out by helping the team he loved win an MLS championship. My ultimate point is that is that it futile to attack for his career trajectory; he was personally fulfilled by it, and that is ultimately what matters.

      • bnceo,

        While we can never know for sure, having watched LD his entire career I’m convinced that barring something very unexpected, he never would have been happy in Europe, at least not long term.

        And an unhappy LD is a not a very good player.

        As a USMNT fan I had no interest in Donovan’s club career so as far as I’m concerned he was a USMNT player who happened to play for the Quakes and then the Galaxy to keep happy and fit for the USMNT.

        So things worked out just fine.


      • “he never would have been happy in Europe”

        yes, but bnceo would’ve been happy, and that’s what really matters.

  6. I don’t think it’s far off to say they are future No. 10’s of dortmund. They both play the position, dortmund brought them in to be the FUTURE of the team. So how would they not be the future No. 10’s? Never said they already had the skill and ability NOW to be the No. 10.

    • I think what other posters are saying is that it’s more probable that he’s the future #10 at an MLS club or a Bundesliga II club. For many of us, we’ve seen a lot of US prospects get hyped to be star players on big clubs and it has never really worked about. Doesn’t mean he won’t become a very good player and potential US Nat. And I’m hoping this is the guy who breaks the mold and actually not only lives up to the hype, but surpasses is and becomes the US field player who makes a significant impact at the CCL and Int. levels.

      But if he turns up in MLS in 7 years looking to latch on with a club as he gets over a knee injury that has stalled his career, I don’t think many of us would be surprised, even if that is a cynical way to look at it.

  7. Scuttlebutt from Dortmund fans who are rabid enough to follow the junior squads is that they (the fans) aren’t too high on Flores. But take that for what it’s worth.

      • And yet people won’t learn the lesson that it’s about how you play, not the name of the club you’re with. Junior Flores was a huge disappointment at the U-20 qualifying, while guys like Tommy Thompson and Emerson Hyndman were playing well. But one is with Borussia Dortmund while the others are with San Jose and Fulham, so guess who gets the hype…

      • Excuse me, but Flores was hurt in the first game of the CONCACAF tournament, and when he came back from his injury, he produced.

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