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Report: Freddy Adu nearing deal with Swedish team


Photo by Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports


Freddy Adu’s professional career has taken the former prodigy all over the world, and it appears that the 25-year-old’s next stop will be Sweden.

Goal USA is reporting that Adu is nearing a move to an unnamed Swedish first-division side after two weeks of discussions. The move is reportedly “imminent” and could be announced as soon as next week.

The midfielder would be far from the first American to play in Sweden’s Allsvenskan, as the league has housed a slew of U.S. players in recent seasons. New England Revolution forward Charlie Davies kickstarted his career as a member of Hammarby, while Alejandro Bedoya featured for Orebro and Helsingborg before joining his current club, FC Nantes.

Adu was most recently seen during a stint with Serbia’s FC Jagodina, although the midfielder failed to find the field after joining the team last fall. In addition to his MLS stops with D.C. United, Real Salt Lake and the Philadelphia Union, Adu’s career has taken him to Portugal, France, Greece, Turkey and Brazil.

What do you think of Adu’s latest move? How will the midfielder fare in the Allsvenskan?

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  1. How did he go from not playing in Serbia to signing with a Swedish team? Normally when you fail at a really low level you don’t manage to land better off than you started…

    • Serbia is the 27th ranked league in Europe, Sweden is 24th.

      Freddy’s team is newly promoted so all things being equal you could make a reasonable argument that Fredinho is making a more or less lateral move in terms of league rankings.

  2. Good for him. Hopefully he gets playing time this time around. The last time we really saw him was at the Gold Cup in 2011, but he definitely impressed. I would have liked to see him play in the States again, but he probably is making a lot more money playing in all these random countries. Maybe he was holding out for the CBA to get done earlier before making a decision.

  3. Freddy is the biggest USA tragedy ever. The kid has all kinds of talent but for whatever reason, cannot make it work no matter where he goes. Attitude, work ethic? Who knows but its a big shame that somebody can’t get to him, take him under their wing and turn him around. Last time I saw him play was in a Gold Cup series (last one I think) and he was the best player on the field for the USA. Did that open any doors for him? Not that I can see. JK is done with him apparently and its too bad. Maybe he’s just unreachable? Just a waste of talent

      • He was a failure too but I think Freddy could have been a player if he ever could have got whatever is stopping him fixed. If JK had give 1/2 the time hes given to others with less talent, we might have had something

      • Ricko,

        JK is not a manager of a club. And what Freddy needs is regular playing time at a club.

        It would be very difficult for a pro player to play only for his national team.

      • JK could have offered guidance, advice, personal interest… kind of what he did with Robbie Rogers or Shea in the past. Freddy needs somebody to give him a giant kick in his ass and to try and get him straightened out. Of course, he’s not a kid anymore so maybe it’s a little late for that. Had this been done 5 years ago, he might have a player today.

      • I see. So JK is to blame for Freddy’s current troubles?

        What makes you think somebody did not give him “a giant kick in the ass” already?

        I’m sure many other very knowledgeable people in the industry have offered plenty of guidance to Freddy but as noted elsewhere, Freddy is his own man.

        Does Freddy strike you as the kind of guy who listens to advice?

        Bob Bradley, who bent over backwards for Freddy more than anyone, got a nice substitution appearance vs Panama and about 30 minutes worth of a good game from Freddy vs Mexico in the 2011 Gold Cup. for all his trouble. And by trouble I mean he put him on the Confederations Cup roster in 2009 and took him to South Africa and Adu did not see a minute. Then BB put him on the 2009 Gold Cup roster.
        There is an All Star cast of players, managers, agents, coaches etc, involved with Adu’s career.

        Guess what the one constant is?

  4. Gosh, the predictable Adu hatred. So sad. Done more in soccer than any of you, made a good chunk of coin doing it, and is still going at 25. As for suggestions he faked his age, it’s total nonsense. Go back and watch his letterman appearance at 14 and tell me his voice hasn’t broken since then and he isn’t twice the size in terms of skeletal mass.

    The undercurrent of “he rejected MLS when it’s too good for him” is under all of this, and it’s kinda nonsense.

    • +1

      The guy plays a certain style… If he could find the right team and setting he could be of value… I watched him with Aris FC… he could play in that league, start and be a good contributor…

      He has certainly had some of the worst luck when it comes to managers wanting him then getting canned in the next month or so…

      He has made plenty of mistakes on where he has signed and where he chose not to sign but the guy is his own man.

    • Still going?

      We’ll have to take your word for it. He’s played about 75 more minutes of competitive first division soccer than I have in the past two years.

    • Agreed the jokes get old and I wish him the best. The last time I saw him play he was a great spark for the US in that 2011 Gold Cup. I thought he was only gonna get better from there but he hit a bit of adversity and wasted 3-4 years of his career. Let us hope he finds some consistency at the club level in Sweden.

  5. This guy is my hero, he will be the greatest coach one day due to all his experience. How in the world does he keep up with the culture and language of every different league.
    Espn should do a story on him, he’s probably the most diverse black dude due to his I soccer career.

      • actually most people say Jif, whereas snobby intellects say Gif because “they know”….. even tho the person who created .GIFs said he always thought it was Jif…..

  6. I’d say he’s lucky that teams keep investing money with him. Does he do anything worthwhile? Doesn’t he seem to have an attitude problemme too?

  7. Good for him, lucky dude to make money playing (or not playing…) soccer and traveling across the world. Dude can retire young with a stack of cash and lifetime of experiences.

    • “I am going to design and market “Freddy Adu World Tour” t-shirts quilt. Who’s in?”

      No shirt has enough material for his professional vacation stops.

    • He must have a ton of frequent flyer miles by now. Maybe he could become a travel agent when he can’t find another club to take him.

    • There was a bar in Key West that featured beers from 100 countries. I forget the exact terms but if you drank a beer from all 100 you got a “special” T-shirt.

      A similarly themed “beer for every Adu club” promotion might work as well. Or one for every manager.


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