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Jurgen Klinsmann looking forward to getting full USMNT together after finding new faces

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Jurgen Klinsmann found plenty of positives in this past month’s camp, but the U.S. Men’s National Team head coach is looking ahead at the prospect of bringing his full team together.

With a pair of European friendlies scheduled for March, Klinsmann will soon have the opportunity to assemble all his top weapons for the first time in 2015. While Klinsmann appreciated the opportunity to see new faces in the MLS-based winter camp, the German-born coach is looking forward to seeing players cement their places within the overall roster.

“Now, going forward for the rest of the year, I have the freedom to pull the best players in and start to get things fine-tuned,” Klinsmann said. “We want to win the Gold Cup. That means we have to start the process of hopefully getting your regular back four, get your defense back back in place and get them games together and fine-tune things. You’ve got to build the hierarchy of the team, who’s in the first group and who’s knocking at the door trying to break in. That’s exciting.

“We can pull the European-based players, the Mexican-based players and combine them with the MLS-based players and have the best team together. That’s what the best teams in the world always do. When the national team meets, it’s only the best of the best come in. It’s not an extended version of their program. That’s the positive side looking forward and having the best guys coming into Denmark and into Switzerland.”

Despite being limited by potential call-ups, Klinsmann was quick to point out the usefulness of putting together a month-long camp like the one that just concluded.

The winter camp, which Klinsmann says will likely be for only Olympic-eligible players next year, gave the head coach “more cards to put on the table” as new prospects showed how they could impact the first team.

“The hope is always finding two, three, four guys that we talked about that give you more options for the senior team inner circle, the key group, which we foun”and also, to get them into the swing already after a long offseason,” said Klinsmann. “Then, by March, mix them back in with the entire group, so there were plenty of things for us to see performance-wise, training-wise and chemistry-wise. We know who’s a giver and who’s a taker, all these things that we talk about so many times, so it gave us a lot of answers really, so it was definitely worthwhile”

For now, Klinsmann is hoping to see his recent batch of players build on this past month’s work. With the MLS season rapidly approaching, Klinsmann wants to see the recent call-ups do well before he has to bring together his top team next month.

“I think they will all benefit, hopefully, for the entire 2015 year with a lot of success for them personally,” said Klinsmann. “They showed a great attitude in the way we were working throughout camp, which always is expected. Overall, to wrap it up, it was very positive, gave us a lot of insight on a couple of guys and hopefully they take this jumpstart into the preseason with their MLS clubs.”


  1. JK is running into the same problem that he befuddled every manager the US has had. He hit the performance ceiling that his talent level allow. The pool is deeper than its ever been, but its perhaps only marginally better relative to international competition that is was under Bradley or Arena. Better enough to finally flip a result against Ghana, but not enough to challege the best European or South American teams. JK has pushed and snubbed and challenged and experiemented and recruited constantly but those returns are diminishing. The only thing he hasn’t tried is consistency. With January camp over, my feeling is that JK needs to pick his starters, play them together and often and for as long as possible, stick with them through the Gold Cup, and reassess after that.

  2. We need a new strike force badly, maybe call some youth strikers like Novakovich, Arriola, or Rubio.

    Alvarado and Vasquez are playing well in MX teams.

    Happened to our kids in Brazil? Koroma and Olivares?

  3. “That’s what the best teams in the world always do. When the national team meets, it’s only the best of the best come in. It’s not an extended version of their program.”

    I’m normally a Klinsmann fluffer but what kind of stupid @ss and blatantly wrong comment is that? Every time we beat one of those “best teams in the world” it’s always asterisked by the fact they “only brought their B team.” It certainly can get old hearing him spew senseless yet derogatory crap about how everybody over there is so much better because their seasons are 11 months long and they’ve never once not called in their best players for a meaningless friendly.

    • “Every time we beat one of those “best teams in the world” it’s always asterisked by the fact they “only brought their B team.”

      And why do the other coaches “always” bring in the their ‘B team’? It’s because they’re also using these friendlies for testing (new) young players, which is just normal and the only chance for international coaches to evaluate the incoming players and to deepen the player pool. This is a continuous fluid process. Did you realize, that in this kind of games the USMNT is doing the same by mainly also fielding their ‘B team’?

      • “Did you realize, that in this kind of games the USMNT is doing the same by mainly also fielding their ‘B team’?”

        Yes, that is exactly my point as to why Klinsmann’s comment is so ridiculous.

      • Ok, I try to get your point.
        But when your national team meets these young prospects are the best players avaiable of all leagues from the scouting perspective. Doesn’t mean that there’s no necessity to evaluate them inside the USMNT. And that the program of the NT is special to the daily one of these players is just normal.
        BTW, when Klinsmann is talking about these things he is also sending a message to his players.

  4. Its still over 3 years away this is the time for trying to find the right players and jk has brought in a lot of new players. Panic is way to early

  5. Jurgen is creating a mess and negavity in the national team. He doesn’t have the brains to be a coach, but yes for a front office job.
    How in the world can Jurgen believe Bradley, Dempsey, jozy, mix, Howard, make it to Russia.
    I think Jurgen got himself into big trouble due to MLS and the American soccer federation are old school and don’t know how to treat the sport if soccer.
    At the end, Jurgen is going to create a rivalry with American players playing in the MLS vs the American players playing in Europe and Mexico. For example, basically USAs team is in MLS but the American players in Europe are half American and want a reserve spot because they might think they are better than MLS players. Not only that, I don’t think jozy, Bradley, Dempsey, Besler, zusi, Gonzalez are going to get any better in MLS and in 4 years.
    Jurgen has to make up his mind and stick to players And tactics, if not USA will not make it to Russia and Jurgen will create a mess similar to mexicos.

    • How is it hard to believe that any of those players will be in Russia? Only ones I could see NOT making it are Howard and Dempsey and only due to possibly retiring.

    • The only players you referenced in your rant who are likely to be on the USMNT after 2016 are Bradley, Besler, Gonzalez, Diskerud, and maybe Howard (backup GK).
      Of these 4 MLSers Bradley and maybe Diskerud are likely to be starters for the USMNT. With the improvement of play in MLS as well as some of the young guys developing in all the various leagues I don’t think there is going to be any issues with the USMNT.

    • YES! It’s definitely time to panic!
      1. This was a January camp with a mix of vets and young uns-and to try a new lineup 1 time, 3 1/2 years away from Russia- DEFINITELY Panic
      2. What specific examples or evidence can anyone that a mess or negativity has been created among the players? In the locker room? Aside from LD during and post WC, and Brian Strauss 3 years ago, who or what specifically would lead you to believe that. Because some fans like you don’t like him? Because Lalas blew a gasket about JKs fitness comments? Who specifically looked like they were in shape?
      Did anyone happen to mention he brought in Bocanegra to work with the backline??? But Wait!!! I Thought Boca hated JK????? I read it on the interwebs so it must be true…
      3. Bradley,Jozy, Dempsey, Mix, Howard in Russia?? IMPOSSIBLE! Other than Dempsey, I expect them all in Russia. Even an old keeper.. And Jozy?? Oh my God he’s 25 years old! Send him out to pasture!
      4. Big trouble with MLS? Does he work for MLS? Why is it that Casey Keller can make the EXACT same comments about the difficulty in the MLS season vs the rest of the world on espnfc Bootroom yet when JK says it everyone wets their pants? Answer please??
      5. Is JK responsible for MB, Deuce, Jozy, Mix coming to MLS? How exactly is he “Creating” this “RIVALRY” u speak of? Specifically what examples or evidence can u provide? I see a league that has a salary cap, clear easy to understand rules, money to spend on a few big names…. and I see a few guys taking the opportunity to take care of their families financially while raising kids in the US….. hhhmmmm- definitely JK has “created” an untenable situation here.
      6. And he MUST find players and tactics to stick to now??? Oh Absolutely he MUST do that, with only 3 1/2 years to prepare, he should definitely do that….
      Exactly how many players from 2010 went to Brazil??? Was it 5? Yea you’re right, he should definitely do that…
      Stop expanding the pool, stop playing friendlies against tough teams, find ONE formation and stick to it no matter who is available…
      Thanks for the post…. that was very insightful and chock full of facts….

    • Mexican Players he could be thinking about:
      Greg Garza – Left Back
      Joe Corona – Back to action after a broken foot
      Edgar Castillo – Could see him as LM in a 4-2-3-1
      Michael Orozco – CB depth in both a 3 or 4 player backline
      Ventura Alvarado – CB starting at Club America who’s 22 yrs old.
      Julio Morales – If he decides to file his switch
      Torres – Had good showings for club before getting injured. Not an option right now, but don’t write him off for the future.

      • Garza, Morales yes. Maybe Corona, MAAAAAyyyyybe Torres. that’s it. i like castillo and orozco but there are other equal-to-better players now.

        PS- i know nothing about V. Alvarado

      • V. Alvarado has been working up the Club America food chain. A year ago was sent out to Mex 2nd division on loan to get 1st team experience. Broke into Club America’s first team towards the end of last year’s Mex. championship run. Has the ability to play RB, LB, and CB. At 22 he’s shown enough promise to be considered, but he hasn’t chosen a national team side yet.
        From what I’ve seen and read he’s technical, a good passer, reads the game well. Not as hot a prospect as Brooks but near to the same skill set as Besler.

      • Plays on a 3 man backline with Puebla…. fits the bill quite well. Very good on the ball/playing out of the back…. seems forgotten/under rated here. He had an outstanding Gold Cup for us.

    • I’m always confused how people forget his goal against Mexico at Azteca. Say what you want about his weaknesses – they can never take away his status as a hero for USMNT fans.

  6. I wonder who the “givers” and “takers” are that Jurgen is referring to. Gyasi and Birnbaum are givers? MVLee and Gil as takers?


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