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Dwyer, Leroux announce marriage

Dwyer-Leroux USATOday

Photo by John Rieger/USA Today Sports



Valentine’s Day seemed like the right time for Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux to make a major announcement.

The couple announced Saturday that they were married in a small ceremony back in January. The pair opted to delay revealing the news until Valentine’s Day, which also corresponds with the duo’s numbers of two and 14.

“Juggling our careers and relationship is very difficult, which is why we decided to wed privately in January,” Dwyer and Leroux told People Magazine. “We wanted to announce our marriage at an appropriate time when we were together and at a time that suited our families. We also wanted to make sure that we told all of our close friends and teammates before we announced it publicly.”

Dwyer and Leroux began dating last year and announced their status as a couple in December.

The Sporting Kansas City forward broke onto the scene in 2014 by scoring 24 goals in 40 appearances. Leroux, meanwhile, is preparing for this summer’s Women’s World Cup, which will see the U.S. Women’s National Team kickoff June 8 against Australia.

“We just bought a house in Kansas City and are planning on celebrating our marriage with close friends and family after the World Cup,” the couple said. “We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to start our lives together!”

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  1. Congrats! Now let’s get busy! <3

    May the next generation 2036 USMNT have a 20 year old phenom named Dwyer using that Elite gene pool to bring the U.S. glory at the World Cup in ____________ , the next FIFA corruption filled WC.

  2. I’ve always thought she was the prettiest girl on the WNT. Congrats and happy life together!

    PS. Hey Sydney, ask your husband about suiting up for the USMNT.

    • I am usually one to say that if you are citizen under US constitutional rules, you are a citizen. However, I am not comfortable for someone playing for the US just through marriage.

      • I don’t think anyone said otherwise. Most of the commenters here (on SBI) are aware that marriage does not make you a citizen other wise the Green Card carrying Darlington Nagbe would have been in the Stars and Stripes already.

      • If memory serves he was working toward his US Citizenship well before this announcement. SBI or another site had done an article on it related to SKC at the end of last year.
        From what I recall both Dwyer & Nagbe should be obtaining their citizenship in 2015.

      • He’s actually going to hit the eligibility for US citizenship through residence *before* he hits it through marriage. Him staying in the US rather than pushing for Europe shows a certain level of commitment.

    • Nothing really. He already has a Green Card and is eligible for US citizenship in February 2017. Marrying a US citizenship means he would be eligible for US citizenship in January 2018.

      He still has to stay in the US for the majority of that time.

  3. One of his friends or his new spouse should have told him his hat was sideways. That’s a bit embarrassing to walk around not knowing you look like a 6 year old.


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