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USMNT falls 4 spots in latest FIFA rankings

USMNT vs. Panama 1 (USA TODAY Sports)


Prior to Sunday’s victory over Panama, the U.S. Men’s National Team had struggled in the wake of this past summer’s World Cup. Those struggles have now been reflected in the latest FIFA rankings.

The U.S. fell four spots to 31st overall and now sits behind Bosnia & Herezgovina, Ecuador and March opponent Denmark, which claim the next three spots. Costa Rica stands as the highest-rated CONCACAF side, currently sit 13th in the rankings, while Mexico holds the 21st spot.

African nations are the big movers in the the latest rankings, as Ghana jumped up to 25th, a 12-spot improvement, while Equatorial Guinea moved up 69 spots to 49th following the African Cup of Nations.

The top seven teams remain unchanged, as Germany, Argentina and Colombia still sit atop the rankings while Uruguay and Spain flip-flopped for ninth and 10th, respectively.

FIFA’s next set of rankings are set to be released on March 12.

What do you think of the latest FIFA rankings? Any surprised? What teams are overrated or underrated?

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  1. How much does US Soccer pay JK for managing us into this death spiral to the bottom? I wonder if he could be insulted into quitting?

  2. Who cares where we are ranked? We are about a top 20 team. We made it to the Round of 16 3 out of the last 4 World Cups. So maybe we’re a top 16 team. Maybe rankings help/hurt with seeding but we have three more rears until the next World Cup. By then we’ll be right back at 17/18, make it to the Round of 16 in the 2018 WC then get knocked out. There’s no shame in that. There are about 200 other countries that wish they ended up in the final 16.

  3. As a Jew, I like that USA is ranked one spot ahead of Israel. I don’t know why we don’t play them in friendlies. We’re the only friends Israel’s got, and they have some pretty decent talent.

    • I’m not sure where he would even fit in with the US setup. Granted I haven’t seen a lot of his LA games, but he strikes me as similar in size/playing style to Nguyen only a couple of years younger, and probably not as good.

  4. Rankings indeed don’t matter much. The fact that the US team keeps losing when not playing CONCACAF opposition at home does.

    Odd, with the messiah at the helm, we surely should’ve been in the top three now.

  5. The USMNT ranking will get better after they win the Gold Cup. Rankings don’t matter for US, even when they were 6th they didn’t get seeded in the World Cup.

    • They’ll matter if we stop getting top seeds in Concacaf tourneys. i think in past gold cups US and Mexico have been kept in separate pots through to the final. Could that be CR now?

    • +1 What many people do not grasp is that we would very likely be slipping in the rankings even if we were winning all of our matches right now. The way the FIFA formula works, UEFA teams are the only group that really stands to improve during this segment of the cycle…. because they are playing competitive games against other UEFA teams (UEFA having the highest coefficient).

      In the end, this doesn’t really matter, because when it comes time for seeding, the formula heavily weights the timing of the matches. So our WCQ’s Gold Cup and (ideally) Confed Cup results will allow us to “catch up” before the time when it ultimately matters.

      • AFCON and Asia too. Basically anyone who isn’t just doing friendlies.

        Losing them hurts but uh even when you win they don’t count for much.

    • And yet, we’ve advanced into the Round of 16 in three of the last four World Cups. The last Confeds Cup we were in (2009) we lost 3-2 to Brazil in the final.

      It’s not “about right”. Recent big-tournament history tells us the US is a legit Top-16 squad. Losing a bunch of meaningless friendlies with a rebuilding squad following a World Cup does not suddenly lower us to #31, whatever FIFA’s co-efficient says.

      It doesn’t matter, though, because no CONCACAF team is ever going to be seeded – or apparently, host – a World Cup anytime soon, so as usual we’re going to have to fight our way through European and South American competition every World Cup just to advance out of group.

      • as a preface, talking about fifa rankings is dumb and a waste of time.

        that said, making the round of 16 in the world cup would mean that we are a top-16 team *only* if the world cup included all the top-ranked teams in the world. in 2014, there were at least 7 teams that were in the top 32 that did not go to brasil.

      • I agree, we’re probably right around a top 20 team. There was a period where we were vastly over-rated, and now we’re on the under-rated spectrum. It happens. However, I don’t think we can gripe too much about not being seeded, as frankly, it will be quite a while until we’re genuinely in that conversation.

        Its funny how passionate people get about these rankings. We can, to some degree, control where we are on them. Klinnsman knows that we’re going to drop ranks with the current line of friendlies, and could just as easily schedule a bunch of minnows to boost our points. IF we were close to a WC and IF we were close to being seeded, then we should care, but until then, relax people.

  6. Why not try the 4-3-3 now? We have the perfect personal for that including current squad and up and comers. Would help move us win a few more games and move us up in the rankings (not that they matter).


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