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Report: Orlando City nearing deal for centerback Seb Hines

Seb Hines Middlesbrough 33



Orlando City has made no secret about being in the market for a centerback, and it looks like the club has found its man.

Orlando is close to finalizing a deal for English-American centerback Seb Hines, according to a report from the Orlando Sentinel. Hines, 26, is currently on the books of Middlesbrough, but would join the Lions on a six-month loan that comes with an option to buy.

Hines has spent his entire career with Middlesborough, though he has gone on short-term loans to Derby County, Oldham Athletic and Coventry City during his nine years with the Smoggies. The 6-foot-2 defender was born in England represented the Three Lions’ youth national teams, but his dad is American and he resided in North Carolina for a short period.

Orlando City has been searching for a potential starting centerback to pair with Aurelien Collin for weeks. The club attempted to come to terms with both versatile defender Heath Pearce and Brazilian veteran Paulo Andre, but was unable to agree to a deal with either.

Orlando still has centerback Sean St Ledger in camp as a trialist, and he could still earn a contract.

What do you think of Orlando City reportedly being in for Hines? Think he would be a good fit at the club? Should the Lions look elsewhere?

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  1. There’s just something about Orlando City that has peaked my interest. They are doing things the right way and their expansion team just feels intriguing.
    The preseason MVP candidate: Kaka
    The grizzled veteran cup winner: Collin
    The enigma: Brekken Shea
    The untested youngster: Rochez
    The opener between NYCFC vs Orlando City is gonna be a whole lot of fun.

  2. The reality is,the mentality of SOME MLS teams is changing and want to win, even though the parity keeps a team from becoming a dynasty or a powerhouse.
    Look at rapids, Dallas, rsl, DC, Philly, they all don’t want spend money on big dps or make their fans happy.
    Things are changing and some owners need to start spending real money.

      • I guess the question is what is your expectation for RSL? Are you happy with being a good team and just making the playoffs on a budget?

        If RSL never wins another trophy but is generally a good team and stays within budget, is that fine?

        Just curious.

      • Teams with a positive future in MLS (which means spend money) even though MLS has parity and a low salary cap.
        LA2 ( lots of money)
        Atlanta ( good rich owner)
        And that’s only 7 teams out of 22 and the others are loving MLS parity and making their fans unhappy.
        Possible teams who will open their wallet like teams above are,
        Houston but same owner as galaxy, wtf doesn’t make sense.
        Columbus new owner but doesn’t want new stadium.
        Dc new owner but delusional .
        New England but need new stadium
        Chicago but who knows
        Montreal but weird soccer market.
        Then if you look at the real picture, the east would be scary if their team owners would spend money, because the west has more stingy owners while the east owners just need a reality check.

      • DC United came first in the East last year, and won the USOC the year before (while having our worst season ever). I think United supporters are very happy with the club.

      • RSL won MLS cup and came to within a goal of the CCL with the same philosophy that they are currently employing. They have all three DP slots filled. I grant that Javi Morales is on the downhill of his career, but Saborio is as good of a striker as there is in the league and I think Sebastian Jaime will be a breakout player this year.

        I don’t expect with RSL to sign $8 million DPs like Seattle or LA. It’s not realistic and yes, I’d rather have a team that stays in the playoffs with the chance to win an occasional title than shoot for the moon and risk destroying the team.

      • Granted the league really helped them, but I can say there’s a direct correlation between New England’s success and their fans happiness level when comparing their spending to not spending in recent seasons.

      • I think the point is that spending money isn’t the only way to field a winning squad. RSL has been to two MLS cups, winning one, and a CCL final in the last six years without being big spenders. There’s only about one other team that wouldn’t take that record in a heartbeat. As a fan, I think there’s a lot to admire about RSL’s approach of being smart rather than spending big.

      • I think the point is that spending money isn’t the only way to field a winning squad.

        To that point, I would agree. Additionally, TFC has taught us simply spending for the sake of spending doesn’t equate to success.

  3. I continue to be impressed by how Orlando City is doing things. Regardless of what anyone things of Hines or this particularly move, the fact remains that over the past few months the team has constantly making moves to optimize the squad. This is a management team that really wants to succeed and is prepared to put in the work to do so. The other expansion clubs should really take notice– this is how it should be done.


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