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Julian Green, Hamburg refute reports of demotion to U-23s

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Reports surfaced Wednesday that Julian Green had been sent down to Hamburg’s U-23 squad. The problem is that no one told Green.

The U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder posted a statement on Facebook on Wednesday stating that he has not been informed by the club of the reported demotion.

“Just to make it clear: nobody from HSV has spoken to me at all,” Green said. “I read in the papers that apparently I’m now playing for the U23. HSV took me on on the third day of the season to reinforce the first team. This was and is my aim, and is the reason why I transferred.

“I’m a licensed player, I haven’t done anything wrong and I give all I’ve got in the training sessions. I always want to do my best to keep us in the league. If they let me play, I’ll (score) goals.”

A Hamburg spokesman told MLS Soccer that the reports of a demotion were false.

“He’s not moving to the Under-23 team,” HSV press officer Lars Wegener told “Our sport director said that maybe he could play for the U-23s a couple times when he is not in the first-team squad. The reason is to get him some matches and more practice. He is still with the first team in training.”

Green has only played five times this season for Hamburg in Bundesliga action. The 19-year-old midfielder suffered a rib injury in late September and missed more than a month of action before returning to the field in November.

A report earlier this week stated that Hamburg, which acquired Green on a season-long loan at the start of the season, was not planning on keeping him past this season. Green’s last action came on Nov. 29 in a 3-1 defeat to Augsburg, coming on as a 75th minute substitute.


What do you think of this development? Are you worried about Green’s status with Hamburg?

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  1. Weird. If the story is just some click-bait crap, I almost wish he didn’t make a statement. I wish he wouldn’t have given that kind of crap journalism any merit. But since he did speak out, you have to wonder how much truthiness there actually is to the story. Either way, he isn’t good enough to play or make the 18 at Bayern Munich nor can he make the 18 at Hamburg. There’s no shame in that. I’d rather he not be rushed and have his confidence than have his confidence shattered because he can’t get a game. Maybe he just needs to find a team where he can play. Hmmm…maybe Klinsman will coach an MLS team soon and bring him over. I kid! Kind of…

    • Hey, this kid is a foreigner who has turned out to be not such a good player. All you USMNT lovers should get over it. He has been devaluated to the reserve team. He is now in purgatory. There is no heaven tomorrow for him.

      • Using the 2nd team for players after a injury to gain again fitness isn’t unusual as it also isn’t for players to have competition on their spot and have to fight into the team.

  2. Other than bedoya, can anyone tell me a player who has played better and or had MORE success after being called up by JK?
    A player who has excelled at their club afterwards?

    It seems to me that nearly everyone who gets a call up or plays under JK has lingering injuries, serious injuries, returns back to MLS(not that theres anything wrong with that), gets caught in transfer limbo, gets relegated or just disappears off the face of the earth.

    Getting cut was the best thing to happen to LD. He played incredibly well, won the MLS Cup and got engaged. If he hadn’t he’d most likely be on crutches, depressed somewhere.

  3. That’s a stupid move on his part.If you have a problem with the team you don’t air it on facebook. besides, playing time with the U23 is much better to not even making the bench for the senior team. Somebody need to have a serious talk with the dude.

  4. Man alive these kids seem to constantly be put in tough situations. I’m glad that he is speaking up, to me it shows some fight in him

  5. is reporting that the club is also clearing up the report and that JG might play with HSV II for some match fitness but that he’s not being demoted

    • makes sense. i said this yesterday in the other thread that to me, this feels like HSV getting him back into shape. after the interview with ESPNFC he confirmed he hadn’t been 100% for the remainder of 2014 and because of that, he was held back in training. this led to no playing time.

      he went on to say he is now 100% so him playing a few HSV II games to get game fit always seem like the more logical explanation. if he was demoted to the U-23s, wouldn’t it make more sense to terminate the loan altogether? the answer is yes.

      • He cannot go back to Bayern until the transfer window opens again. Even if he could he’d be sent to Bayern’s 4th division team.

      • i’m almost positive loans can be terminated. isn’t that what happened with Shea? maybe i’m wrong though.

        and yes, i know he would. that’s the point. if he is playing in the 4th tier with HSV, then it makes more sense to kill the loan and just play in the 4th tier with his team…Bayern Munich.

      • Not debating that but why play exclusively for another team’s reserve squad on a loan originally meant for first team time?

        All in saying is there is no benefit to go on loan and play in the 4th tier when he was already doing that with Bayern.

    • Well, it is definitely odd that he makes this statement after the report, especially since it is quoting his coach as saying he has been sent down and will play for the U-23 team.

      Certainly doesn’t seem like a good situation for him if he isn’t even aware of what is going on about his playing time, which team he plays for, etc. He needs to get back to Bayern Munich as soon as possible, or at the very least, be loaned to a team that actually wants to play him.

      This is assuming that he is working hard, combining well with the players/coaches, and not injured. If he is not, then it is on him, not Hamburg.

      • Loans can be funky things.

        Maybe you remember what happened to Mikey Bradley? When he got loaned to Aston Villa the man who probably arranged it , Houllier, had a heart attack leading to a very uncomfortable time for Mikey.

      • Yup. That seems to happen quite a bit. Americans are bought or loaned to a team with a coach that is interested in them. Then, the coach leaves, is sacked, or something. Can always be difficult if the next coach has no vision for you and you came all that way for nothing in the end. You never know what can happen, but it just sucks for our players when they are put in that situation. Hopefully, their skill set and mindset will ultimately win over whoever is coaching and no matter if they are relegation bound or not.

      • It’s not just American players.
        If the manager who brought in a player gets fired before that player can establish themselves, the risk is that they may never get a shot.
        As for Americans other than Green, it happened to Mikey at Villa( Houllier) , Mo Edu and Brek Shea at Stoke (Pulis), and everyone’s favorite Freddy Adu at too many clubs to mention.
        This happens to lots of players it’s just that there are so few Americans in Europe everything to happens to any of them gets blown all out of proportion.

      • Its not just that. Its also that Americans are often times going to marginal teams in search of “European Playing Time” ™. But those teams are often teams with a lot of turnover in both personnel and coaching and are at risk for relegation so its no surprise that there a problems at Sunderland, at Hull, at Stoke. The pressure is probably just as bad at the top with similar turnover.

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