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Report: Antonio Di Natale linked with summer move to USA

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Antonio Di Natale is reportedly set to say goodbye to a nearly 20-year career in Italy in favor of starting anew in New York.

Italian outlet Gazzetta reported Tuesday that the 37-year-old striker will leave Udinese at the conclusion of his contract this summer with hopes of making a move to the U.S. Specifically, the Italian forward is reportedly interested in the New York area, as the New York Red Bulls and New York Cosmos are listed as possible landing spots for Di Natale.

The forward has reportedly been offered a deal worth roughly $9 million over two seasons.

For their part, the Cosmos denied that there have been conversations with the Italian, although the team didn’t close the door on future interest.

“We have not had any discussions with Antonio Di Natale,” a Cosmos spokesman told SBI. “However, if he were to leave Udinese at some point, we would be potentially interested.”

Di Natale, who currently sits seventh all-time on Serie A’s scoring charts with 200 goals in 400 career matches, has scored 14 goals in 20 total contests for Udinese this season. On the international level, Di Natale made 42 appaerances, with 11 goals, for Italy before retiring from national team duty following Euro 2012.

What do you think of the Di Natale news? See him coming to MLS, or think he could join forces with Raul at the Cosmos? Not buying this rumor?

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  1. For what Di Natale is asking for salary….MLS teams could get someone younger with good numbers. Like Bergiossio, Denis, Moralez, Pinilla, Zaza or Cassano (“money talks Cassano and you’re not getting paid”).

    • Oh dear. Cassano. Not doubting his talent… but boy does that sound like a can of worms for MLS. Which means, it’ll probably happen at some point.

  2. Would be a fantastic pickup for nycfc. Not fond of the 4.5 million salary but the dude scores and he’s durable. 9 goals this year so far in Serie A and double digits in scoring in previous years.

    I’d be more excited about him than Lampard!

  3. I’m with Son……my money is on Montreal if this is even close to being a real story. I don’t see NYRB paying anyone more than $3 million per year right now.

  4. That dude is seriously legit, and possibly my favorite player if DC grabbed him I’d be ecstatic!

    Of course in reality his is too old and costs to much-but he is still productive on a team that everyone knows he is the main threat so he probably could score for a few years here as well. The issue would really be if the team he goes to has a coach and midfielders intelligent to play him in the right sots and get him the ball where he can do his thing.

    You put him with Kreis and David Villa at MCNY and he would definitely score. Of course I’d like to think he’d pair well with Silva and Espindola, but I don’t think he is a Ben Olsen type forward.

  5. I think its probably Montreal making the bid. Saputo has an affinity for Italian players and Di Natale fits the bill. Otherwise, could be Cosmos, yes, or NYRB.

    My money is on Montreal, and if so, IMO a good signing.

    • ..but not at 4.5 million per season. Definitely, this is what happens when US teams start paying ridiculous salaries to players who are not worth it. Players who are NOT worth it start looking to the US a payday. Invest more in younger players and developmental players.

  6. Some will doubt the value of signing a 37 year old whose stats show erosion but maybe someone gets Just For Men as a shirt and hair coloring sponsor.


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