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Indy Eleven stadium bill passes House committee

Indy Eleven rendering aerial further


Indy Eleven’s stadium proposal has taken a step forward.

The club’s proposed $82 million stadium passed a House committee Monday by a vote of 20-3, according to the Indianapolis Star. Monday’s vote also revealed new financing details, as taxes from a local hotel owned by Indy Eleven owner Ersal Ozedmir would be included in the financing.

“Indy Eleven would like to thank the members of the House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee for their time and thoughtful consideration of House Bill 1273 earlier today,” said Indy Eleven President/General Manager Peter Wilt.  “We’re excited to have momentum on our side going forward with today’s vote and are looking forward to continuing the productive talks being held with State legislators and Indianapolis leaders.  These discussions will be vital as we prepare for a vote by the full House in the coming days.”

“A year later, we have answers to many of our questions,” added the bill’s sponsor, Todd Huston, who was skeptical of the club’s initial proposal last year . “Indianapolis and central Indiana didn’t just support the Indy Eleven. It shattered any and all expectations.”

There is still skepticism in the House, however, as Huston admitted that he couldn’t “tell you all the numbers are worked out and everything’s guaranteed”.

“We’re talking about a lot of assumptions,” added Representative Gregory Porter. “I’m going to vote to keep it moving but reserve the right to do what I have to do on the House floor.”

The stadium, which the club hopes to open by 2018, would host an estimated 66 events a year, including 15 professional women’s soccer games and 10 concerts.

What do you think of the latest Indy Stadium news? How much faith do you have in the plan? Would a stadium put them in the conversation for an MLS team?

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  1. I understand your comparison to KC and Columbus regarding Markey size, but not sure Columbus is doing “quite well “. I attend at least 6 games per year and seldom see a great crowd there, usually very disappointed. Even LA Galaxy doesn’t draw more that 20k. The stadium is really boring and uncomfortable. I really hope Precourt will kick things up a few notches with the Crew.

  2. Indy is a top 25 media market and they have no competition in the summer as there’s no local MLB team. There’s also a very large soccer community with massive IYSO creating plenty of fans. Not saying it will, but Indy has potential to become a market like KC, Columbus, similar-sized locales that are doing quite well. I know MLS is probably more concerned with reaching a more diverse fanbase than Indy will provide, but an Indy MLS franchise WILL make money if it’s run even adequately.

  3. well I don’t know what garber is waiting for but Sacramento should be in, so they can have their stadium ready 2017
    Also what’s going on with LA2 that doesn’t make sense, are they waiting for the new nfl stadium.
    It should be like this, 2017 Atlanta and Sacramento then 2018 Miami and LA2 and 2020, add Indy and San Antonio.

    • You are a GREAT commish. As a joke teller….you might want to move on from the same joke that failed 100x now…..

  4. is a link for renderings provided by the Indy 11. This is a huge deal and shows just how influential a good owner can be. Until this, I thought all the Indiana General Assembly seemed capable of passing were religious freedom bills designed to discriminate against the GLBT community and trying to change the education system to stop public education and siphon money into parochial schools.

  5. OK this seals it, MLS is gonna rule them out of expansion immediately, even if they haven’t applied..

    Having a stadium plan and city approval is utterly unacceptable.

  6. These stadium renderings continue to be a joke….

    Its 13 degrees in Indy right now with kick off three weeks away.

    Anything less than a 40,000 seat version of Lucas Oil field will continue to keep MLS second rate…

    • I’m hoping your not serious but sadly I think you are. MLS doesn’t and will not for a long time have the pull to get anything like that built.

    • Do you know what you’re talking about? Home opener is April 11th, which, by my count is 7+ weeks away.

      And not sure what your “40,000 LOS” comment means … proposed expandable 18.5K size makes sense and is in line with 90% of the SSS being built across the country.

      • Uh, John…their home opener wouldn’t be 7 weeks away if they were in MLS.

        And Egg Salad…uhh, you know there’s an MLS team 3 hours north that plays outside, right?

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