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Report: Arsenal offer Thierry Henry academy coaching spot

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In the booth and on the sidelines.

Thierry Henry has not been short of work since retiring as professional soccer player last December, but he might soon add a coaching role to his responsibilities. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Henry has been offered the chance to coach at Arsenal’s academy and could take his first real steps in coaching at the English club where he built his legend.

The 37-year-old Frenchman – who left the New York Red Bulls at the end of the MLS season and retired shortly thereafter – is reportedly already working towards securing UEFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ coaching qualifications.

He is currently serving as an analyst for Sky Sports.


What do you think of Henry starting his coaching career at Arsenal’s academy? Think it’s a good move to juggle two roles or should he just focus on being a Sky Sports pundit for now? Could you see him eventually becoming the Gunners’ first-team manager?

Share your thoughts below.


    • …let’s see…a chance to start your coaching career inside one of the world’s top 20 (10?) clubs and be mentored by a friend and countryman…seems like a no brainer.

  1. Just wondering, is the Daily Mail a reputable source? I honestly don’t know because I’m American but I always had the sense they were more National Enquire. Anyone know?

    • It’s the right-wing tabloid – more like the New York Post than National Enquirer. Funnily enough, I was traveling in Europe just last week and in the breakfast room of my hotel someone had hidden a copy of the Daily Mail inside a copy of the international version of the Wall Street Journal, as though they were embarrassed to be seen reading the Mail. So maybe that tells you a bit about the paper’s reputation.

  2. Academy Player: Okay, coach, so what do I do there?

    Henry: Take the ball out of the air with your toe, tap it around the defender’s right, spin to his left and get the ball before he can turn, accelerate around the full back so that he trips over his feet trying to change directions, cut along the box and then send a perfect curling ball through the tiny slice of daylight between the centerbacks. Then look imperious as the ball goes just inside the far post.

    Academy Player: Um, right.

  3. While Titi knows his stuff, I wonder if he would be too intimidating for an academy coach. The kids would certainly listen up, but probably be scared as heck to bit mess up.


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