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USMNT vs. Panama: SBI Live Commentary




CARSON, Calif. — The U.S. Men’s National Team will be looking to snap its five-match winless streak today at Home Depot Center, taking on Panama today in the second warm-up match to kick off 2015 (ESPN, UniMas).

Jurgen Klinsman has scrapped the 3-5-2, choosing to return to the 4-2-3-1, with Gyasi Zardes and Miguel Ibarra earning their first national team starts. Zardes gets the nod in front of his hometown LA Galaxy fans, while Ibarra becomes the first NASL player to start for the U.S. national team in 1985.

Panama is led by Jaime Penedo, who is earning his 100th cap for the Canaleros.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s match so please feel free to follow along with the action here, and as always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s live commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog USA vs. Panama: SBI Live Commentary


  1. ESPN broadcasting for Central America is done in Mexico so (sigh) once again, no USMNT. We get to watch girls basketball instead. Evil.

  2. Wondo is good…. For a laugh. Hes’s 33 years old. No amount of time with the national team is going to make him any better than the mediocre players he is. Just give up on him Knlins. We already have.

    • I’m not a “Fire Jurgen” person by any means but if this isn’t’ the last time Wondo gets a call up, i will be.

  3. Ibarra showed he’s all speed and nothing else. He needs to play in MLS before getting another call.

  4. So Wondo hacks a Panama player and gets a yellow for acting tough, then whiffs on a goal scoring chance while Dempsy comes open for a tap in right after, then flops after acting all hard. Get out of here clown.

  5. and with that, folks, i officially end my closing argument for Wondo to never be called up again…

      • Not just that but he’s getting into peoples faces like a child. He’s an adult and he’s out there acting like a high schooler. Get him off the field and never invite him back.

      • if you watch the replays closely, you will see that the defender barely touched the ball enough just before Wondo’s attempt. That’s why he missed it.

    • did his cross right to Clint that Clint mishit make you say this? I think Yedlin has been “terrible” defensively but his crossing if nothing else has been decent (as i type yedlin makes a clearance. cool with that…)

  6. If I’m Klinsmann I just stick with this and try to get 2 or 3 more. Bringing in a bunch of guys is just going to mess with the rhythm of the match. Maybe Nguyen for Mix but that’s it.

    • if this was a WC qualifier or a Cup game i’d say yea but bro this is a friendly… the point of friendlies are to try different things and give youngsters some minutes.

      as i type, Wondo comes on for Jozy, gosh i never want to see Wondo again, especially not in the Gold Cup.

  7. I’ve kept an eye on Zardes with the Galaxy for a couple years but have held my excitement until he did something of note on the NT, glad to see him having a great game so far. IMHO he, along with the Yedlins, Hyndmans, etc, represents the US slowly creating more and more naturally talented players in the US. This is the most important part of our team becoming a world power house (way down the line). Zardes may not execute successfully EVERY time but he does play with a natural understanding that has been getting better and better the past 2 years. happy for the “kid”

  8. Zardes looking like what we thought Green was, lol. joking, but Zardes having a great first half so far.

    Shea hasn’t looked bad at LB, perhaps it’s just a good day for him tho…

  9. wow Blas Perez with the worst choice to shoot ever, back post man wide open.

    Rimando with two terrible passes in the past 5 minutes when he should just clear it.

  10. Zardes….. way to play your way onto the team, lol

    Clint, as i said before, plays like he’s on the playground haha and i like it

  11. I thought that spending time in the EPL would teach Jozy how to use his massive body. He still has the strenght of a 12 year old skinny girl….or pretends to.

      • ask a friend who has payed for cable and log in with their email/password. I know no one has cable, i don’t either, smart people have learned this easy trick already, smarta$$…..

      • there are simple ways to get around that but fine, i won’t help anymore. (HINT: the you IP says you’re in whichever country; make the server see that you’re “in” the US)…… but maybe I’m the dumb one……

      • what do you mean “anymore”. you never were any help. you think i don’t know that the IP indicates where you are? wow.

      • think outside the box. funny how you’re acting like I’m the dumb one yet I’m watching it without paying for cable… and PLENTY friends do the same from outside the country, but again, i won’t help anymore, good day sir

  12. So Klinsmann gave up on the 3-5-2 after 45 minutes? After putting in two goals during that time? Now he has 2 mids in defense and two strikers in midfield. It’s one thing to make players comfortable but it’s another to put them in a position least likely to succeed. If you’re going to experiment at least see it through. Let’s see how it all works out…


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