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Report: David Beckham finalizing ownership group, name for Miami club

David Beckham 65

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So much to do, so little time.

David Beckham may currently be in Miami, but do not expect to hear any announcements regarding his proposed MLS franchise to come this week. That’s because the Miami Herald has cited an anonymous source that said Beckham is still in the process of finalizing his ownership group as well as the name of the club.

Finding a suitable location for a soccer stadium remains one of the top items on Beckham’s to-do list, but the Englishman reportedly wants to be able to secure more financial backing first and is hoping to have some significant news “before summer.”

“The narrative has centered around the stadium site, and that is a priority, but it is a bit of a red herring,’’ the source told the Miami Herald. “The group has very big ambitions and big-picture decisions to make, so the reason this is taking so long is that they decided to take a step back from the stadium site issue and focus on what kind of football club we can be, how deep are our pockets, how much money can we spend?

“Will we be a rich stable club or a very rich club that attracts a (Cristiano) Ronaldo or a (Leo) Messi, the caliber of player that would really excite fans in Miami? Will we build a 20,000-seat stadium or can we afford 60,000? Public land or private? Will our academy be the envy of MLS or the envy of all of Latin America? We have to compete with (New York City FC) and the LA Galaxy, and the new Orlando team, and that requires deep pockets.’’

The 39-year-old Beckham — whose ownership group already includes Bolivian billionaire Marcelo Claure and English entrepreneur Simon Fuller — has reportedly been seeking and talking to investors across the globe. He has, according to the anonymous source, had discussions with potential owners in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

“He is narrowing down the right partners, trying to find partners who share his vision and integrity,” the source told the Miami Herald. “Once he knows how much money he has to spend, then he can start planning all the rest of it. That really has to come first.’’

Beckham, who last year announced his plans to launch an expansion MLS franchise in Miami, needs to secure a stadium plan before the league grants him entry.

It was reported on Tuesday that he was open to building a stadium at a site near Marlins Park that local officials have preferred for a while now, but Beckham has not publicly commented on the location.


Who should Beckham look to add to his ownership group? What should the Miami club be named? Think this is just a ploy to keep interest high?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I think we just have to be patient. I do agree that Beckham has to think big with Miami. He’s going to need 3 (or more if MLS rules change) BIG name DP’s that exceed the quality of Toronto’s DPs. One of the 3 has to be named Cristiano. The stadium has to have a capacity that screams big club…20k seats won’t do it. How do you compete with Seattle in the long run if Seattle’s attendance is double everyone else’s? If Beckham thinks he needs more money than he, Fuller and Claure have, that is a good sign.

  2. Beckham

    At this point you need to partner with somebody who can buy out some waterfront property and demolish whats ever on it.

    • Yep, he wants a beautiful waterfront high end stadium and he needs deeper pockets to pull that off…hope he gets it done.

    • And they should be brought in 2017. Give LA2 more time.

      If you take a sample of this site – its about 8 to 1 sentiment in favor of Sacramento over Miami. You gotta figure that’s an indicator of some sort.

      • Exactly, garber needs to execute his power and tell LA2, you will be in till 2018 and Sacramento will take your spot.
        Don’t forget by 2017 dc united should have their stadium right.
        If not 2017 should be a good year for Atlanta and Sacramento, and 2018 for LA2 and Miami, just in time for the World Cup.
        If Sacramento ain’t in, then it would be Minneapolis and Miami in 2018, not bad but seriously, garber should just go for 26 teams by 2020.

      • Garber isn’t going to listen to the SBI comment section. He’s going to look at the map and he’s going to fulfill in the areas where MLS needs expansion. It’s not the west coast; it’s the south east. He wants to manufacture a rivalry similar to Cascadia: Orlando-Atlanta-Miami.

        Honestly in the south east, what other cities would do better than Miami? Birmingham, Alabama? New Orleans? Tampa Bay, Florida? The Carolinas? I highly doubt it. There’s no indication any of these other areas love their soccer. I think Miami is worth the gamble when you look at the other candidates.

        That’s why it’s so valuable for Minnesota United FC to be included into MLS: you have a midwest rivalry now that consists of MN, Chicago, Columbus, and Kansas City. That’s very exciting. MLS NEEDS rivalries.

    • Having a larger ownership group is probably a good thing. For starters, it ensures that if one billionaire goes belly-up, the team doesn’t go to sh*t along with him (this happens every other week in Russia).

      Secondly, it’s becoming clear that the guys on Beckham’s team don’t have a lot of juice in Miami…. there are lots of billionaires with interests down there, and nobody seems interested in Team Beckham based on money alone. Bringing a couple of rich guys in who actually know something about developing real estate in Miami might be the best way to get this project moving

  3. C’mon MLS fans, we need MLS Miami but as long as everything is done right.
    MLS Miami and NYCfc will take MLS to a whole different level and if LA2 is also serious, then we might be able to say MLS will have 8 teams spending huge money on big dps (sounders, galaxy, LA2, nycfc, Miami, Toronto, ny2)
    Imagine that, 8 teams spending huge money on real dps, plus the other teams “who would also open their wallet” like Orlando, timbers, dynamo.
    But if you need more time in Miami, then take the time and get everything done right.
    Who wouldn’t like to work with Beckham in Miami, any billionaire would.
    Their team name should be inter Miami.
    Just get your stadium location right Becks.
    Has Beckham google Diego Guevara Miami, he should and MLS should hire Diego Guevara for teams who need a rebrand.

    • Yeah, this is really puzzling. I mean – are they serious with this? The first deadline was December 31, 2013. Not only do they not have a stadium lined up, but they don’t even have their ownership group together! I’m wondering if these guys want to have a team, or if they just like the idea of being owners but don’t care to do the heavy lifting. Look at what has happened in Sacramento and Minneapolis just since Dec 2013. Businessmen were busy making deals and forging partnerships, all while they were also operating a functioning team. Beckham and Claure have just been flying into town for a couple of days, hitting South Beach, and having press conferences. These guys aren’t serious – MLS needs to tell them to try again in a few years when they gear up for the next round of expansion.

      • Yup dead right. The core problem here appears to be that nobody involved has even the slightest idea how difficult it is to start ANY successful business from scratch, let alone one that involves the siting and construction of new waterfront stadium infrastructure. They don’t want to do it themselves? Fine… but bring in experienced experts to be your “men on the ground”. Somebody has to be pushing this project forward every single day or it won’t happen. Clearly, this has not been the case. Way. way too much dead time.

  4. He might as well name it Chivas USA because it will end up the same way especially with the stadium location ne t to Marlins Park.

  5. Oh man, here we go. Set expectations for a city everyone is worried about being fair weather. Do they set them up by dropping Akendele, Nguyen and Marshall type players, that will win you a MLS Cup ?

    Nope, they drop a little CR7 comment and follow up by throwing in a big M-Bomb. Smart.


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