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Monday Kickoff: Fans attack Bale’s car after Clasico loss; Costa suffers hamstring injury; and more



For some, El Clasico is much more than a game, and fans of Real Madrid vented their frustrations with Sunday’s loss in a physical manner.

Following Sunday’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Barcelona, fans reportedly attacked the cars of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Jese Rodriguez as the two arrived at the club’s training complex. The fans were then confronted by centerback Sergio Ramos, who reminded supporters that the team “left everything on the pitch”.

With the loss Real Madrid sit four points behind league leaders Barca with 10 games remaining in La Liga’s season.

Here are some more news and notes to kickoff your Monday morning:


Diego Costa contributed one of his team’s three goals on Sunday, but that goal didn’t come without a price.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says the striker suffered  an injured hamstring in Chelsea’s 3-2 defeat of Hull on Sunday, leaving Costa likely to miss Spain’s Euro 2016 qualifier with Ukraine on Friday.

“A hamstring,” said the Chelsea manager. “We don’t know but when a striker is playing and the team needs a goal to win and with 15 minutes to go the striker comes out a guy with a lot of experience like he has with hamstring injuries and says it’s over for me, it’s over for him.

“He has this problem since he tried to play the Champions League final with Atletico and was injured again and again,” said Mourinho. “He has this fragility. We know his hamstring is not strong. He works hard during the week to compensate this weakness. He has 15 days without football with Chelsea, but if he’s injured he’s injured. We never cry with injured players.”


With a two leg Champions League matchup with Porto coming up next month, Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben is set to face a race to recovery.

The Dutch winger is set to miss “several weeks” after suffering an abdominal injury in Bayern’s 2-0 loss to Borussia Monchengladbach over the weekend. The injury, the result of a collision with Gladbach right back Tony Jantschke, came just 24 minutes into Robben’s return from a back problem.

In 20 Bundesliga appearances, the Dutchman has contributed 17 goals, with two additional finishes coming in seven European outings.


Liverpool’s Adam Lallana will miss out on international duty with England due to a groin injury. (REPORT)

Hamburg appoint Peter Knabel as caretaker manager after firing Joe Zinnbauer. (REPORT)

Tim Cahill has withdrawn from Australia’s upcoming friendlies against Germany and Macedonia. (REPORT)

Genoa face a potential FIFA sanction for failing to pay Trinidadian side W Connection for Zaine Pierre’s transfer over three years ago. (REPORT)

What do you think of the actions of Madrid’s fans? How will Spain fare without Costa? Who should replace Robeen for Bayern?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Madrid fans are spoiled crybabies. They used to abuse Benzema, and now they love him. But they’ve learned nothing, and now Bale – who just won them the freaking Champions League, by the way – is the target of their abuse.

  2. Not a very wise move by those Madrid fans. I’m sure the club and the players could do without the added media attention this situation brings. Now the pressure to win the remaining games and stay focus along the way becomes a much more difficult task.

  3. Those Real Madrid fans attacking any players vehicle, let alone their own, make Oakland Raiders fans look like a classy bunch.

    • Didn’t understand why they attacked Bale instead the the ref who disallowed the Bale goal, which he was clearly onside (coming from behind the defender to score).

    • Real fans are a bunch of spoiled children who can’t handle not winning every trophy ever year. They show grow up and get a grip.

      • Yeah if THEY won the trophy. THEY don’t though. The team does.

        So it is worse than that. It is a bunch of spoiled children, who can’t handle watching men they are rooting for lose while trying to win a trophy every year.

        What a bunch of pathetic losers.

      • Real fans are different. They don’t go to the stadium to cheer on the team The go to be cheered up by them. It’s their team and their culture and if they don’t think the players are making enough of an effort they’ll let them know. If the players don’t like it they can go play somewhere else…..for less fame and less money.

      • No. If the “fans” don’t like the product on the pitch they can go to jail instead of a soccer stadium when they act like this.

      • Have you seen the video? probably not. Two dunk guys were there to talk to the players. Those that didn’t stop and talked to them got their cars hit . With their hands.
        The players don’t think enough to file charges and neither did the police officers that were there. They have their own way of doing things over there. Go figure!

      • Got to love Rob and his nonstop apologies for RM fans no matter what they do. Hey, it’s their way of doing things to act like little kids if they don’t win every game. It’s their own unique culture to wait for players and hit their cars.

        Next they’ll fire Ancelotti and hire someone else who won’t be any better and then they’ll attack him once he fails to win something, he’ll get fired, and they’ll hire another manager. Repeat ad nauseam. Hey, it’s their own special way of doing anything and no one should judge even when it’s manifestly stupid and irrational.

      • I’m not defending Madrid fans per Se. I’m defending fans that do thing differently than we do. Talk about irrational, not everybody around the world deals with their team the same way we do here in the US. You need to understand and accept that
        BTW: there problem the fans are having are not about losing. It’s about the lack of effort the team has shown over the last couple of months. Of course the coach will take the heat.

      • LoL
        Trying to defend embarrassing, childish, petulant behavior by grown men as some kind of cultural tradition beyond our comprehension is…… well, it’s pretty damn funny. Nice try but it’s a fair bet most madrileños would look at the two as nothing more than drunken babosos.

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