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USL executive VP Jake Edwards becomes new league president

Jake Edwards USL president 1

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A new name also comes with a new president.

USL announced on Monday a number of changes on the executive side, with the most notable one being Jake Edwards replacing Tim Holt as league president. Edwards takes over after Holt’s decision to resign, and he most recently served as USL’s executive vice president in 2014.

“Jake Edwards is a dynamic, young executive with exceptional vision and extraordinary drive to achieve outstanding results,” USL CEO Alec Papadakis told “He is a proven leader with a broad understanding of U.S. soccer, both on the collegiate and professional levels. Armed with a professional soccer career, MBA, corporate experience with Octagon (a leading global sports marketing firm), and a deep understanding of the USL business, we are confident that Jake will successfully lead the USL into the next phase of operations and growth.

“He has been instrumental in developing Destination 2020, the league’s long-term strategic growth plan, and navigating the league through its rebranding. We are fortunate to have such an outstanding sports executive as Jake to complete a seamless President leadership transition.”

Holt, meanwhile, has left the post to pursue other career opportunities. He enjoyed a 16-year career with the league that recently rebranded from USL Pro to USL.

“Most recently, he has been one of the key architects in the USL’s six-year-long transformation into the strong and stable organization that it is today,” said Papadakis. “Tim’s unquestionable integrity and strong ethical standards are qualities admired not only by those in our organization, but throughout the soccer industry. His dedication and loyalty to the USL and his contribution to American soccer deserve not only our admiration, but national recognition as well.

“On behalf of Rob Hoskins, the entire USL family, and myself, we want to thank Tim for his service and wish him much success in his new professional endeavors. He will, however, always remain a part of the USL family.”

Other changes USL announced were to the executive vice president and president of commercial venture roles.


What do you think of Edwards being named USL president? Surprised to see Holt resign? How will you look back on Holt’s time with the league?

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  1. This kinda of news should have 100 comments but I guess not….
    Anyway, I would love for MLS to have an MLS2 even if they expand over 24 teams but why make USL MLS2 when there is too many reserve teams in USL.
    If USL wants to be MLS2 then get rid of the reserve teams.
    MLS3 can be the division for the reserve teams and MLS2 with teams with no connection to MLS1.
    If we look at the “American soccer pyramid” we have now, it looks like this.
    MLS is D1
    NASL is D2 which their future depends on MLS and USL connection.
    USL is D3
    USL PDL is D4
    NPSL is D5 ( I love this league’s name)
    Now if you ask me what should be done, is USL should combine with NASL to do MLS2 without reserve teams. Then MLS3 should consist of MLS reserve teams and MLS4 should have the teams with the best ownership from USLPdl and NPSL. Last but not least, MLS5 should be an under 18 league from all MLS academy teams, meaning soccer players would decide to go to college or go for MLS5.
    Is this was to happen what I wrote above, MLS should definitely be looking for a different league name but it would be too late, since they already changed their logo.

      • Really, didn’t know that. Well the table is set and it’s up to garber what he wants to do.
        Garber can basically leave NASL out and make an MLS2, MLS3 and MLS4 and bury NASL.
        However, garber is a tricky sob and for sure there is a connection with USL to become D2. Something is going on.

  2. So Tim Holt wasn’t there? That’s very telling. I wonder why they went with the recent rebrand when they’ll be changing their name to MLS2 soon? A third of their teams have a “2” after their names, so why doesn’t the league just go ahead and follow suit?


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