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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Octavio Rivero


  1. haha, Orlando, thugs in the stands, floppers on the field.

    Yay, we scored on a miracle deflection and an own goal! were grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

      • Its funny you say that because at the start of the season I actually think most people were pulling for Orlando. Nobody has a reason to hate Kaka as a person or player, but the fans have been terrible down there so far.

    • Not every goal of the week has to be a scorpion kick to the upper 90. That was a huge goal, on the road in a tightly contested match. Plus the skill to do what he did (I mean cement shoes Rickets helped a bit but he’s charitable like that) at that point in the game? I have no beef with this pick – especially considering the other options on the week.


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