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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Clint Dempsey


  1. Wow, just watch Goncalves for the Revs! Hard to believe that guy is one of the top defenders in the league from that replay.

  2. No way that deserves Goal of the week! Both goals scored by the Galaxy (Keane & Villareal) were better this one. And I’m not saying those deserve GOTW honors because I haven’t seen the other goals scored in the league.

  3. The buildup and the pace of the sequence was certainly impressive. On the other hand, New England Revolution’s defense here was awful to a point of embarrassment. The goalkeeper readily committing that far from the post? Ridiculous.

    • You don’t understand goalkeeping (or angles). The keeper was one of only two Revs who made the *right* decisions before that goal.

  4. Semantics can’t deny the beauty of a goal – the type of which a rarely seen in this league .. The artistry of the entire sequence can’t be disputed

    • Got it. From now on, we will only consider the exact moment in which the ball passes over the goal line—nothing before, nothing after. Context is overrated.

  5. Great passing…but that defense was already frustrated and looked a step behind at that point in the game. Te best move of that whole sequence was the through pass that hit Martins.

  6. My goal of the week is to get in as many games as I can this weekend. Love the new TV package.

    Great first week.

    • Wait, what new TV package? I missed a bunch of games and, other than subscribing to MLSLive, I’m trying to figure out if there’s another option I don’t know about.

      Appreciate the input, LOVE the start of the season!

      • If we’re talking actual goals, I liked Villarreal’s better. His placement off the first touch was awesome.

      • LOL… not even close. The Sounders goal was breathtaking in its buildup. That’s why there’s no doubt it was the goal of the week.

      • I 100% agree with the build up as I stated in my original comment. Are build ups to a goal usually considered criteria for the actual goal? If so, I would agree then.

        Otherwise, the actual goal, since it’s called goal of the week and not build up if the week, wasn’t goal of the week.

      • i don’t think it’s unheard-of to consider the buildup to the goal when rating a ‘goal of the —-‘.

        that said, i agree with others (below) that it would make more sense to credit “Seattle Sounders” than “Clint Dempsey”.

      • Or “Goal Brought About Through Team Effort of the Week.”

        Oh wait, I just remembered that soccer is *always* a team sport, so every goal will have some element of teamwork involved and it’s rampantly pedantic to spill ink over the unnecessary clarification of “The Goal Ultimately Tapped In by Clint Dempsey.” Ugh.

    • I think this goal was better than the Villareal goal. Not sure if I saw every goal this weekend but I think this one was probably the best.


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