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Jordan Morris called into USMNT camp after Aron Johannsson ruled out



Aron Johannsson scored in his first U.S. Men’s National Team match of 2015. He will have to wait until the summer to score his second.

The U.S. Men’s National Team will be without Aron Johannsson for Sunday’s friendly against Switzerland on Tuesday after the forward was forced to pull out with a toe infection.

Stanford University forward Jordan Morris has been called into the camp as Johannsson’s replacement. Morris scored the first goal against Bosnia with the U.S. Under-23s on Friday, and he will now join the senior squad in Zurich ahead of Tuesday’s friendly.

Morris made his national team debut last fall in the U.S. team’s 4-1 loss to Ireland.

What do you think of this development? Will Jordan Morris make an appearance for the senior squad against Switzerland?

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  1. How is it that we managed to find professionals to fulfill our national team needs before Juergen? I mean we’ve come a long way and suddenly now, with all the Americans playing professionally, we cannot find another forward without having to resort to the college ranks! Come on. This is NOT the team to vet amateur players! There are plenty of “professional” forwards playing who are fit and capable of scoring goals. Yet another head scratcher or a decision…

    • yo ben… sorry, but we had no one who could score since McBride retired…. regardless of coach.

      I actually think Altidore, johnannson will be pretty good and have a good long term national team pairing… assuming johannson can figure out who is putting the kryptonite in his bed.

  2. Iggy, that’s Klinsmann system. Agree with you my friend. I’m just waiting for the experiments to stop and there is an established squad of players. Hopefully we’ll have a Team with individuals who know how to play with and for each other.

  3. Should have just kept Rubin, an actual professional player with the full team and let morris stay with the juniors.

    This blooding of new talent has gotten totally out of hand.

  4. Why not call in someone to play the #10 role? Jordan probably won’t see the field and is better served by being in u23 camp and getting PT. Call in Nyugen and give him 90 minutes with Bradkey and Williams lying deeper behind him. Makes no sense to bring Morris over.

    • probably because Morris is already in (u23) camp. Seems he just wanted to move someone up rather than fly out a player that wasn’t prepared.

    • The US does not use the #10 role really. Dempsey does whatever it is he does but that isn’t really being a #10. Mikey does something akin to it but really what he is doing for most of that time is what they call that box to box thing.

      They have not had a real #10 since maybe Tab Ramos and I’m not sure he fits that description either. You can make an argument that the classic #10 role as defined by Pele and guys like him is extinct having been hybridized out of existence.

      • Jag,

        As for Nguyen, he hasn”t looked good for the Revs. It seems like he is still recovering from that groin injury and he Revs need him right now so why risk him?

      • Regardless we need a playmaker or someone sitting under Jozy to help hold possession. You don’t have to call it a #10 but it’s historically that CAM role. Mikey is not that guy. He operates best sitting in a deep lying role and playing next to a Dmid destroyer. We are best in a 4-2-3-1. The long term hole is the guy sitting under Jozy. That’s not Bradley, and must be figured out. Dempsey will not be in Russia. Is it Mix? Is it Nguyen? Is it a young guy that rises through the ranks the next 3 years? For Tuesdays game, there is not an ideal candidate to play that spot.

        If we want to play possession soccer, Bradley cannot be on the field with 2 defensive mids. Bedoya’s work rate is second to none, but brings little to the table in terms of possession or creativity.

        Blame it on Jk. Blame it on personnel decisions. Blame it on the culture. Blame it on talent. Blame it on formations. Blame it on examine the player pool. I don’t know the answer. But the move to possession based soccer hasn’t turned out well when we play outside of CONCACAF.

        When you chase the game for 90 minutes, you are bound to be exhausted in the final 10 and concede as we are seeing. It’s not a fitness problem.

        I don’t know if JK is the right guy or not. That’s not my decision to make. But right now, we are in a rut, and need to show better in our next few friendlies to build momentum to the Gold Cup

    • We don’t have a number 10 and you don’t need to play with 5 midfielders to have our own version of Pirlo. And even if we decide to use 5, JK has made it clear he will be happy to go to 3 in the back… so I expect in this game we will see one or both of julian and zardes starting, Bedoya/morales paired with Bradley (morales was one of the bright spots once he calmed down) and someone in the back 3/4 playing with Brooks.

      I am expecting 3 in the back, or a 4-3-3 style…which is going to look a lot like a 4-5-1 most of the game… but anyway, I also expect that we will see morris and yarbaough tomorrow.

    • haha right? don’t forget to blame JK for Zusi’s pulled hamstring as well……. even tho he’s not in camp…

      • JK does over train the team, its not really debatable at this point .

        US will lose tomorrow and you will see nothing consistent with any other game outside of the fact there is no consistency game to game.

        Paying the captain of the USMNT a lot of money to be absent at the helm.

  5. Conditioning (and playing time) only matters if you are on Jurgen’s naughty list.

    If you are on JK’s preferred list, you get called in irrespective of this. Morris is obviously on that list. Ibarra and Julian green also say hi from the preferred list.

  6. Does anyone know if Mr. Morris is physically conditioned for the game. Why not call Charlie Davis or another MLS player?

  7. I’m confused about the second paragraph. It says that he’ll be out for Sunday’s game against Switzerland on Tuesday.

  8. Well, if the US doesn’t want to get overrun in the midfield like they did against Denmark, they’ll play a 5-4-1. That doesn’t leave room for Johannsson to start anyway. This will be good experience for Morris and Johannsson can go recover so as not to lose time for AZ.

    I’d like to see Bradley, Williams and Morales on in the midfield at the same time anyway. Bedoya might be a good option there so long as he has 2 more defensive minded guys behind him.

  9. That explain why Jonannsson seem lost. While, Morris could get contract out this.

    I am still hoping for Novakovich for a call.


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