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MLS Week 1: SBI Live Sunday Commentary

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Major League Soccer’s return to the state of Florida takes place today, some 14 years since the league left the Sunshine State, as Orlando City plays host to New York City FC (5pm, ESPN) in the debut match for both teams.

The Florida Citrus Bowl will be filled with more than 60,000 fans to witness the inaugural match for the newest teams in the league. Kaka and Orlando City will look to get off to a winning start against David Villa and NYCFC, which will be led by Jason Kreis, who is coaching his first MLS match since 2013, when he left Real Salt Lake to take the NYCFC coaching job.

The day’s other two MLS matches feature the New York Red Bulls traveling to Sporting Kansas City (7pm, Fox Sports 1), while the Seattle Sounders take on the New England Revolution at CenturyLink Field (9pm, Fox Sports 1).

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s matches so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s live commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog MLS Week 1 (SBI Live Commentary)



  1. The ghosts of San Pedro Sula returns, as Honduras player David Sanchez can’t get his head on a free kick but his shoulder suffices to direct the ball past Pulisic and knot the game up in the 88th minute.

    • And, as I write that, a Honduran takes down the streaking Vasquez for the USA, getting a red card and a free kick for the USA. Maybe the USA can still get the win in stoppage time..

      • OK — I got it now. With the draw tonight, the USA maintains a 2 pt lead, with one game left against Jamaica. Given the big goal differential vis a vis Honduras, the USA will clinch qualification with a win or a draw against Jamaica on Wednesday.

  2. did the sideline reporter just say that the team was looking for a doctor that could help Bunbury’s shoulder? there’s no doctor on the training staff? not one?…..

  3. Brad Friedel is AWFUL to listen to with that Engish accent
    C’mon Brad you were THE BEST US keeper but you’re from Ohio and you can’t tell me that you can’t lose that accent

  4. So no Alonso, and no Jones or Nguyen. Will be interesting to see how New England does with this lineup. Surprised Kobayashi isn’t starting considering those missing.

  5. Good game between the impressive OCSC against NYCFC.

    Now time to watch a battle of the USMNT reject mids Zusi and Feilhaber vs Kljestan.

  6. Khiry Shelton made a huge impression. Even more considering he is a rookie in his first MLS game. He seemed to have the physical tools to play at a higher level. Watch that kid.

  7. Second Half Notes:

    NYFC stepped it up, Mix with the nice shot. NYFC still needs more work in the midfield.

    Kaká will be the best DP signing for this year. He can do it all!

    Great game.

  8. Awwwww….first half notes.

    Watching Kaká the first half was awesome. He’s so intelligent with and without the ball.

    So crisp w his passes and Dangerous shots as well..Imagine if they land Balotelli! Scary.

    NYFC.. Midfield does not look good thus far. Mix looked average.
    Villa is starving for Service.

      • He was losing his balance, not “already diving”. The contact only ensured the fall. Def not a dive but not a penalty either. Both the yellows for embellishment were terrible calls

      • Actually, it depends on which we’re talking about. The two in the box where tough to determine. The third in the middle of the field was an absolute travesty, though I can understand how the ref missed it. Krovsky isn’t the one who committed the foul on the middle one, it was the trailing player who literally took the shoe off the OC player, causing his foot to swing wide into Krovsky, which the ref misinterpreted as the OC player generating the contact. Wrong call.

        Generally, the fact that all three were called with Krovsky’s involvement and Krovsky still managed to pick up a yellow outside of those plays means NYCFC was extremely lucky to end this game with a full squad.

  9. Jacobson getting all into Brek’s face about a dive, even though he clipped him.. I never liked that dude, mediocre player at best.


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