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Bayern president backs Julian Green to succeed after one more season on loan

Julian Green Bayern Munich training



Julian Green has undergone his fair share of struggles this season, but those running the show at Bayern Munich believe that the U.S. Men’s National Team youngster still has every opportunity to reach his potential with the club.

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says that he plans on having a sit down with Green at the end of the season to determine the next step in the player’s future. Rummenigge believes Green still requires seasoning away from the club, but the Bayern president says that he still believes in Green’s future with the team, despite his tumultuous time at Hamburg.

“It’s looking likely that he’ll come back at the end of the season and we’ll have to sit together to find the best solution for him,” Rummenigge told Goal USA. “I don’t believe that at first he’ll be here at Bayern. He will probably need one more year at a club wherever – in Germany or England, I don’t know –  to show his quality and I believe he has that quality.

“Hamburg is in a very difficult position,” Rummenigge added. “They fired their coach yesterday and that is one more sign that things at Hamburg are not going well. Maybe (Green) is suffering because of the situation at the club and maybe he’s not playing because it looks like he didn’t have a good relationship with the old coach. Maybe that will change now in a better way because he’s a nice guy, he’s skillful and he’s a good dribbler.”

In addition to Green, Rummenigge is a big believe in American players, and admits that the club will continue to scout in the country. Having housed Green and Landon Donovan, Rummengge believes that Americans have had and can continue to have a major impact on the Bundesliga in the future.

“We are always scouting the whole world so probably the best would be to get one American and one Chinese player,” he joked. “To find some real good quality from there and put it on the pitch, that would be perfect.

“I think sometimes Jurgen (Klinsmann) has given advice to some of these clubs to get these (American) players and under normal circumstances players from the states are not very expensive,” he added. “That is the reason why American players are popular in Germany and they have a stable performance.”

What do you make of Rummenigge’s statements? What do you expect from Green in the coming years?

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  1. Of course he is going to say this. If he sees him as having a chance to make the Bayern squad in the future, the statement is sincere. If he doesn’t see the potential, he is trying to increase his sales value. Either way, Bayern win.

  2. Regardless of what happens, I’m glad to see owners supporting US players. Now whether that’s based on our talent pool or tapping a new market is up to debate.

    • I will avoid the cynicism of the last part about marketing and trust that when he speaks about American value and stability in sporting performance he means it. And I do hope that these will be among chiefest concerns when it comes to American scouting. Quality…Value…Stability…THEN Marketing.


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