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Rapids sign Irish forward Kevin Doyle as 3rd DP

Kevin Doyle Republic of Ireland 21


The Colorado Rapids filled another Designated Player spot by inking Irish international Kevin Doyle on Friday.

In February, the Rapids signed Argentine Juan Ramirez, just the second DP in club history. Now, Colorado has added the third. Doyle joins the club from English outfit Wolverhampton Wanderers, just days after DeShorn Brown left the Rapids for a team in Norway.

“I know from talking to Robbie Keane that MLS is a great league to play in, and I look forward to being another top Irish player there,” Doyle said in a statement. “I will be sad to leave Wolves, a truly great club that I’ve had the privilege to play for. I will always be grateful to the fans for their support; it is they who make Molineux such a special place.”

The 31-year-old striker was on loan at Queens Park Rangers in 2014 and even more recently at Crystal Palace, where he appeared three times and netted zero goals in Premier League play, but scored a game-winner in an FA Cup draw against Dover Athletic.

On the international stage, Doyle has scored 14 times in 61 appearances since making his debut for the Republic of Ireland back in 2006.


What do you think of Colorado signing Doyle? How do you think he will perform in MLS? Is he a good replacement for Brown?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The problem is that the pay scale between the FA (EPL and Championship) are so out-of whack compared to MLS pay scales. that if you want a proven EPL or championship goalscorer you will have to pay 5M+. That is unless;
    he’s on the other side of 30+,
    he’s coming off a severe injury (or several)
    arrives on a free transfer
    is willing to forgo some salary to get 1st team playing time.

    Also remember that a transfer fee, under MLS rules is counted toward the salary cap. So if you bring in a player at 250K and his transfer fee is 200K that a 450K hit to your cap, unless he’s a DP, then its only a 333K hit and the remaining 100K can go to other salaries. MLS clubs are getting more inventive in contracts to stay under the cap and still bring in players who might be otherwise under a DP.

    With the MLS getting airtime in the UK and Europe, we may be seeing good players from some Euro countries who need 1st team and playing time to stay on their national teams come over to the MLS to get it and take a hit from their “riding the pine” salaries in the first or second division teams they are on now.

    Beside Robbie Keane recommended him, and that’s good enuff for me.

  2. 31 is not old, and a DP contract could be what, as little as 400K? He always struck me as having good work ethic, and with the right team chemistry, I have little doubt he will produce. Mid-six figures woud be good value for his experience and pedigree.

    When I hear his name, I immediately think of the good ‘ol days of Bobby Convey at Reading. I always liked watching Doyle, and hope he does well.

  3. Why would Colorado get rid of des horn brown who has a respectable goal scoring record and experience in the league and get an aging striker who doesn’t score goals ??

  4. Kevin Doyle is a very unremarkable signing. Not a DP, in my view. But… his resume looks a lot better than BWP’s did when he joined MLS. Give the guy a chance, I guess (this is the best I can do to be optimistic)

    • He seems like a very good championship level striker. At 31 they will likely get 2 good year out of him. Maybe more.

      Like always it depends how much they pay him. 500k a year isn’t too much really.

      Below $10,000 a week. Altidore makes around $100,000 a week.

      • Personally, I would love to see an explicit rule attempt by MLS to prohibit 30+ strikers from the Championship from being DP’s. Kevin Doyle is not some guy who will sell a boatload of shirts. He won’t score a boatload of goals (not his fault entirely– that team is mediocrity personified). He’s just a guy with some modest Euro credentials, who is probably over the hill. He will score 7-8 goals if everything goes perfectly. Woot woot.

        I’d take him in MLS. Not as a DP.

      • Yeah, if he’s on like 500k I don’t see how this can be criticized. Teams like Colorado are generally going to have to pay a premium for foreign veterans anyway.

    • One should note though that BWP didn’t come to MLS as a DP. It was his good play in MLS that got him his current DP contract, but he came here as a non DP.

      Having said that, Doyle looks to have had a solid career so far and still playing well (from what I hear – I really don’t follow the English leagues). Successful teams generally need a good mix of young and old so can’t look at every player signed at 30 years of age as a bad idea. We’ll see how he adjusts to MLS. He may not come in as a superstar, but many superstars have flopped and many people with lesser resumes have come here and been very successful.

  5. Im at a loss for words when I keep seeing 30+ players with terrible goal scoring ratios and multiple transfers coming into the MLS as a DP. Stupid get in my opinion.

    • He has had only 2 clubs since 2005 and both of them (Reading and Wolves) were in the Premier League with him in their team. Along with that he has 14 international goals, 2 of those coming last year. This guy isn’t a megastar by any means but he is a solid player who most likely will have 10+ goals next year.

    • I’m pretty sure that Doyle has more experience in the EPL than does Bradley Wright Phillips, for what that’s worth. BTW, I looked him up and Wolves paid 6 and a half million pounds for him about 4 years ago. That’s about $10 million. Generally speaking, anyone who has started consistently for a top 5 European league team is an upgrade for MLS.


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