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Report: Cristiano Ronaldo could sign with MLS in 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 22
photo by Scott Rovak/USA Today Sports

Like David Beckham before him, Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly planning to make a move to MLS once his contract at Real Madrid expires.

A report from, citing multiple unnamed sources, stated on Tuesday that Ronaldo is planning on signing with MLS when his deal with Real Madrid ends at the conclusion of the 2017-18 season. Ronaldo would be 33-years-old then – one year older than Beckham was when the English midfielder decided to join the LA Galaxy – and is said to be most interested in playing for a team in Miami, Los Angeles or New York.

This past January, the global superstar’s agent said that Ronaldo could make a move to MLS in 2018 when his time at Real Madrid comes to a close. It was reported last year that Beckham wants to sign the Portuguese international to his planned expansion MLS franchise in Miami.

Ronaldo, 30, is one of this generation’s best players. He has won a bevy of championships and titles in his career, including the UEFA Champions Leagues and FIFA Ballon d’Or.

What do you think of Ronaldo reportedly planning to come to MLS in 2018? Will he still have enough in the tank to dominate games the way he does now? Which club would you see him ending up with?

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  1. Will Miami FC have enough allocation dollars, because I think that the Revolution put a discovery claim on him 3 years ago. This all might be crazy talk because I think Vancouver is hoping to win in the player lottery.
    MLS convoluted rules always make me smile

  2. I would never sign the non defense playing primadona. He is anti-Jewish on top of that. Screw him. Let him rot in England.

  3. “most interested in playing for a team in Miami, Los Angeles or New York.”

    Someones over 30 rec league team in Miami is about to completely dominate.

  4. So CR is renegotiating his contract ?

    MLS is to contract negotiations what LA is to NFL relocation threats. Every contract of a big name player from now to a long time from now, will mention MLS.

    The good news is MLS is big enough time for it to be taken seriously.

  5. He has the perfect ego profile to be a superstar athlete in Miami. Marino, Shaq, Lebron, anyone who played UM football in the 80s and 90s……and Ronaldo. Perfect fit for this city.

    • Which Miami team will he play for? I doubt he can do anything with his arms better than a teenage American can so Heat and Marlins are out of the question.

      • news flash: Ronaldo already plays for a South Florida team in a SSS!
        err – might play if they make the playoffs or might just watch the games from a lux box. still don’t have to wait on any county commissioners or mayors to see this go down.

  6. the most surprising part about this story is the implication that he will stay at Real Madrid for the rest of his contract. unless he did leave but signed a short contract.

    this would be a great move and for Miami, it is a MUST. it’s the type of signing that they have to get right off the bat. and we know Becks wants an English player, so I’m betting on Rooney.

    • The Union and their lovely PPL Park are located right on the water! Ronaldo can look forward to shanking free kicks into the Delaware River on a regular basis as he fades slowly towards retirement..

    • You can see salt water and soccer from your seats in Seattle.

      Is that true anywhere else ?

      Plus I will rent out a room in my basement for cheap.

    • If the lure of David Beckham building a stadium for Ronaldo to play in doesn’t get them moving, not sure much will.

      Global soccer gets no bigger than that. If Miami won’t bestir itself for that, there’s just no point.

      • Well stated. Miami is the perfect city for douchebags in the Ronaldo/LeBron mold. If they don’t bite on that, then those of us who’ve doubted Miami are vindicated.

  7. Why ponder such glamorous locales as LA, Miami, and New York. I’m sure he’s dreaming of landing in Columbus or Salt Lake. (or, God forbid Bridgeview).

    • Not sure anybody would bite on Ibra. He’d melt down and punch a puppy in the face at some point, go off in some expletive-ridden tirade in about ten different languages how the team, country, coach, etc, just @#@@ @#% @$%^…if MLS owners are going to pony up, they need somebody who’s good in the locker room and a good ambassador for the game. Ibra is more like a WWF villain.

      That may play in Europe…probably not so much in MLS, where you only have three DP’s, and they’d durn well better keep their heads glued on straight, or you’re sunk.

      • Like him or not, Ibra will put butts in seats, and people will come to games to see what happens, whether it’s a bicycle kick goal from 35 yards out, or to see Gooch finally come back to MLS, just so those two can go at it. Sign him up. He’s a head case, but he is capable of something spectacular on any given day.

      • Yeah, he’s maybe not right for an expansion team, but he’d be great on an established MLS side as long as he stays healthy. As a DCU fan, I’d love to see him playing for New Jersey and flummoxing the hell out of “City” or whatever these new pretenders end up being called.

        Having talented, eminently dislikable frenemies makes sports way more fun.

  8. So if Garber knows that he can have Ronaldo in Miami, how quickly does he forget about stadium demands to just let Beckham put a team temporarily in an existing football stadium?


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