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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Jozy Altidore

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The U.S. Men’s National Team didn’t create much in Wednesday’s friendly match with Denmark, but what they did create came from the feet of Jozy Altidore.

The Toronto FC forward provided a goal and an assist in Wednesday’s 3-2 loss to the Danes, earning recognition as SBI USMNT Man of the Match.

With Denmark dominating the early going, Altidore kick-started the U.S. in the 19th minute by bashing his way past a pair of Danish defenders before thumping a shot inside the near post. The U.S. was up against it once again in the second half until Altidore turned provider, sliding a pass to a cutting Aron Johannsson for the USMNT’s second goal of the day.

Altidore’s dominance atop the field earned the forward Wednesday’s honors ahead of Johannsson, Michael Bradley and John Brooks.

What did you think of Altidore’s performance? Which U.S. player stood out to you against Denmark?

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  1. Jozy may have had 3 good touches all game, but he sure made them count. I’m not buying calls for a foul on the first one (the Danish defender sure didnt cry about it) nor the offside on the second. He earned MOtM, but Bradley was very good as well. Bradley was productive most of the time, but had spells where he was lost as well.

    • Jozy put the perfect amount of hand on him and the defender agreed.

      If Brooks wasnt called for hugging Vito outside the box when Vito megged him, Jozy isnt getting called for a quick hand to the shoulder.

    • As good as Bradley is, he would be so much better if his teammates understood how to move without the ball. The big complaints with last night: lack of composure under pressure; lack of movement by players, which creates stagnation and limits options when someone has the ball at their feet; and heavy first touch, which allows the defense to close in and cut off all lanes of advancement, forcing a turnover or a negative back pass.

  2. I’m a major Jozy hater, but I had to admit he had a wonderful strike today.

    If he could just fight hard for 50/50 balls and pressure their defenders instead of pulling up at the last second I would be his fan. That’s just not him though.

    Also, Michael Bradley was the man of the match by far, not Jozy.

    • +1
      Not an Altidore fan, but had a good goal. I see want to see a team of forwards sans Altidore. At least once or twice before gold cup.
      Man of the match????? Not Altidore though.

  3. Haven’t gotten to watch the game yet only the highlights I can find.

    I see Jozy get away with what appears to be a pretty obvious foul on his goal (well struck though) and then (what appears from angle on highlight video) offside on his assist. So i’m hoping to see more when I’m able to watch the whole game.

    • Definitely not a foul unless the ref is calling every ticky tack thing on a given night, which this one wasn’t. Just good, physical play: it’s called strength, players are allowed to use it. Brek was passively offside on the second goal, Jozy’s run was perfect, Bradley’s ball was perfect, and the assist was perfect. Great goal.

  4. heres my immediate takeaways:
    Jozy played great
    Zardes was invisible offensively but put in a lot of work defensively.
    Bradley was great in the midfield, Bedoya, and Morales were way too conservative and would only pass backwards. Jermaine is still our midfield guy if Klinnsman stops his CB project with him.
    Garza was terrible kept getting out of position on overlapping runs
    Brooks was god awful, awful touches, awful passes, poor clearances, etc. He needs to step up but meanwhile Gonzalez and Besler have nothing to worry about going forward.
    Rimando is not good enough at this level. As a galaxy fan I loathe playing against him because he always is very good but every international game I watch him play he looks nervous, shaky, etc. I tremble whenever he comes out to clear a ball and his distribution is not what it’s like when he’s at RSL.
    And lastly, Klinnsman has such a man crush on Brek and I don’t get it.

    Just my two cents.

    • WAY too harsh on Brooks. yes, he had some mental issues and got beat a few times when he shouldn’t have but he almost always recovered well.

      looking at his stats…he had a pass completion % of 86. defensively he had 5 interceptions (25% of ALL interceptions by the US, 36% of all interceptions in our defensive half), 1 defensive block (out of a total of 2 from the US), 6 clearances (27% of all US clearances), and 4 recoveries (Orozco, Garza, and Chandler had a combined 7).

      so to be fair to him, his individual play was not awful. the awful part was the communication between the entire backline, Rimando, and the midfield.

    • Jozy played well, Bedoya was too conservative, and the back-line was kinda scary.

      Garza’s problem wasn’t that he was out of position, it’s that at this level, he needs to see that his acceleration and pace right now can’t cover the backtracking that outside backs are normally required to do. Garza needed this experience to light a fire underneath his feet and get him to focus training on accelerating and running faster to compete at the international level.

      Bradley’s passing seemed way off compared to this time last year. Wish we had Mr. Jones back providing that non-stop, determined, engine at midfield.

  5. Besides Jozy, I’d say Orozco was good until he was subbed out. Probably the best defender on the pitch today.

  6. hard to disagree with this pick. certainly showed why he deserves to keep starting because while Zardes is promising, he’s not ready.


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