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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Alejandro Bedoya

Alejandro Bedoya (Getty Images)



Alejandro Bedoya played an unfamiliar role in last week’s U.S. Men’s National Team loss to Denmark. Though he held is own as a defensive midfielder, Bedoya showed on Tuesday against Switzerland why he’s more valuable for the U.S. in an attacking role.

Bedoya returned to his more familiar right wing role on Tuesday, and was the USMNT’s most polished player  in Tuesday’s 1-1 draw with Switzerland. He contributed defensively, and helped create a handful of quality chances, which helped him earn SBI USMNT Man of the Match honors.

On the attacking end, Bedoya was among the team’s more creative options, combining well with right back Timmy Chandler to send in wave after wave of attack in the opening half. The best of Bedoya’s looks came in the 27th minute, when the midfielder centered a pass to Michael Bradley near the penalty spot for the USMNT’s best early look.

Bedoya’s attacking creativity, along with his work ethic on the defensive end, earned him recognition as SBI USMNT Man of the Match, beating out Brek Shea, Danny Williams and Timmy Chandler.

What did you think of Bedoya’s performance? Which player stood out to you in the USMNT’s draw with Switzerland?

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  1. Bedoya was good and a worthy choice, but I just don’t know you overlook Shea here. He looked like a guy you can’t possibly leave out of the side today… awareness like he’s never shown. I’d feel the same even if he hadn’t score that superb fk.

    • When Shea is getting regular minutes and can play at the speed of the game, he is always dangerous. The guy catches a lot of flack from some unimaginative and strangely biased detractors, but he just keeps producing when he gets on the field. There are few players who are producing more chances.

      Shea has always had a deadly left foot. He can put a cross on a dime with pace, and as we saw today he can put a shot on frame that will test the keeper. He also punked Shaquiri (a flopper of the level of Arjen Robben) a couple of times and Shaquiri had no recourse but to flop.

      Shea will be in the next World Cup squad if he is fit and playing regularly. He’s just too much of a threat to the other team to leave out.

      • +1, still wish jk had brought Shea instead of Brad Davis to fill the “lefty” quota lol

      • To be fair, Shea wasn’t looking so hot last year, and really had some stinkers in qualifying. Brad Davis definitely didn’t embarrass himself in Brazil, and I’m afraid Shea could have.

      • Agree. I saw one of his first matches here in Nashville where he looked great, but I’d been thinking the past couple years he was someone who was never going to be more than inconsistent at the int’l level.

        His transition through England and move to Orlando seem to really have unlocked something. Maybe it’s the new discipline and focus required by being the last man on his flank now that’s he’s in the back line?

        Hopefully this trajectory continues. If so, he could be a massive piece in our run-up to Russia and beyond.

    • Diego, I agree. Best game he has ever had in the US shirt and was dangerous every time he attacked. I would have gone with Shea here as well, but the FK goal was what got him over Bedoya for me. Both had some very strong attacking moments.

      • I think what sets AB apart for me (and the author) is that he just had a look of being classy, skillful, and creative that honestly is hard to pull off from the fullback position regardless.

        Shea had a great match, incredibly solid, which is a huge compliment to a guy whose biggest knock has always been inconsistency. But I agree that AB was the best player on the pitch yesterday.

  2. I thought AB had a solid game, didn’t set the world on fire but its amazing what will happen when you don’t play him out of position.

    • I agree. Not a world beater, but definitely the best option we have on that side. Plays with confidence and always tries to attack. I’m okay with that even if it results in some turnovers.

    • Atx_Colin

      Out of position?

      Bedoya’s strength is his versatility. He made his name as an attacking central midfielder at Orebro and didn’t play on the wing until BB move him there to replace LD.

      Transfermarkt lists him as follows:

      Main position:
      Attacking Midfield
      Secondary positions:
      Right Wing
      Secondary Striker

      And if you’ve watched him with the USMNT you should know that he is a good defender.

      He should be comfortable anywhere in midfield and at right back

      • Ya, I hear people keep touting him as a CAM on club level. I don’t get to see him play that often in France but I do keep up with his club games and their line up choices and formations via the interwebs. Seems to me he has played sparingly in the CAM position and is usually used as a RW or RCM.

        In regard to the USMNT he has never really looked the part as a CAM, your right he does have versatility but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a god CAM. Can you play him there, sure, does he really have the chops, I don’t think so.

      • Bedoya is either versatile or he is a man w/o a position.

        That depends on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.

        He is a good solid unremarkable pro, like a lot of US players.

      • Confused. Another website gave him a 9 and said he was wonderful. You call him unremarkable. I somehow didn’t record the game..blaming my son! Was he his usual industrious self this game, or did he show something more? Not arguing, just asking.

      • GW never said he was unremarkable, he said overall he’s an unremarkable pro. in other words his ceiling may not be world class but his floor is solid. he may never drop a hat trick vs brazil, italy or germany but he generally will put in a solid shift and help the team more than he hurts it.

        naturally Old School was hating on Bedoya just a few days ago

      • I do see, now, that his comments didn’t specifically address the most recent game. But your over simplification does nothing to answer my question. Many a world class player doesn’t drop a hat trick on those, or even lesser, teams. That being said, AB sounds like he upped his game in this one and continues to create distance between himself and other options at the RM position. Doesn’t make him “world class”, but does get him on the field for us.

      • As DLOA said I never said Bedoya’s performance in this game was unremarkable.

        If Zardes and Mikey had had their shooting boots on they would have scored from Bedoya’s excellent assists and the US would have won maybe 3-1.

        Ale is not a star but he is a solid pro, something most of the US starters are.
        And for one game or maybe even a short series of tournament games he can do the job for you against anyone.

      • Misread as comment referring to this game. I know what he is, and isn’t, just missed the game and was looking for clarification.

      • In my opinion, Scott, he was something more. He’s showing flashes of moving to the next level, and there were subtle things he did yesterday that were deservedly called world-class. Of course, part of his game will always be industriousness and just running more than most people but his movements are smart and he did a lot to open up the Swiss. Unfortunately, no goals resulted due to terrible finishing….

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