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USMNT vs. Switzerland: SBI Live Commentary



The U.S. Men’s National Team conceded a late lead once again last time out against Denmark, but Tuesday could be a time to make amends as the U.S. takes on a fierce European foe in the form of Switzerland (12 p.m., ESPN).

Jozy Altidore appeared as fierce as ever against the Danes, providing a goal and an assist, but the U.S. was undone by the work of forward Nicklas Bendtner.

Jurgen Klinsmann’s men face an even tougher test this time out in Switzerland, which will feature Inter Milan’s Xherdan Shaqiri, Napoli’s Gokhan Inler and Juventus’ Stephan Lichsteiner.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s match so please feel free to follow along with the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s live commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog USA vs. Switzerland: SBI Live Commentary



  1. Can anyone explain to me why Alvarado is in the squad? He was practically hiding from the game and he doesn’t seem to understand how to mark when the ball is in the air.

  2. Brek Shea was the best player on the field. And he scored a goal. Bravo! Altidore needs to use better judgment. In general, the passing was amazingly inaccurate. Both Switzerland and the US need to learn to kick the ball to somebody, not away from somebody.

    • The US had far more chances on goal and they were better than what Switzerland had which is a very good thing.

      Rimando’s distribution was uncharacteristically bad, giving Switzerland some chances.

      Jozy’s card was way out of character but if you are going to get tossed at least he got his money’s worth. Freidel kept saying players cuss out the ref all the time but based on the replay I can’t see how the ref could have given Jozy a pass.

      Zardes was rough at first but in the end turned out to have had a very good showing.

      Yarborough looked very promising.

  3. Yedlin in the wrong place and interfering with clearance resulting in goals in the last two games. Great talent and future first teamer but was he the right sub when down a player and in need of defense?

    • you realize on the Swiss’ goal that Yedlin blocked a poor clearance by Alvarado (i believe). had he not “interfered” with that it would have been an own goal. it was unfortunate to fall to the swiss players feet for an easy tap in.

      now if Bradley, Zardes or Bedoya had put away their chances earlier in the game……

      • Sorry, Davis, but you’ve gotten this wrong on two threads now. Yedlin did not block a goal-bound bad clearance. He and Morales (not Alvarado) both jumped to head the ball away and it got caught up between them and then feel to Stocker. It was a poor attempt at a clearance by two U.S. defenders, and the Swiss capitalized. Maybe inevitable because we were down to 10, but as Friedel said on the broadcast, it stinks to give away the equalizer on a set piece where there really is not much of a man advantage.

  4. Klinsmann really has turned things around from the Bob Bradley era, cause under BB we used to concede EARLY goals. That’s a 180.

  5. End of the day, I feel a LOT better than I have about where we are in some time. Anybody who watched the game would know that the Swiss stole a draw from us, and not the other way around. When was the last time that was true for a US team playing against top European opposition n their turf?

    This would’ve been a win if not for a harsh red against Jozy (who acted a fool and let the team down). But it’s still a very encouraging day

    • Morales had a good first half and bad second half. Brooks was mostly solid throughout. he made several tackles and clearances late in the game and won a few foul calls with proper shielding technique.

    • So yelling FU! at a ref multiple times shouldn’t be a card? Whatever…whether it was a second yellow, or a straight red, I’m fine with it.

      • Yea, seriously, it’s just stupid to yell FU directly at the ref like that. To say it’s the “most ridiculous red card” you’ve seen 25 years of watching soccer is hyperbole of the highest order.

      • Yeah more I see the replays the more it p*sses me off. I don’t wanna see a guy in our shirt — a veteran at this point — wandering around dropping loud eff-bombs like some rec league punk, I’m not even sure what he was mad about, given it was an obvious foul.

        I actually really like Jozy but he let the team down big time today…. lucky it’s only a friendly.

      • I could see the foul coming, Jozy does this weird overly aggressive run when he is about commit a revenge foul. I think got nicked a bit before and was doing his revenge thing.

      • Yeah, saw it too. He makes a linebacker about to unload on somebody. It’s like…here we go, ’cause you know the card is coming…

        Of course, today it was a red.

    • F*ck I have to agree. Jozy had been mediocre today and his teammates have fought like champions. Very selfish from him. I have little sympathy, even if it was a harsh red.

  6. This swiss team can’t put an open header anywhere near goal. Some of the sorriest misses I’ve seen since Bofo Bautista.

    • Good point. Im more interested in HOW we play in these games. We look a whole lot better today. Zardes looks lost out there though… Not ready to give up on him though.

    • he seemed to just be complaining about no-calls recently; then he gets double yellow? weak…


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