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CCL Final (Club America vs. Montreal Impact): SBI Live Commentary



The CONCACAF Champions League Final starts tonight in Mexico City, with Club America taking on the Montreal Impact in the first leg at Estadio Azteca.

Club America enters after obliterating Costa Rican side Herediano in the semifinal second leg, while the Impact reached the final by surviving its semifinal series against Costa Rican club Alajuelense.

The Impact will be trying to become the first Canadian club to win a CONCACAF club title, and the first MLS team to win the tournament in the current Champions League format.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s live commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog CONCACAF Champions League Finals: SBI LIve Commentary




  1. How about the lasers that were pointed to the goalkeeper of the Impact? Ref says nothing. Where is the fair play as concacaf have said?

    2) It was a straight red card to Martinez, on Oduro too.

    Whats done is done now, no ruling will be overturned by Concacaf. Sad and pathetic.

  2. The pushing of Duka to leave at the substitution was beyond ridiculous, in my opinion.

    And it just seems like something that would never be tolerated in a game on US/Canadian soil (and, most likely wouldn’t happen from an MLS player toward a Liga MX player).
    ¡Stay classy, Mexico!

  3. Referee should be removed from all further assignments. Total cheating in this match. Three red cards should have been shown to CA players and maybe a 4th. I guess the ref pays his rent now.

  4. wow! Appalled by the refs. If this was euro champions league America would have lost at least two players to red cards. Concacaf is a joke! Go Montreal!!!!

  5. While CA made a great play for the tying goal, is there anyone north of the Rio Grande that honestly believed that the ref wasn’t going to keep d*cking around until CA at least tied the game?
    How else do you explain
    (1) no red card on the Oduru breakaway
    (2) no card at all for the CA player shoving Duka off the field when he was subbing out
    (3) at least 3 blown offsides calls that led to CA shots on goal from guys that were camping like they were homeless
    (4) no cards for the CA players doing everything but hitting the GK with a lead pipe when we wouldn’t put the ball down and in play.
    There’s CONCACAF referring, and then there’s complete f*cking amateur hour that’s going to lead to someone getting really, really hurt out there.

    Maybe the Chinese gambling consortium didn’t like the way it was going at halftime….

  6. The yellow card was just sickening. Pulling down the last man on an open break at top of the box is a clear red. Easy call. Soccer 101 stuff. But playing an away match in concacaf in Central America…..well, that’s a different story.

    And of course America players are trying to mug the ref afterwards as if they just got screwed or something. It’s just sad.

  7. The only argument I can see is perhaps the ball had gotten away from Oduro. However considering Oduro’s speed it really hadn’t. Anyway even a 2-1 score would be respectable result for Montreal. Anything better then that is gravy.

  8. Criminal referree here! Shocking call. Red card, no ifs, no buts. This is a text book red!

    But, then, General Franco today made sure Real went through to the semis with that phantom red on Turan, so nothing surprises me when it comes to referees..

    The positives, what a pristine field they are playing on. Its sickening that almost half of MLS teams, including Montreal, play on fake turf, which makes the games unwatchable.

    • “Its sickening that almost half of MLS teams, including Montreal, play on fake turf, which makes the games unwatchable.”

      Half? Hyperbole much?
      5 out of 20 teams play on turf.

  9. Agreed, that was horrible. Guess he figured he wouldn’t make it out of the stadium alive if he sent him off. Let’s go Montreal!

  10. That’s a red card every day of the week! And then he won’t let them take a corner. Wowwwww! Concacaf refereeing at it’s finest.

    • Definitely a red. But unfortunately Montreal left it at the officials hands. That was a bad pass on the breakaway. He left it behind Oduro and slowed him down, allowing the defender to catch up and take the foul. Should have been a clear breakaway and a round the keeper for the goal situation if the pass was better. Two away goals and a 2-0 lead going into halftime would have been massive.


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