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CONCACAF denies Impact appeal; Bush to miss second leg of CCL final

MLS: Montreal Impact at New England Revolution

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Evan Bush has led the Montreal Impact in goal since the beginning of the CONCACAF Champions League, but he will miss out on the final and most crucial game of the tournament.

The Impact announced Monday that their appeal to rescind their goalkeeper’s suspension for the second leg of the CCL final has been rejected by CONCACAF. Bush picked up an 89th-minute yellow card against Club America in the first leg of the CCL final for kicking a ball at CA defender Paul Aguilar, and since he was already sitting on a yellow card, the second forces him out of the final.

“We believe that the card was a bad decision by the referee, but CONCACAF rules state that you can’t appeal a referee decision on a yellow card unless it was given to the wrong player,” Impact technical director Adam Braz said. “We continue to look at all our options for Wednesday’s match.”

The second leg will kick off at Olympic Stadium on Wednesday (8 p.m., FOX Sports 2, UniMas).

What do you think of the appeal’s rejection? How do you expect the Impact to handle the situation?

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  1. The only available keeper is Max Crépaue who has never played pro yet but has an impressive youth record for MIFC and Canada. I hear he is injured tho. FCEdmonton keeper Smits is on loan there and could do the job.

    Rumors are swirling that MLS will find them a loan keeper; probably SI mentions Sean Johnson, i can see being available MacMath

    Anyway they do it; its going to be odd with a temporary/debut MIFC keeper for 1 game

      • The MLS had (still have?) a goalie pool that MLS teams can draw from should they run out of goalkeepers. There is one catch with this: its NOT an MLS game, it’s a Concacaf game, with its own rules. Should the MLS loan a keeper under it rules and it is not condoned or illegal under Concacaf rules, Montreal could be required to forfeit the game. The MLS has done the right thing. I do not think they can get a player loaned from an affiliated USL club, What they do have is an extended loan from Edmonton FC for Smits, who will most likely be the keeper, but who will be a Smits backup will be a good question.

  2. I’m not sure what’s up with Fox Sports 1 & 2 showing Dart Competitions instead of the soccer matches (USA/CONCACAF/MLS), but I can guarantee Chicago residents with AT&T won’t see this match.

    Such a shame.

  3. I wonder if they can appeal the assault on Bush when he was trying to set up for a goal kick. What about the shoving of Duka during the substitution? Why can’t someone from CONCACAF ever be forced to look at the replay and explain the decision (or lack thereof) for referees that consistently back things up on a HUGE stage?

  4. the second leg on april 29 is only on Fox Sports 2 which only feeds to the usa and puerto rico- where is TSN with its 5 channels all usually flashing the same program? surely some negotiations with CONCACAF can be done to show the game in canada also- this is a huge sporting event that, should the impact win, puts it into the star clubs in the world

  5. and there is no canada tv viewing of one of the most important soccer game in canadian/montral impact/MLS history, being played on canadian soil and only those fans in the usa can watch it

    what the hell!!!??

    • Sportsnet One in English
      TVA Sports 2 in French

      Fox Sports 2 · UniMas · UDN · · Sportsnet One · TVA Sports 2

    • CONCACAF referees continue to be the laughing stock of the soccer world. No surprise really, just another perfect example for people to raise their suspicions of corruption in the game.

      Anywhere in the world, that yellow with the shirt pull just before half from their last defender, is a red. Also, in the 2nd half, that same moron of a defender goes studs up on Piatti, and he didn’t event get yellow for that challenge. This would have been his 2nd yellow and now a red, but the dude didn’t even get carded.

      • “CONCACAF referees continue to be the laughing stock of the soccer world. No surprise really, just another perfect example for people to raise their suspicions of corruption in the game”
        I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of MLS referees…..and yes, the league is in fact corrupt.

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