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Evening Ticker: U.S. Senators ask FIFA to drop Russia as World Cup host; Inter preparing Yaya bid; and more

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Russia is facing fresh opposition to its role as 2018 World Cup hosts: members of the U.S. government.

A group of 13 U.S. Senators signed a letter sent to FIFA President Sepp Blatter asking that the world’s soccer governing body strip Russia of its right to host the event. The letter cites the Ukraine crisis as the reason for wanting to move the tournament elsewhere.

“With the goal of ending the crisis in Ukraine and ensuring a successful 2018 World Cup, we strongly encourage FIFA to deny the (Russian president Vladimir) Putin regime the privilege of hosting the 2018 World Cup and make preparations for an alternate host country,” the letter states.

Among those to sign the letter was 2008 Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is also chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) also signed the letter.

Here are some more news and notes for your Wednesday evening:


Inter Milan’s reported interest in Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure appears to only be increasing.

The Italian club is now reportedly preparing a bid that would exceed $64 million to reunite Toure with former Man City boss Roberto Mancini. The coach mentioned Toure and fellow Citizens midfielder James Milner when speaking to newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Telegraph is reporting that Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, met with Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio recently.


Not all of Bayern Munich’s players returned from international duty in good condition.

Left back David Alaba faces up to seven weeks on the sidelines after suffering a medial collateral ligament tear in his left knee during Austria’s friendly with Bosnia & Herzegovina on Tuesday. He will now spend two weeks with his leg in a cast and miss Bayern’s UEFA Champions League quarterfinal games against Porto.

“I’m obviously very said, but I have a big goal: I want to be back at the season finale,” Alaba said to Bayern’s official website. “I will recover well now and give everything in rehab.”

This is the second time this season that Alaba has had trouble with a medial ligament. He spent two months out with a partial tear and damaged meniscus in his right knee, and now joins Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery on the sidelines.


While there’s plenty of speculation regarding the future of Villarreal’s young Argentine striker Luciano Vietto, the player himself has an ideal move picked out.

Vietto, 21, recently said he would enjoy a move to Barcelona to play alongside fellow countryman Lionel Messi. Atletico Madrid and Liverpool are also reportedly interested in signing the striker, who so far has 18 goals in 36 appearances for Villarreal in all competitions.

“Everyone dreams of playing alongside Messi,” Vietto said. “Of course it would be a dream come true. He is a great person and made the great gesture of presenting me with his jersey. It is a memory I will retain for the rest of my life.”

Recent reports in Spain suggest Barcelona might be lining up Vietto as a replacement for the unhappy Pedro Rodriguez. There may be a wait involved, however, since Barcelona is currently barred from registering new players until January of 2016.


  1. Well we all knew the day would come when SBI got washed over in people’s non-soccer related politics, didn’t we? Glad it was as ugly, unproductive, and name-calling-riddled as we had dreamed. Think I saw some grammar snobbery in there, too.

    Eat your heart out, Yahoo!

  2. Well that’s one thing this useless Senate, and Congress for that matter, will pen under the “bi-partisan” column. Those guys don’t even care for soccer – anything to pander to those who buy into their collective crap. To them I say stay out of world soccer please as it’s corruption quota has been filled and then some. I mean we already have FIFA adding you to the mix is the stuff of black holes and other such world ending paradoxes.

  3. Amerika may have not “annexed” any countries in the last 100 years but we have killed plenty of innocent people since World War 2. I think the Iraq war alone killed 1.2 million innocent people. I heard that on press TV interview with an American anti-war organization director. I’m sure the Afghans, Iraqis, and all the other 30-40 countries would have preferred that we annexed them. Turn out like Puerto Rico or Iraq? Hmm, Tough decision! Would you rather be annexed or have your entire home and family completed blown to hell from dirty bombs, drones etc….? I’m not sure what the referendum vote was(95.7%) but most Crimean’s wanted to be a part of Russia so what’s the problem. Even Israel has attacked us(USS Liberty) more then Russia. Why the hate? Because the Zionists hate Putin, but Putin will protect Amerika from the Zionists with his peaceful resistance. If not the U.S. will fight an illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, un-winnable, perpetual war in the Mideast on Israel’s behalf as well as a war with Russia.

    • +1

      Palestine finally being allowed to join to the Cnternation Criminal Courts after years of the United States and Israel vetoing anything Pro-Palestine, is a sign that if an issue is heard enough, if the people speak out enough, we can make change.

  4. Though, if they do let the World Cup go on in Russia, we will probably get the live tweets of the hotels and living conditions for the press like we did with the Olympics.

  5. @wow

    You think attacking the country that gave safe harbor to the people responsible for 9/11 was on par with the annexation of Crimea and fomenting civil war in Ukraine?

    You see no association between Russia and the USSR, especially in light of recent events?

    Are you still in high school? It’s OK, really.

  6. @ld – I get your point (Iraq); however, I think the last decade the U.S. annexed someone else’s territory was around the Spanish-American War of 1898. Other than that, yeah, Russia/USSR is no different than the US.

    • And Afghanistan… and all the “routine” meddling in the affairs of otherwise sovereign, otherwise democratically elected governments everywhere.

      One last note: get over the Russia/USSR association. Anyone still referring to the USSR has not removed their head from a certain area of their body for about 30 years. Anyone STILL afraid of Communism is an ignorant ideologue.

      • No. We in NO WAY annexed Afghan territory and claimed it was our own. In no way have we violated the sovereignty of any nation since, as Grunt said, 1898. That is an absurdly uninformed, ignorant comment to make. Was the war in Iraq ill advised? Sure. Could we have had a smarter post-9/11 foreign policy? Absolutely. But to put us on the same level as Putin’s Russia is insulting, ignorant, and ridiculously wrong. You can take issue with a lot of American actions, but if you think America does more harm than good in the world, or that our government is morally equivalent to the violent dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, there’s no arguing with you.

      • or no arguing with you spouting off the same talking points the mainstream uses daily, its like the 80’s all over again..
        bunch of fear mongering

      • Oh yeah I forgot how much people loved talking about the failings of our Iraq war policy in the 80s…. And how in the world am I fear mongering?

      • Because I’m an American I have right to disagree with American policies as much as I want.

        “In no way have we violated the sovereignty of any nation since”?
        I’ll quote you again. “That is an absurdly uninformed, ignorant comment to make.”

        Yugoslavia, Mexico, all of Central America, all of South America (Yes, every country), all of Southeast Asia and Western Africa.

        For the sake of our humanity let us all grow & learn, so that we think freely.

      • Oh, definitely. I totally agree with you – as an American, you can disagree with any policies.

        Russia annexed Ukrainian territory. Sorry, there’s no equivalent that America has done since 1898.

      • Well, we tried to reclaim Cuba, but overall your right.

        But what would it be fair to say that having so many military bases in places like Germany & Japan could be called an occupation?

      • Liberating Cuba from a dictatorial communist regime (that was being used as a close-range nuclear weapons launchpad) is not quite the same as us reclaiming it.

      • An OG’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to leverage his and his countryman’s survival.

        The only people people that who we were trying to liberate were that capitalist pigs who were exiled.

        You know, the same sort of capitalist pigs that make up the 1% that govern our country? The same white collar criminals that people have been screaming and protesting since the bank failures and the ensuing bailouts and economic collapse.

        Your living in a dream world propelled by the big propaganda machine and it’s totally fine. U B U. Because the fact of the matter is that you and your like minded folk are going to be extinct in 20-30 yrs confined to the deepest corners of America. God bless. At least you have that

  7. Robert Menendez? Really??

    Whoever quarterbacked this effort needs to get a clue. The guy was indicted for corruption today, and anyone who reads a paper once a week would have known it was coming. Unreal.

    • The fact that you’re decrying others for not reading the papers while you yourself seem ignorant to the fact the the DOJ corruption indictment is political retribution for breaking rank and criticizing the Obama administration repeatedly is ludicrous. Everyone knows that the charges are weak and that the whole thing is politically motivated.

  8. As far as the senators go, do some real work. FIFA doesn’t care about hosting the World Cup in hostile countries .The precedent was set in Argentina 78. The biggest embarrassment would be Russia folding like the Sochi Olympic hockey team did

      • US does not have as much clout as you think you seem to thin they do in world football. Yes, US is a big market, but a majority or even a significant part of FIFA revenue does not come from the US. If the US walked, I’m pretty sure FIFA would be like “OK”. FIFA also knows US won’t walk. They only President to have the courage to even walk/boycott a major event for political reasons was Carter in ’80 for the USSR invasion of Afghanistan – and they have been worse things than the USSR invasion of Afghanistan.

      • Is it any wonder that Russia has blackbaled in the corporate media lately? Not only by the United States, but by the Western Powers on the fence hat are currently feeling threatened by Russia’s aggressive actions.

        More specifically, I’m not talking about our figurehead of our nation and his ability to get things done, what I’m speaking to is an assortment of the intelligence collective that seems to hold everything together. I seem to remember a certain FBI prosecutor breaking talks with FIFA because of their uncooperative behavior in the bribery accusations. Not only that, but bladder has had has left an unprecedented amount of my taste in the commercial media and I think it’s inevitable that the United States will get their way.

        This is all speculation of course and I could turn out to look like an ass, but those are my thoughts on the matter. It might just be that what you say has more sound logic and their isn’t much more to it then that.

  9. Good to see our county is in such good shape our leaders have the time to worry about less important things such as which country gets to hold the World Cup.
    Bunch of clowns.

  10. If FIFA hosted a tournament in a brutal military regime, I kinda think these senators are wasting their time with this.

  11. So I guess these US senators dont want their own country to ever host another international sporting event seeing that, you know, they invade a another country every few years…and kill alot of people in the process

    • Our invasions are better than their invasions. We do it for God, country and the love of the dollar. They do it for rubles

      • We do it because were assholes who are determined to to destroy countries with opposing ideologies to our own imperialist capitalist agenda. And where has that love of the dollar gotten the average citizen?

        Believing “God” has anything to do with it is just another form of propaganda meant to control the flocks of sheep who shy away from the truth.

        Ppl like you should be mad that our government manipulates the minds of our young into believing their fighting just wars, when really, its purposes are are accumulating oil, wealth & power.

        Comparing wars and justifying them is disgusting.

      • I’m sorry i hadn’t. My mistake i was just hands on dead at that point. Still though, my points should apply to anyone who actually has an inkling of those feelings.

      • and you inability to reads what Rob wrote and actually understand them says a lot about your ability to think critically

      • Right Jena. And as always voices who are otherwise silent start appearing from the corners. Well done

      • Nothing you said in your reply to Jena made her statement any less true – or you look any more intelligent. Kudos.

      • My response to Rob speaks not to whether or not I’m capable of critical thinking, but rather to my hasty replies when justifying my political beliefs.

      • “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

      • Provide a logical argument please. your really just spamming and no more of a troll yourself.

        Funny enough, Blokhin is the surname of a USSR general handpicked by Stalin himself.

      • Your’re just here to pick fights today, aren’t you? Why don’t you just sit the next few plays out.

      • I’m not. But if your going to chime in just to point that out on every one of my posts in response to someone who’s calling me a troll over and over, why don’t you sit this one out?

        Check the comments timelines before you make these accusations please.

      • You’re one of those guys with the Darwin fish emblem on their Prius. You can’t just be comfortable not believing in God – instead you have to make sure everyone sees how much of a jackass you are by turning a Christian symbol into a “look how smart I think I am!” badge of meaningless honor.

      • So that’s your thing is it? God? That was one comment in passing amongst another of other more elaborate ones.

        I respect ppl’s beliefs, but again, not that i should justify myself, but the comment was made on a sarcastic comment that i misinterpreted

      • And your hilariously insane!

        Speaking of me, these are your words:

        “turning a Christian symbol into a “look how smart I think I am!” badge of meaningless honor”

        followed later by:

        “I’ve read a few of your posts, and for a seemingly self-proclaimed genius”

    • It’s about time someone in our country stood up to Putin. He is the Hitler of the 21st Century. Ask the poor freedom loving people of the Ukraine. Putin’s end game is to reestablish the Soviet Union. Appeasing and enabling bullies like Putin just emboldens and encourages them more.

      • + 1

        My only hope is that was a very horrible attempt at sarcasm gone terribly wrong. Because if not – wow, that’s a lot of nonsense!!

      • Putin’s objective is to have a buffer zone, similar to what North Korea is to China.

        Putin’s foreign policy is no worse then ours, like it or not. He’s no better then George Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger or any other political figure who’s participated in “Dirty Wars”

        Plastic liberals, who tote the newest democratic party line of the day consistently prove to be idiots who don’t do their research.

      • Give me an argument i can destroy you with because you seem to be the troll, spamming my posts

      • When’s the last time a reporter, blogger, or political rival (to the establishment) went missing in the usa? You would be under watch forwriting the things you’ve written too loudly.

        I don’t deny that the U.S. has done things that are outright wrong in the past concerning foreign policy. Where I see Russian and U.S. that you or I can criticize out government without fear of disappearing. I can organize a peaceful protest, pass petitions around, and speak out in on any legal forum. I can write to any political figure, and vote based on my beliefs.

        Contrast with russian controlled ukrain… A co worker of mine has family in the ukrain. He told me that when people showed up to vote they were given a pro russia ballot by men armed with guns. If anyone asked to vote pro ukrain, they were give the pro russia ballot. That’s fact, not opinion.

      • A pseudo liberal is someone who centers his views on the political rhetoric of commercial media and have no grounded opinions of their own.

        If you watch SNL, Cecily Strong does a funny recurring piece on Weekend Update called “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party”

        That’s a plastic liberal.

    • yeah. america is so evil. the most powerful country in the world, with the ability to conquer countless nations but unlike every other world power before us we dont. and allow people like you to criticize them and go unpunished. Never go abroad my friend. you might actually see how great america is. Does america have its flaws? certainly. but its better than every other world power to have existed.

      • He must be. Too many covert operations, too may coup detats to count one one hand in just the past 50 yrs.

        Do your research before you spout out what you think you know from your corporate financed school txtbooks

      • Realistically, a lot differently. Dissembling the former Russia or North Korea is one thing, but in many other circumstances, supporting dictators over democratically elected presidents in nations like Guatemala, Nicaragua etc, I think is just cruel paranoid overkill. I don’t think the worlds revolution is going to start in Central America any time soon

        Another example, calling Venezuela, “A threat to national security”, shows how outdated these policies are and they make us look like fools in the international community, who are now calling for Obama to retract his statements.

        The Carter Institute has ranked Venezuela one of the most democratic voting systems in the world, a system were citizens can print receipts for their votes and collectively say, “this is who we voted for.”

        Yet, we can ignore Mexico and its deep rooted corruption. The 40 students killed protesting their government which is now being linked to its federal government, yet we have nothing to say on the matter.

        Hypocrisy at its finest.

      • Again, what your doing, is the very definition of trolling.

        And FYI, I’ll remember to reserve my harsh criticisms on your posts in future. We’ll see how bright they are.

      • I’ve read a few of your posts, and for a seemingly self-proclaimed genius you sure do make simpleton mistakes (not knowing the difference between they’re, there, and their; a “coup D’ETAT”).

        But keep it up – you’re making me chuckle, Charlie.

      • Ha, grammar? Self-proclaimed genius? Give me a break. If not, quote me please on the latter.

        Your trolling my posts because i mentioned god, admittedly in a derogatory sense.

        I’m sorry, politics in one thing, but faith is another. Now can we turn the other cheek please? BTW, I do believe in Jesus, but i won’t elaborate any further.

      • My mistake. I must have misconstrued your countless postings telling people to educate themselves – and referring to them as mindless sheep – as you stating your intellectual superiority. And you did that all while making 3rd grade grammatical mistakes.

        Silly me!

      • …. Yeah, in what was Eric Holder’s DOJ’s last politically corrupt move. The charges being brought up against Menendez are so weak – they’re retribution for Menendez repeatedly breaking rank and criticizing the administration. And if you think this administration is above that kind of politics, you’ve been living under a rock.

      • Under Eric Holder’s term in office, more whistle blowers were prosecuted then ever before

      • I naturally lean towards the Democratic Party, especially nowadays, but I have to say the Obama administration has been quite the failure.

      • “Never go abroad my friend. you might actually see how great america is.”

        Never really understood this argument, at least not in my case. I’ve travelled abroad and lived abroad and it just made America’s flaws stand out a lot more to me.

    • Yeah except we don’t really ever violate internationally accepted norms of sovereignty… Look, was the Iraq war ill advised? Yeah. Did they have bad intelligence to act on? Yeah. Even if they’d’ve had good intelligence, would they have been pushing to go in? Sure. But don’t let that one war take away from the post-Soviet Pax Americana that’s enabled a global economic boom and lifted millions, if not billions, of people out of poverty. If you think America does more harm than good in the world, then there’s no arguing with you.

    • Dear FIFA:
      I feel the need to inform you that 13 senators cannot pass legislation by themselves and are unlikely to fulfill their commitments to you. Ha how do you like them apples.


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