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MLS Ticker: Report links Luis Fabiano to Orlando City; Chicharito expected to stay in Europe; and more


Another Brazilian star is reportedly interested in joining Kaka in Florida.

Sao Paulo striker Luis Fabiano is working toward a deal to join Orlando City SC, according to a report from ESPN Brazil. The 34-year-old striker’s family has told friends to expect him to join Kaka’s team, according to the report.

Luis Fabiano has seven months remaining on his Sao Paulo contract, and there have been no known negotiations to extend that deal. He is reportedly interested in seeing out his current deal before joining his fellow countryman and moving to the United States.

His last major outing for Brazil came in the 2010 World Cup, though Luis Fabiano is best known for being part of the team that won the 2009 Confederations Cup by beating the U.S. Men’s National Team in the final. He was also part of the 2004 Brazil team that won the Copa America.

Luis Fabiano returned to Sao Paulo in 2011 after a six-year stint with Sevilla in Spain’s La Liga.

Here is some more MLS news and notes for Thursday:


The Chicharito-to-MLS rumor mill has produced its latest update.

According to The Telegraph, the 26-year-old is wary of making a move to MLS at such a young age. As a result, he is expected to stick it out in Europe as Manchester United begins listening to bids for his services, despite previous links to Orlando City.

The Mexican forward is currently on loan to Real Madrid, where he has rarely touched the field. As a result, the Spanish club is expected to turn down the option to sign Chicharito and return him to Manchester United following the season.

Fellow English Premier League sides Southampton and West Ham, plus La Liga club Valencia, have been mentioned as potential landing spots.


After 12 years and 504 appearances with Athletic Bilbao, Andoni Iraola may be making a move.

The right back was offered a new contract by Athletic Bilbao, but turned down the chance to stay in Spain with his eyes set on a move to the U.S., according to reports. Though a specific MLS club was not named in the report, Iraola has apparently begun his goodbyes to teammates as this season winds down.

Iraola, who turns 33 in July, has spent his entire senior-team career with Bilbao. He also has seven appearances for Spain.


Despite the Montreal Impact’s escape from Costa Rica in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinal on Tuesday, Dominic Oduro could not fully enjoy the moment.

The Impact forward took to Twitter after the match to say that Alajuelense fans had used racial taunts: “So sad that in this generation some fans still make monkey noises when black players are playing the game. Shame to all #alajuelense fans.”

“Say no to racism on the field,” Oduro added.


What do you make of Luis Fabiano’s link to Orlando City? Where will Chicharito end up? Which team would make the best use of Iraola?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I for one hope Chicharito, Gio, and any other Mexican stars that have or could be linked to the MLS stay in Europe and get glued to the Bench. Anything that weakens your enemy helps is a positive in my eyes. I’d prefer to see SA players (ARG/Brazilian/etc) than Mexican players in our league.
    I don’t care if it would improve ratings or bring Hispanic demographic to games. I want the worst possible rust on all Mex National team players.

    • That’s been the case. I think the only Mexican Abroads that currently play on a regular basis for their clubs are Hector Moreno. Jonathan Dos Santos, Andres Guardado, and Hector Herrera.

    • Absolutely agree with the sentiment, but as a MLS fan…more story lines and intrigue to watch the matches the better.

      Because of the instituted parity, MLS can be far too blasé. Having a “villain” by way of a Mexican national team member is fun to cheer against.

  2. “the 26-year-old is wary of making a move to MLS at such a young age”

    MLS is stigmatized. Signing Luis Fabiano Doesn’t help.

    • MLS is kind of stuck between a rock and a hard spot right now. The player development system is not suitable to developing large numbers of young prospects yet and it’s always an expensive gamble anyway. The *giant* cash is not there to lure high quality players in their prime, nor is the level of play good enough yet. So, the best option is to go after proven veterans who are big names but past their prime, meaning that stigma will persist. I believe MLS is serious about becoming a top destination but I just don’t know how they’re ever going to get there without spending a *whole* lot more on player development and salaries. The trajectory is definitely upward but we’re looking at about 2050 before it’s a top destination at the current rate. Hopefully, they’ve got some major cash up their sleeves and my assessment will be totally wrong!

  3. My friend who lives in Buenos Aires says there are many 22-28 year old Argentine players who want to come to MLS and who are good. Teams should be looking there.

    • It’s true. Argentina is a hotbed oozing with talent. Diego Valeri is an example. More Argentinians and Urguayans like Rivero. MLS could get some great talent without having to pay DP money – yet.

  4. He’s still a decent player, scored 20 goals in all competitions last year. If he’s not a DP, it’s a fine signing.

  5. Luis Fabiano? Let me file that under, “guys I thought had retired.” Seeing Chicharito at 26 would have been pretty cool tho.

  6. This is the exact signing MLS needs, more 30 & 40yr old Brazilians…. hopefully the Red Bulls give Ronaldinho $20mil a year to party in the hamptons in the summer. Maybe LA can get Dunga to throw on his boots again and boss the midfield.
    …… We are at a point where MLS needs to increase the salary cap to $75mil a year…… Owners need to stop being so cheap and build $1bil stadiums in the center of all major cities
    If MLS refuses to do this I’m going to keep posting nonsense on this website under different names with many smiley faces.
    blah…. blah…. blah….. nonsense…. nonsense….. nonsense

    • After reading this I’m sure MLS will immediately meet your demands. The last thing they want is you flooding a blog with your posts.

      • We also can’t match China in being complete weirdos. Chinese teams will have to pay significant “living here sucks compared to the US” premiums to win players, like they did with Drogba, who of course left after one season b/c all the money in the world doesn’t change the fact that it’s China.

      • So the article basically says that despite throwing ridiculous amounts of money on mediocre players who are either past their prime or not that (or both), the Chinese league is still terrible.

      • And they still haven’t don’t let the shrill nonsense fool you. They have 55% of our gdp if you want to look at one calculation of ppp then you may as well look at per capita where they are at 13%

      • I believe you were the one that doubted me about Chicharito turning down MLS after Orlando City gave a very PR face-saving “not actively pursuing” answer. Look who was right about that. Anyway, keep on doubting, I’m a big fan of “I told you so.”

    • I for one appreciate the sarcastic nature of this post given the name’s similarity to a frequent commenter on this site. I feel like that’s been lost on some people.

    • Chicharrito would only come to LA, NY, and maybe chicago and seattle but he would be a god in dallas or houston.
      One of the reasons chicharrito wont come to MLS is because he has a spaniard girlfriend and hes getting laid 🙂 we alll know we cant walk away from the apple pie that easy.
      Well anyways, the weirdest shit has happen,beckham and henry came to mls. If mls give him $$$ and nycfc wants him, i say go for it.
      and for u orlando, go for hulk. hulk would be perfect.

      • Probably more to do with career development…….. much easier to walk away from the apple pie when the whole menu at the bakery eagerly awaits. Besides….. could put la novia in a to go bag and bring with.

      • Chicharito would’ve been a waste of money. They should be going after Balotelli or Zlatan, some european dude who will bring interest to MLS from fellow Europeans. Chicharito will not bring a single European tv viewer to mls, plain and simple. Increased viewership of mls in Europe will bring in dough. Increased viewership of mls in Mexico won’t bring squat

    • el cosmo sounds funny and like a latino cartoon character 🙂
      orlando should go for hulk or pato.


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