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Must-See Goal: Zourab Tsiskaridze


  1. Not surprising at all. This is not the first time Zourab had done this! You should see his 65-70 yrd. Line drive free kick while playing for Jönköpings Södra in Sweden . Unreal. I think had a similar one in Thailand where he was playing prior to San Antonio. Quite impressive weapon to possess. You gotta watch out! Oh, the Georgian – American is a pretty good D-Mid as well. Good pickup for the Scorpions.

    • Absolutely. Why keepers want to come out so high, especially on a set kick when defenders can’t prevent anything, is beyond me. If the player taking the kick hits one accurately, the best case for the keeper is to backpedal and punch it over the bar – which gives up a corner. (And any team will take a corner from a direct kick in their own half.) So the keeper is really saying, to someone who obviously is competent with free kicks, “I dare you to try, because I don’t think you can hit it,” which might work out okay on a youth field but is completely dumb in a professional game.


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