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FCD outlasts weather, late surge to beat Toronto

Photo by Jerome Miron / USA Today


The first half of FC Dallas’ game against Toronto FC was so one-sided, even mother nature thought the fight needed to be stopped.

A delay of more than three hours due to storms in the area helped the visitors at least muster up some resistance in FCD’s eventual 3-2 win. Fabian Castillo and Blas Perez took the TFC defense to task in the first half, before the heavens opened up to alleviate the misery and add a different kind.

Castillo scored both of his goals inside 10 minutes by outrunning the back line down the left, before Perez capitalized on a defensive miscue all before 30 minutes had passed. After the actual storm, TFC went about making this one dramatic.

Specifically, it was Sebastian Giovinco, who first beat his man to the end line and chipped the goalkeeper with seven minutes left. With the clock running out, the Italian’s perfectly placed free kick caused a frenzy that was about four hours in the making. Luckily for FCD, enough damage had already been done.

At times, it was as if Castillo was simply playing by himself. Nick Hagglund clearly had issues marking the speedy Colombian, evident from the first whistle.

Just 32 seconds into the game, Castillo breezed past the right back for the first time while chasing down a long ball from Moises Hernandez. He collected himself before chipping the ball easily right over Joe Bendik’s head and into the net for the fastest goal in FCD history.

Castillo scored his second in the 10th minute, this time sneaking in behind his defender to collect Blas Perez’s pass. He then shifted onto his right foot before curling a shot just out of Bendik’s reach and inside the far post.

After the second goal, Toronto went about establishing themselves at the other end. Michael Bradley’s attempts to run forward out of midfield were sniffed out by the FCD defense, and the only shots that made it to Chris Seitz were partially deflected and easy to handle.

As if the FCD attack needed any help, Toronto gave it some for the third goal. Damien Perquis spent too much time on the ball just outside his box before losing it in a mix-up with Collen Warner. Perez obliged, picking up the loose ball before firing it home to put TFC in a three-goal hole.

The heavens must have felt bad for Toronto, opening up minutes before halftime and forcing the game into a weather delay. It was preceded by the lights going out at Toyota Stadium, presumably because of the impending storm that forced the game into the lengthy delay.

Players came back out to warm-up twice before the all-clear was finally given, and there were still three minutes of the first half to play. After halftime, TFC looked much better, but it was only late in the game — rather, early in the morning since midnight had passed — before they found the back of the net.

In similar style to Castillo, Giovinco took the defense apart by himself. Toronto will want him to carry that into the next match, a Sunday evening kickoff on the road against Orlando City.

FCD also heads away from home for its next match, a Friday night game against the Colorado Rapids.


  1. That defending on the last FCD goal was pathetic …1 FCD player steals the ball away from 2 TFC defenders…and scores .. TFC will go no where with that kind of play.

    Giovinco was the only player who showed up to play for TFC

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…..People are still asking what the problem is with TORONTO.

    -“Sebastian Giovinco scored two dazzling goals in the second half”
    -“Giovinco, who nearly scored another just three minutes later……..”
    -No Benoit Cheyrou no TFC midfield coordination.
    -in a 3:53 minute highlight there isn’t a clip of Michael Bradley or Jozy Altidore….WOW!!!
    -Midfield of FCD: Michel/Ulloa/Barrios……who are these guys? “Nobodies”
    -Why oh why are people still asking where the problem is or even making an attempt to mention the coach when it comes to TFC…….hahahahahahaha


      If we call this performance a failure, repeat “a failure”, at $476,000 salary a year, at a time when:
      David Beckham, Los Angeles: $5,500,000.08 / $6,500,000.04
      Thierry Henry, New York: $5,000,000.04 / $5,600,000.04
      Rafael Márquez, New York: $4,600,000.00 / $4,600,000.00
      Robbie Keane, Los Angeles: $2,917,241.40 / $3,417,243.15
      Landon Donovan, Los Angeles: $2,300,000.00 / $2,300,000.00
      Julian de Guzman, Toronto: $1,863,996.00 / $1,910,746.00
      Danny Koevermans, Toronto FC: $999,996.00 / $1,413,319.33
      Juan Pablo Ángel, Chivas USA: $1,000,000.00 / $1,250,000.000
      …………What should we say about our dynamic duo at TFC?

      The real questions should we be asking is how are you able to receive $6 million a year and not show a even a fraction of the talent level of a “close to retirement” Beckham/Henry/Keane? – Better yet play a full 90 min game (2 games in a row) and not have an impact what so ever in game…..not even in the Highlight lol (yes yes their defense is terrible but did that stop Giovinco from showing his worth?)
      Bradley: 6.5 million
      Altidore: 6.0 million (5 year $30 million, hahahahahaha DDAAAMMNN)
      …and before the “its way too early” comments, it hasn’t been early for Benoit Cheyrou or early for Sebastian Giovinco. At $12 million ($12,000,000 a year!!!!!!) for 2 players they are suppose to not only play but occasionally dominate for 90 mins

      • Cheyrou is their secret weapon for sure. While Gio has tons of talent he hasn’t really gotten used to the physicality of the league. being so small, he gets pushed off the ball a lil more than he’s used to. His first goal was a fortunate deflection that trickled in. His second goal he did make from nothing. his third goal was a free kick. He hasn’t been perfect or even near the level you speak of but he’s been the most talented player on the field for sure. he falls out of games sometimes due to lack of team chemistry (“you zigged when you should have zagged”-type of stuff) but really if they could just get the back line (which has been injured) in shape and get their wide players to make quicker decisions moving the ball they could still bounce back.

        not to mention starting out with 7 straight road games to start the season is pretty brutal; albeit it’s their own doing for making renovations to their stadium.

      • This is so disorganized I can’t understand what you are saying.

        At times you are blaming Vanney as the problem. Then you are blaming MB/Jozy. Then you are blaming their inadequate support.

        Can you see that simply pointing out that “everybody is underperforming” actually does not actually explain anything? That part is obvious. This is like going to the doctor and having him describe all of your symptoms (which you were well aware of), and not learning what the underlying disease is.

        What is the solitary most important change this team could make to change their fortunes? Replace Vanney? Replace upper management? Dump MB or Jozy for and use the money to beef up the team? Don’t give me an “all of the above” cop-out. Everybody already knows this. Be more specific. Prioritize. That’s the question here.

      • Even with the hint you didnt get it?…..t.
        Look at the Hint…then the fact that 2 DPs are carrying the Team on their back: Sebastian Giovinco and Benoit Cheyrou and playing like million dollar players, more than their worth
        Then the fact that two people on that list are being paid $6,000,000 + each, play for the USMNT but have both not even shown the talent level of a $250,000 player (being out played by “nobodies”).
        …and there was another player, that people love to hate,that did or showed a lot more game (LINK) in a short period of time, with a LOT LESS money (400K +) but was considered a failure….
        Get it?

      • No. I don’t. Because you cannot friggin’ organize yourself or get your facts right.

        “2 DP’s are carrying the team”? Did you know Cheyrou is not a DP? Oops!

        I’m not even sure what your point about Giovinco is…. your grammar is so bad I can’t even decipher it. Is your claim that he is worth less or more than a million dollars? It’s kind of irrelevant, given he makes $7 million

        Do your homework before you start talking down to people. I would’ve thought you’d learn something after wiping all that egg off your face on Wednesday….

  3. It would be great for MLS if Bob Bradley took over the helm of TFC. Bradley is not going to get a gig in a top level league,…just the truth of the matter. It would be great for MLS if he returns from the backwaters of Europe.

    • I agreed that he won’t get a chance at a top league which is rediculous considering his resume. Toronto’s poblem isn’t coaching from i can tell, it’s the fact that there back line is the worst inthe league.

  4. Once again MTL/TFC are propping up the bottom of the table. I don’t want to hear them blame attendance or investment. WTF is going on with these clubs? It already seems they have only two achievable objectives this season:

    1) TFC can obliterate the league record for worst return on personnel spending.
    2) MTL can defecate all over whatever remaining credibility the CONCACAF Champions League ever had

    Credit where it’s due– FCD played well.

    • I always check the Toronto stats because I am interested in seeing how their two high profile players are doing. Combined, Bradley and Jozy had two shots and no goals or assists. I totally agree on your “worst return on investment” comment.

      Bradley showed great on Tuesday but maybe thats more a factor of his surrounding players than his ability? He certainly has not raised the bar at Toronto. I have never been a Jozy believer and I think that if not for Klinsmann’s obsession with him, he would have been history long ago. The fact is, he scores goals when others do all the work for him. Without that, he’s fairly useless. Toronto has at least one bad investment and if they could pull it off, they should trade Jozy for 2 or 3 solid starters. They would be better off and reduce their cap space. He will always be a bust there

      • Willie,

        Not going to disagree with your comments but I will note that I find it odd that TFC splash out big money on these players and then hire an unproven coach in Gregg Vaney. ??? Nothing against Vanney,…but it is a little odd.

        Also,…agree that you would expect Bradley and Altidore to be leading the way on the field. Makes me wonder,…not so much that Bradley and Altidore are bad players,…maybe MLS is better than people think. Look at Bradley, Altidore and Klestjian,….so far nothing special. Maybe the competition is stiffer than people think.

      • MLS is better than most people think. One piece of evidence is that most great European players that come tend to struggle for the first year as they adjust to the physicality and travel demands of the league. This would apply to Jozy as well as he is used to traveling to games in a country that is smaller than the state of Texas.

        TFC’s problem is that they splash money on star players but have also have some of the worse players that are starters in the league. There defense is terrible and it is hard to win games when a team manhandles your back cline constantly. It draws your attacking players back and makes them spend more energy on the wrong side of the field. Altidore and Bradley are very good players, TFC’s team is terrible.

      • “TFC’s problem is that they splash money on star players but have also have some of the worse players that are starters in the league. There defense is terrible and it is hard to win games when a team manhandles your back cline constantly. It draws your attacking players back and makes them spend more energy on the wrong side of the field.”

        at least someone sees the obvious situation. sure TFC have 3 great players but other than 2 or 3, the rest of the starters are pretty terrible.. Creavalle-terrible, Morgan-servicable, Perquis- ridiculously terrible, Jackson- moderately terrible, i could go on but you get the point.

        The other main problem is they just can’t pass on the ground out of the backfield. MB has to go all the way back to help out and the rest of the team stares instead of making runs or showing to the ball.

      • Willie, Jozy was fouled in the box last night and should have had a pk. That should count for something

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