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SBI MLS Power Rankings (Week 6)


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Major League Soccer is a league of parity, and that was never more evident than it was this past weekend.

Several of the league’s bottom dwellers picked up their first victories of the season, as the Philadelphia Union topped NYCFC while the Colorado Rapids destroyed a contending FC Dallas side.

Elsewhere, the red-hot Whitecaps were stopped by the underdog San Jose Earthquakes, while the LA Galaxy picked up a big-time victory over the Seattle Sounders.

Such results cause shifts in the power rankings following a week of chaos all around MLS.

Take a closer look as the latest SBI MLS Power Rankings below:

SBI MLS Power Rankings (Week 6)

1. (5) LOS ANGELES GALAXY (2-2-2)

LA Galaxy

LAST WEEK: Defeated Seattle Sounders, 1-0, last Sunday

THIS WEEK: vs. Sporting KC on Saturday

OUTLOOK– Despite the absence of Robbie Keane, the Galaxy did just enough to top the Sounders at home. Kudos go to Jaime Penedo, whose 10-save performance all but won the game for a Galaxy team that was badly in need of the three points.


2. (4)  NEW YORK RED BULLS (2-0-2)


LAST WEEK: Tied D.C. United, 2-2, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: vs. San Jose Earthquakes on Friday

OUTLOOK– It looked as if the Red Bulls were set to settle for their first loss of the season before Lloyd Sam swept through to earn a hard-fought point. The Red Bulls remain unbeaten and have been the league’s most, and perhaps only, consistent team to this point


3. (2) SEATTLE SOUNDERS (2-2-1)

Seattle Sounders FC

LAST WEEK: Lost, 1-0, to LA Galaxy last Sunday

THIS WEEK: At Colorado Rapids on Saturday

OUTLOOK–  Without Clint Dempsey, the Sounders attack still looked strong Sunday and probably would have earned the points if not for a heroic effort from Galaxy goalkeeper Jaime Penedo. Still, the lack of goals is concerning, as the Sounders remain in the middle of the pack in scoring following a start to the season that has seen Dempsey and Obafemi Martins miss time.




LAST WEEK: Tied Columbus Crew, 2-2, last Wednesday, Lost to San Jose Earthquakes, 1-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: At Real Salt Lake on Saturday

OUTLOOK– Entering the week as the league’s hottest team, the Whitecaps suffered a bit of a dip in collecting just one point from two games. It’s certainly not enough to completely write the Whitecaps off, but this week’s matchup with Real Salt Lake presents another test of the Whitecaps’ true place in the league.


5. (7)  SPORTING KANSAS CITY (2-1-2)


LAST WEEK: Tied Real Salt Lake, 0-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: At LA Galaxy on Saturday

OUTLOOK– Although it was fairly lackluster, Sporting KC did emerge with a point this weekend. Peter Vermes’ side will have to do better going forward, though, especially in front of net where the team once again struggled.


6. (3) FC DALLAS (3-2-1)


LAST WEEK: Lost, 4-0, to Colorado Rapids last Friday

THIS WEEK: vs. Toronto FC on Saturday

OUTLOOK– After falling in their previous effort against the Portland Timbers, FC Dallas was eviscerated by a Colorado Rapids team that hadn’t won in ages. The start of the season was so promising, but these last two performances have surely tempered expectations a bit.


7. (6) D.C. UNITED (3-1-1)


LAST WEEK:  Tied New York Red Bull, 2-2, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: vs. Houston Dynamo on Saturday

OUTLOOK– D.C. United’s efforts against the New York Red Bulls were much better this weekend than the last time the two collided, although the hosts were forced to settle for just a point. Still, D.C. looks much improved in recent weeks and remains unbeaten since that loss at Red Bull Arena.


8. (10) COLUMBUS CREW (1-2-2)


LAST WEEK: Tied Vancouver Whitecaps, 2-2, last Wednesday, Tied New England Revolution, 0-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: vs. Orlando City on Saturday

OUTLOOK– In a double-game week, the Crew did well to snag a pair of points from difficult road games. Wednesday’s effort was the more impressive of the two, but the Crew have to be commended for their performance Saturday after a cross-country trip.


9. (14)  ORLANDO CITY (2-2-2)


LAST WEEK: Defeated Portland Timbers, 2-2, last Sunday

THIS WEEK: at Columbus Crew on Saturday

OUTLOOK– Orlando City’s inconsistency is beginning to become consistent, as the Lions looked dominant against the Timbers after struggling in recent weeks. The task now is to figure out the best lineup that will allow Adrian Heath’s side to repeat such results going forward




LAST WEEK: Tied Columbus Crew, 0-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: at Philadelphia Union on Sunday

OUTLOOK–  After appearing to put the scoring woes behind them, the Revs were held scoreless yet again Saturday against the Columbus Crew. However, Jermaine Jones is back in the fold following his return on Saturday, an inclusion that will provide a new dynamic going forward.


11. (8) NEW YORK CITY FC (1-2-2)


LAST WEEK: Lost, 2-1, to Philadelphia Union last Saturday

THIS WEEK: vs. Philadelphia Union on Thursday, vs. Portland Timbers on Sunday

OUTLOOK– David Villa’s return was marked with a goal, but NYCFC slumped to a loss to the struggling Union. It was far from impressive from the expansion side, but they will get a chance at revenge against the Union on Thursday in a double-game week.


12. (11) REAL SALT LAKE (2-0-3)

RSL Logo

LAST WEEK: Tied Sporting KC, 0-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: vs. Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday

OUTLOOK– Once again the Real Salt Lake attack was held dormant, but once again the team emerged with a point. RSL have not looked particularly impressive to this point, but it’s hard to argue against results that have seen the team remain unbeaten.


13. (16) SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES (3-3-0)


LAST WEEK: Defeated Vancouver Whitecaps, 1-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: at New York Red Bulls on Friday

OUTLOOK– The Earthquakes sure do show up for big games. Having now defeated a pair of contenders in both the Sounders and the Whitecaps, the Earthquakes have looked strong against good opposition, but must put together stronger performances every time out going forward.


14. (12) TORONTO FC (1-3-0)



THIS WEEK: At FC Dallas Saturday

OUTLOOK– After a few off weeks, Toronto FC will have embraced the bye week as a chance to get more acclimated to a roster with such turnover. Those changes have yielded three straight losses for a team that’s talent warrants no such results.



15. (13) PORTLAND TIMBERS (1-2-3)


LAST WEEK: Lost, 2-0, to Orlando City last Sunday


OUTLOOK– The Timbers finally got into the win column a few weeks back, but Sunday’s performance against Orlando City was a step in the wrong direction. Poor defending and mental mistakes cost the Timbers goals, as the team once again struggles to find its footing.


16. (17) HOUSTON DYNAMO (2-2-2)


LAST WEEK: Defeated Montreal Impact, 3-0, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: at D.C. United on Saturday

OUTLOOK– In what was likely their best performance to this point, the Houston Dynamo took it to the Montreal Impact in a much-improved attacking display. The Dynamo defense withstood the Impact’s chances, while the attack looked clinical, something unseen to this point so far.


17. (15) CHICAGO FIRE (2-3-0)




OUTLOOK– A victim of MLS scheduling, the Fire were absent last week, and will be once again this coming weekend. The time off comes after the Fire’s most impressive performance last time out, but the back-to-back byes do give Frank Yallop a chance to refine a roster with plenty of new faces still adjusting.


18. (19) COLORADO RAPIDS (1-1-3)


LAST WEEK: Defeated FC Dallas, 4-0, last Friday

THIS WEEK: vs. Seattle Sounders on Saturday.

OUTLOOK– The Colorado Rapids’ first goal and first win came in impressive fashion, dismantling FC Dallas en route to a 4-0 victory. With a series of negative streaks behind them, the Rapids can now focus on turning things around, continuing Saturday against the Sounders.


19. (20) PHILADELPHIA UNION (1-3-2)


LAST WEEK: Defeated NYCFC, 2-1, last Saturday

THIS WEEK: at NYCFC on Thursday, vs. New England Revolution on Sunday

OUTLOOK– After making the move to bench Rais M’Bolhi, the Union put forth their most impressive performance to date with a win over NYCFC. It was a scrappy effort, but that’s what it takes to win in MLS, something the Union will have to prove they can do going forward.


20. (18) MONTREAL IMPACT (0-2-2)

Logo Impact MLS

LAST WEEK: Lost, 3-0, to Houston Dynamo last Saturday


OUTLOOK– Still winless in the league, the Impact get the week off to focus on CONCACAF Champions play, as the team kicks off the opening leg of the final on April 22. The Impact will need to use that as a springboard, because their league form could not be more opposite that of their continental performances to this point.


What do you think of this week’s power rankings? Do you think any team is ranked too high? Any too low?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. These look like preseason rankings, not anything based on play on the field. Come on staff, at least try a bit. If LA and/or SEA had a different logo next to them they’d be in the bottom 10. Power rankings are supposed to be based on current form, not on reputation and expectations for final standings.
    And, for the record, I root for the Earthquakes and have no problem with their ranking. Tough to figure them out so far.

  2. Must make perfect sense to someone at SBI. RSL gets a tie away at SKC; SKC goes up one, RSL goes down one. Last time I checked isn’t getting an AWAY tie was a bit better than a tie at HOME (where you’re supposed to WIN)? Yea I know the excuse that RSL played poorly, but even if the attack faltered, their defense was up to the task!

  3. I usually put very little stock in power rankings, but SBI’s have been so bad this year that it’s actually making me lose respect for the writers here.

    • Agreed. I know this stuff doesn’t really matter and it’s just fodder for comments and clicks but it should reflect something close to reality.

      • Well, they got us all to comment I guess. I’m a bastard for being suckered. Score for SBI (but I’m still going to have them drop three spots in my blog power rankings).

  4. Any team that has a 2-2-2 record has no business being ranked #1. Apparently results don’t matter in SBI power rankings.

  5. Galaxy jumping up 5 spots when they were outplayed at home seems a bit ridiculous. Although to be fair its hard to say who should be number 1, lot of mediocre play so far this season from MLS.

      • The play has been mediocre, I am a huge fan of MLS but what I’ve seen on the pitch so far this year hasnt been great. Part of that is just how play tends to be early in the season. No need to take every comment as an attack.

      • I don’t think it means the level of play is mediocre but excessive parity is boring. I think there’s two different kinds of parity. You can have parity over the long-term meaning that over a longer period of time, teams will be able to build up and then have a sustained period of success, followed by rebuilding. I’d say the pre-salary cap NFL had parity like that. And then there’s the current MLS type of parity where everyone is the same. Sometimes, as big an MLS fan as I am, I feel there’s a sort of randomness about it which I don’t really like. I do think LA are the best team in the league even if they haven’t had the best start.

    • I used to put a lot of weight in SBI’s power rankings, but they’ve become farcical. I don’t think the writers even try anymore. LA at #1, and FCD & DCU at #6 & #7 respectively? Okidoki.

    • I think it’s based less on the last few games and more on the fact that they have a pedigree and have won MLS 3 out of the last four years. A slightly rocky start doesn’t mean they stink all of the sudden. They’re still the best team in the league. Now RBNY at #2? That one I’m not too sure about!

      • Power rankings are supposed to be a capsule of how teams are performing in the last couple of weeks. Things they did months or years ago should be completely irrelevant.

      • Well, that’s not a “power ranking” as I understand it. I find Seattle at #3 just as ridiculous Both are 2-2-2 and look very average as their record suggests.

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