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Galaxy announce signing of Sebastian Lletget

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Former West Ham midfielder Sebastian Lletget is officially bound for Los Angeles.

The Galaxy announced Friday that the 22-year-old American midfielder has signed with the club. In addition, Galaxy also disclosed that the team acquired the rights to Lletget from the New England Revolution in exchange for $50,000 in Allocation Money.

Lletget’s signing was originally reported by Goal USA on Wednesday.

“Sebastian is a young, talented attacking player who we think can find success in our team,” said LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena. “We’re happy to have him return to his home state to join the Galaxy and we look forward to his contributions going forward.”

Lletget, a California native, joined West Ham’s youth system in 2009 and made an appearance for the club in a January 2014 FA Cup match.

Internationally, the midfielder has appeared for the U.S. Under-17, Under-20 and Under-23 Men’s National Teams.

What do you think of the Lletget signing? Where do you see him fitting in for the Galaxy?

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  1. I wonder if he is going to see much playing time, after all, a certain Liverpool player will be here in less than 2 months.

  2. Will be interesting to see how he translates to MLS .. aka a player of his ‘caliber’. And of course to actually see him play.

    I wonder what the salary comparison is..

  3. I don’t really follow West Ham so I have a few questions.

    1) How good is he? Is he starter quality or just signed on for depth?
    2) How much wear and tear does he have on him this season?
    3) When can he start playing now or is there some transfer window issue?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance.

    • i’m a west ham fan, but there’s not much to tell:

      lletget’s only appearance came in a cup game that we lost 5-0 last season… other than that, he’s only played in reserve games…shouldn’t have a lot of wear and tear, and should be able to play right away… he was always highly thought of as a prospect, and i know that i’ve read on several occasions that he’s great in possession, and smart with the ball at his feet… sam allardyce has never been known to trust young players, so i wouldn’t necessarily hold lletget’s lack of appearances against him… i can’t wait to see him play

    • At first I thought Lletget just finally hit the brick wall, but I’m wondering if it is something else. Some really good players have decided to come home. Or even players have wanted to get playing first team ball and MLS has become a much more attractive option, especially if you’re going to be coached by Bruce Arena and co. Still… could not pan out. I am interested to see as well.

  4. Interesting to see that when a story is written on this site (owned by Ives) about something that Ives himself broke and was the first to report on, credit still has to be given to Must be part of the contract.

    • I’d assume that GOAL paid him for that article, therefore it’s considered good form to cite them for the scoop. Plus, of course, the more hits Ives’ articles on GOAL get, the better for him, no?

      • Northzax, all of us intelligent people would assume such; forgive UBG for not realizing the (eventually) linked “” article was written by Ives, thus he is still reporting the story, just through

        UBG, the credit should go to the main site that it was first posted on. THIS site is his own personal glorified blog essentially. He never HAD to credit the article, yet it only makes sense for him to do so considering it wasHIS OWN article. as stated above, it’s only better for him; makes total sense.

  5. Hopefully he can quickly unseat the legend that is Baggio freakin Husidic. He sees FAR too much PT, guy is a black hole on offense


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