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U.S. U-20 defender Desevio Payne signs first-team contract with FC Groningen

Desevio Payne


Desevio Payne is just weeks away from featuring with the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National team in the upcoming U-20 World Cup, but the 19-year-old defender made sure to lock up his club future before departing for New Zealand.

FC Groningen has reportedly signed Payne to a multiyear contract that will see the fullback officially join the first team.

A member of the Groningen academy since 2012, Payne made a pair of appearances at left back for the Dutch club, which currently sits in eighth place in the Eredivisie.

Payne, who was born in South Carolina before moving to the Netherlands as a toddler, is one of 21 players set to represent the U.S. at the U-20 World Cup, which will take place from May 30-June 20.

What do you think of Payne’s new deal? How will he fare with Groningen in the coming years? What do you expect from him in the upcoming U-20 World Cup?


    • And Thompson should be getting more once he returns from the tournament. Even with Kinnear’s prejudice against young players, its become clear that he is one of San Jose’s best players.

      As an aside, I don’t think that Wondolowski likes you players either. Jealousy perhaps?

      • Wondo doesn’t like young players because he knows he’s coming to the end of his career. Just look at the last January camp for the USMNT where he was pasted over for the likes of Wood, Zardes, etc….
        when he finally did get on the field he made an ass of himself with his antics, picking stupid fights and mouthing off the the ref.

      • I actually think that it has more to do with the way that he came through the game. Played for a mediocre D2 program at Chico St (he made them good when he was there though). Made the old Earthquakes though an open tryout and then rode the bench until becoming an impact player in his late 20’s, so I think that this is the road that everyone needs to take in order to reach their potential.

        I’ve watched how he interacts with Thompson and its not the way a Captain should treat a young and promising player, especially one who could help him stay relevant in the final years of his career. He also bitches at Bingham regularly, which is NOT his role, but Bingham has been a prodigy since he began youth soccer and once again, I think that bugs Wondo.

      • And yes, he needs to be done with the National team as do Beckerman, Rimando and a few others who are clearly sliding and are no longer up to the international game anymore.

  1. Good place to start a professional career. Can’t think of a u-20 team for the US that had this many players getting first team top division minutes for their club. Hope it translates to success at the tournament.

    • There aren’t many actually getting minutes with first teams though are there? Training with first teams and signing pro contracts at lesat but there are only maybe 3-4 that are getting semi-regular minutes I think. BJIV, Allen, Miazga come to mind off the top of my head.

      • Rubin has more or less a full season as a starter. It didnt look like he played striker for most of that btw.

      • Hyndman before his injury, Tall earlier in the season. Thompson is getting some minutes with SJ now, and had a good amount last year. Arriola got a good amount of minutes earlier in the year. We have a fair amount who have first team minutes under their belt.

      • 12 players on this roster have made their league debuts as opposed to only 7 on the roster the last cycle. Others, like Requejo, Zalelem have appeared professionally in other competitions. In MLS:

        Acosta – 2105 minutes.
        EPB – 330
        Allen – 427
        Thompson – 817
        Delgado – 2385
        Miazga – 1193
        Jamieson – 390

        For a sub-20 roster, this is pretty impressive. I’m not saying it’s the most talented u20 team we’ve ever had, but it’s pretty impressive. Especially when you consider that there are talented players like Flores or Roldan who didn’t make the roster.

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