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The SBI Show: Episode 209 (Previewing MLS Week 13, talking USMNT and more)

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A very busy stretch for U.S. national teams kicks off this weekend, with a plethora of matches taking place involving teams of all ages and genders.

Episode 209 of The SBI Show will look ahead to a stacked schedule that will be featuring U.S. Men’s National Team friendlies, a U.S. Women’s National Team friendly on Saturday, the kickoff of the Under-20 World Cup as well as the U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team’s participation in the Toulon Tournament.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also take a closer look at MLS Week 14, and catch up on the latest details of the FIFA scandal.

Give Episode 209 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. Ives,

    Serious question: how can you commend Gulati for his integrity when the USSF has voted for Blatter in the last four election cycles?

    The accusations (and cases) of corruption within the upper echelons of FIFA for several years now. Hasn’t the USSF been complicit in their support for Blazer/ Gulati over the years?

    • First, you have to take into account that the last two elections were Blatter winning unopposed. It would draw unnecessary attention to vote contrary just on principle. You have to play the game to some extent.

      Second, in the elections before that, he probably didn’t know the extent of Blatter’s corruption. If he did, the other candidates may have been even worse, creating a ‘lesser evil’ situation.

      You can be a person of integrity, but find yourself in a situation where you just have to eat it until an adequate opportunity presents itself to stand…

      • Dude,

        My question was directed to Ives. Unless you are his legal representative, I’m not interested in your perspective.

        He’s more than capable of responding for himself.

      • Lol

        You’re not very familiar with this site’s comments section, are you?

        If he was going to reply, the likelihood is that he would have done so by now. Outside of that, every post and response is subject for discussion and reply, like it or not.

        If my, or any other user’s comments bother you, please feel free to, you know, skip over it as you see fit. Thanks for coming to SBI Soccer!!!

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