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The SBI Show: Episode 204 (Recapping MLS Week 9, talking CCL, and more)

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The cream has begun to rise to the top of the MLS standings, as we watched the Seattle Sounders and New England Revolution dispose of their New York opponents in a pair of MLS Week Nine’s headlining matches.

Episode 204 of The SBI Show looks back at a weekend with several intriguing matches, including Seattle’s thrashing of NYCFC and the Revs’ victory against a short-handed New York Red Bulls side that suffered its first loss of the season.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also look back at the CONCACAF Champions League finals, and Montreal’s improbable run. We also dive into whether MLS is doing enough to really compete on the international stage.

Give Episode 204 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on MLS spending? Which MLS teams look like MLS Cup contenders to you?

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  1. I looked at the revenue/profitability numbers for MLS for the season before. If MLS set a cap for this season at $5 Million, all but 5 teams ( when I checked) would seek to be profitable. They should allow free agency and a 5 million cap.

  2. Garrett @ 32:14 – “When David Texeira is scoring goals Ives, everything’s going right for ya”

    Too true, he’s been disappointing as a forward…I would be much happier with his level of production if he were an Alex Zendejas or Coy Craft…both 7 years younger than DT as well as being Homegrowns.

  3. Garrett Cleverly is a joke. As a grown man, how does it feel to sit on MLS owners laps, and suckle their drivel. How can you — as an MLS supporter — side with the MLS on the new salary cap. There is money in the league, but several owners refuse to invest capital in MLS. You’re a deluded fool.

  4. Having listened to most of these shows, gotta say that MLS convo was one of my favorite back and forth exchanges you guys have had. Though I disagree with them, I though Garrett actually made what were some decent points in there. But man, IG dropped some hammers.

    “This message brought to you by MLS”
    “I don’t have a favorite MLS team.”….. “I know, your favorite entity is the man”
    And my favorite…. “I’m sure anyone who’s a fan is punching themselves in the face listening to the crap you’re giving us.”

    Ives did make the best point of the whole show though, in regards to the “ghost of NASL”. Everyone gets it. That league folded, we don’t want that to happen, etc. And it’s perfectly fine if, because of that, MLS wants to take it painfully slow in order to ensure financial viability. Everyone understands that. But, don’t allow the owners to use that as a crutch, while simultaneously telling us you want the league to be one of the best in the world by 2022. Especially not when, under your shiny new CBA, the cap is going to be just $4.25 million in 2019. At some point, if you really do want to be the best in the world, the training wheels need to come off.

  5. I don’t mind the rants either. In fact I go get other members of the family to listen in when there is one :-). I think you made some great comments that MLS needs to hear about player salaries. One other factor to consider that you have brought up in other episodes is that player development will have to start showing more results for MLS to progress more as a league. That’s another component in the equation.

  6. Great episode folks. I actually don’t mind the rants and back and forth stuff, just as long as it’s genuine, which I believe has always been the case. Any updates on the possibility of future video episodes? How about the healthy eating and exercise progress? Just curious…


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