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The SBI Show: Episode 208 (Talking FIFA corruption, U.S. Open Cup, and more)

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The game of soccer has made major headlines for the wrong reasons this week, with federal corruption charges snagging FIFA officials and threatening to lead to a long-awaited cleaning house in the sport’s governing body.

Episode 208 of The SBI Show takes a look at the FIFA scandal, and what it could mean going forward. We talk about the impact on CONCACAF, and whether Sepp Blatter is really ready to face justice.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the U.S. Open Cup, which saw USL teams sweep NASL teams in all seven match-ups on Wednesday night.

Give Episode 208 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Shocked by the FIFA scandal, or not shocked at all? More surprised by USL’s U.S. Open Cup sweep of the NASL?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Those are my tracks, and I’m glad you appreciate them. And yes, I’ve thought about a mix tape, or YouTube video list. Just trying to expose listeners to quality hip-hop.

    • NY Times reported the FBI stumbled onto the FIFA corruption as part an investigation of Russian organized crime which is a big problem in US. So according to them it had absolutely nothing to do with World CUP bids. None of the charges made by the FBI had anything to do with the 2018 & 2022 World Cup bids.

    • It comes down to the actions of Chuck Blazer and the Warner sons, too. Blazer cooperated once they threatened to bring him down with the charges he was facing. Once some evidence about the Warner sons was revealed, that brought more to light about FIFA’s actions on US soil. As for the timing of it all, it was a matter of simplicity. Have all the officials in one hotel and make quick arrests in the event that they try to evade arrest.

      Here’s the article:

    • Let’s tease this logic out a bit.

      1) The whole point is that it could not be won by the U.S. under the existing process, because our bid committee did not/would not make bribery payments. Sunil wasn’t going to sniff that. So it’s a demonstrably false hypothetical.

      2) There would not likely be any questions if we got the bid because unlike giving it to Qatar, giving it to the U.S. is not a preposterous idea on it’s face. I’m not making this up — Qatar’s bid had the lowest technical evaluation, and was the only bid out of NINE to be marked HIGH RISK. The USA’s had the highest technical evaluation.

      You can’t separate out the corruption from who won. Qatar won because they were corrupt. The USA lost because Qatar’s bid was corrupt. These facts are inseparable.

    • Absolutely not. The FBI knew of Blazer’s corruption for 20+ years and it never bothered to do a thing about it. Not until we lost the WC to Qatar did the corruption became a problem. The classic “American interests” scenario.


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