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Galaxy left angry after self-inflicted mistakes lead to rout vs. Orlando City

Bruce Arena LA Galaxy 23

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The LA Galaxy are not usually on the losing end of lopsided results, but a number of mistakes and poor overall play forced them to swallow that type of bitter result.

The Galaxy were handed their worst defeat of the season on Sunday, enduring a 4-0 away loss to Orlando City that kept LA winless on the road since August 2014. The consensus from the Galaxy after the match was that their performance was simply not good enough from top to bottom, especially since self-inflicted mistakes and overall sloppiness paved the way for the majority of Orlando’s goals.

“We were awful on the day,” said Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena. “I had 14 players that played and I thought about three of them played in an acceptable manner. We were outplayed all over the field. Really, there’s not much you can say.

“In the second half, we needed to get the first goal. Certainly, what I thought was a poor call by the referee for the penalty that basically put us out of the game. Orlando played well, I give them credit, and we were pretty bad.”

Arena’s side was on the unfortunate end of a dubious penalty kick call in the 56th minute, but was already trailing by two goals at that point. LA’s first half saw them punished for their defensive gaffes and poor passing, with Orlando City star Kaka leading the way for the hosts.

The Galaxy were missing Designated Player duo Robbie Keane and Omar Gonzalez due to injuries, and fielded a team with several younger players and reserves. Still, there was plenty of frustration about how things transpired on the field.

“We’re definitely angry. No one likes losing, especially when we are representing the Galaxy,” said veteran defender A.J. DeLaGarza. “It’s just not who we are. (We just have to) look at ourselves in the mirror and move on, have to get better every week, and try different things.

“Sometimes they don’t work. This is one of those times. We need to move on. It’s just a night where a lot of us didn’t do well.”

LA will not have much time to lick its wounds. The Western Conference club returns to action on Friday with a home game against the Houston Dynamo, and a much improved performance will be needed to get over the bitter taste of this ugly defeat.

“We should be upset, we should be very upset,” said forward Alan Gordon. “Take it personal and not let it happen again


  1. Husidic made the critical mistake of the game. I don’t know why no one else is talking about this, but The Galaxy had huge chunks of possession. Orlando parked the bus and countered astutely on the 2nd goal and Galaxy didn’t know how to react. Husidic made a dumb, unnecessary switch which De la Garza couldn’t control. Then we were just too far gone. I don’t like Gerrard, but this team could really use his strength and poise on the ball in the middle. Maganto looks promising, but he had some costly turnovers. Zardes and his hair twin looked lost. I like Ishizaki, but when he’s your most dangerous weapon, you’ve got trouble! I’m waiting for Keane to get back. This team DESPERATELY needs his leadership and goals.

  2. Galaxy laid an egg yesterday. It doesn’t happen often for them BUT it does happen to everyone from time to time. I don’t see the need to punch the panic button just yet. And props to OCSC. While LA played their worst, Orlando played their best game of the year. They got the deserved result.

    • Yabba Dabba Dooo, I agree, the Galaxy always suck in the first half of the season, then they come back and win MLS Cup. I really don’t think that the Gals are too concerned about that loss.

    • Wait sorry, was that the wrong Yogi, I’ll give it another try.
      I agree, The Galaxy always play badly at the start of the season and then finish strong. It looked “like Deja Vu all over again” to me.

  3. The Galaxy have been playing pretty bad all year. Gyasi Zardis isn’t playing well this year. The Galaxy need help at the forward position. Even when Zardis is playing with RK from what I see he’s not been playing well. Husidic isn’t bad he’s just slow. Last night he was playing out of position. Todd Dunnivant if he’s healthy should have played left back. He’s slow, but no worse than Husidic. Dunnivant has experience at left back which they could have used last night. I think Leonardo is always bad and needs to go as does Tommy Meyer. Rogers when he plays seems to constantly be caught out of position or ball watching. I think the experiment with him at left back has failed. He’s got speed at left back but not much else. Gargan is a player I actually like. He’s got moderate speed, is a fairly good passer, and a fairly good defender although he sometimes gets caught out of position.

    When I saw the line up for last nights game I knew the Galaxy were in trouble. The back four were weak with only AJ a strong defender. The midfield wasn’t bad but something isn’t clicking there and hasn’t been since Sarvas was traded to the Rapids. Maybe the previous comment was right about Juninho needing to go. It will be interesting to see who Gerrard is paird with. Zardis needs to be benched. I like the new kids Jameson and Incanto (I think is his name), but I think they need to be brought along with a stronger lineup. I almost feel they were thrown to the wolves last night and a previous game the two started.

    Not sure how much space the Galaxy have under the salary cap but I think during the next transfer window they need to cut some players and bring in some new ones that can help the team. Because this year to me they seem awful and Gerrard alone won’t help them.

      • Like a recently-arrived substitute on an MLS team getting pounded 4-0. He was very much anonymous. Which isn’t to say he’s worthless, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a breakout performance just yet. Guy has scarcely played as a senior pro, to date.

    • Aside from the RK and Gonzo injuries. However the biggest issue with the LAGals is the loss of Marcelo Sarvas! He and Juninho were a tremendous tandem holding the ball and getting it forward.

      • cont:.. Also, there are just too many inexperienced young guys and over the hill guys having to play big minutes for them right now. Husidic is like molasses on the pitch and combines with the new guy from Finland, our mid is a clusterf%$K, The backliners is playing horrible with only Delagarza as the only legit defender in Gonzo’s absence. It’s going to be a long season unless the injuries get fixed and we inject some help.. Stevie G will definitely help!

  4. The only player in that group I would oust is Gargan (Rogers isn’t far behind though). Delagarza has been our second best defender this season. And just watch a game when Juninho doesn’t play — would have been 6-0.

  5. Well being a galaxy fan it was odd to watch and lose the way we did. Most MLS teams don’t have the luxury to say that. Haha. We do need some big moves though. Out with juninho, gargan, Rodgers, de la garza, husidic, they are all garbage.

    • “Out with juninho, gargan, Rodgers, de la garza, husidic, they are all garbage.” Sure dude, that’s completely reasonable within the context of MLS. Unfortunately, teams in this league do not have the luxury of dumping five starters and replacing them midseason. And for the record, Juninho, AJ DLG and Rogers are definitely not garbage. That had a crap game, but they’re some of the most reliable players on the squad. Gargan and Husidic are past their sell-by date.


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