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Report: Bedoya, Kitchen attracting interest across Europe

Alejandro Bedoya USMNT 42

photo by Kim Klement/USA Today Sports


A pair of U.S. Men’s National Team midfielders could soon be on the move on the club front.

FC Nantes’ Alejandro Bedoya and Perry Kitchen of D.C. United are drawing interest across Europe, according to a Wednesday report from┬áthat cites the duo’s agent Lyle Yorks.

Bedoya, 28, has clubs in the German Bundesliga and English Premier League who are keeping an eye on him, while the 23-year-old Kitchen is attracting interest from Germany and UEFA Champions League clubs in Belgium and Denmark.

Bedoya recently signed a new deal with Nantes through the 2018-19 campaign and Kitchen is currently in the final year of his MLS deal.

Apart from having each earned two caps with the U.S. this year, Bedoya and Kitchen have been regular contributors for their clubs this season. Bedoya has played in 28 games for Nantes and scored three goals, and Kitchen has started in all 10 of D.C. United’s matches thus far this season and contributed with two goals and an assist.


What do you think of Bedoya and Kitchen’s European interest? Hope Bedoya sticks it out with Nantes given that he is getting regular playing time or should he aim to make another move up? What foreign league would best suit Kitchen?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Bedoya is a good player, he will do good in any team that gets gim, he needs a better team than Nantes right now and show what he can do on the field.

  2. Most likely just trying to get some money in a new contract.

    But don’t do it Kitchen.

    You are playing
    In a competitive league
    For the first place team in the East

    What are you going to get that is better than that? Money, maybe.

  3. I actually would like to see more yanks in the Bundesliga. Hope something comes to fruition for Bedoya he deserves it he’s done great work in France.

    Kitchen…idk..Bundesliga may be too much for him right now.. Belgium looks like a good fit.

      • agreed! Look, I love speaking English as much as the next guy, but our young Yanks have to stop obsessing over playing in England (i’m looking at you Swagudelo!). I think he Bundesliga has always done our Yanks well, and I think a technical player like Bedoya would do well there.

      • are you saying that Juan chose the EPL because they speak english there?…

      • I believe Juan also is fluent in Spanish.

        My guess would be his agent or whoever does that for him may have more contacts in England than in Spain. After all, Stoke already had a history with Americans and of course the EPL pays very well.

    • Yes, I agree. Bundesliga has been a good league for American players. I feel it fits the style better, not as cutthroat as the EPL, and less technical than La Liga, yet one of the best leagues in the world.

      • I like Bedoya in France. I think it’s a good fit for him, he’s getting playing time and is well respected. Last thing we need is Bedoya sitting on the bench.

      • These European offers are starting to feel like a trap, like some guy in a car waving pedestrians out into traffic just so he can run them over.

        It so often seems like they lure our best and brightest overseas…just to decide they’re not good enough and park them on the bench. Only to then lose or tie to these very same guys in International play…because, you know, when the country’s VERY BESTUS PLAYERS get together, the level is lower than the actual domestic league.

        It can be a great thing for a player who perserveres, but any guy who tries it had better to be ready to ride the pine for long stretches, for no reason whatsoever, and every time they get a new manager, be aware that they’re usually going to put the American on the bench as a first order of business.

      • The competition is much tougher in Europe. The clubs don’t bring players to rot them on the bench, but the starting spot or even a spot on the bench is not guaranteed – you have to fight for it.

    • There was a time when Germany was THE place for yanks to ply their trade.
      Wynalda, McBride, Reyna, Bliss, Doyle, Joe-Max Moore, Caligiuri, Agoos, Lapper…. Just to name a few U.S. soccer greats who played in Germany.


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