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UCL Semifinals: Real Madrid vs. Juventus (SBI Live Commentary)




Riding a 2-1 advantage from their home leg, Juventus can seal a spot in the Champions League final on Wednesday, but they will have to go through the defending champions to get there.

Real Madrid host the second leg of the Champions League semifinals, looking to overcome a one goal deficit thanks to goals from Juve forwards Carlos Tevez and Alvaro Morata.

With Barcelona waiting following Tuesday’s victory over Bayern Munich, Real Madrid will be looking to set an El Classico finale, while Juventus hope to advance to the club’s first Champions League final since 2003.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s action so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog UCL Semifinals: Real Madrid vs. Juventus (SBI Live Commentary)



    • Disagree, they’re both awesome. Bale wasn’t so great today of course but he’s probably sick of RM and their clown fans. Hopefully he’ll move on to somewhere better this summer.

  1. Is there any objective evidence that Chichirito is better than Dempsey? Pretty sure dempsey has scored at a better rate in concacaf and in the EPL. Chichirito being on the field for real madrid is just tilting the heck out of me.

    • You’re asking a bunch of people with a very strong bias. Chicharito plays for Real Madrid and Dempsey plays for Seattle. That’s all you need to know to answer your question….. and no, Dempsey didn’t score at a better rate than chicharito. Not even close.

      • He’s on loan RM and probably will be at a team like Southampton next season. They’re somewhat different players positionally too so I don’t think you can compare strike rates. Personally I’d take Dempsey but I admit I’m totally biased.

      • True but Dempsey could still be playing at a decent level in Europe. He’d rather make $6m a year though and I can’t say I blame him.

      • Chicharito is much younger, and plays a very different position than Deuce did while in the EPL. I mean, Deuce scored 50 goals for Fulham playing mostly as a wide midfielder and CAM rather than forward.

    • “Pretty sure dempsey has scored at a better rate in concacaf and in the EPL”

      Absolutely not.. Hernandez has one of the highest minutes to goal ration in EPL history.
      Currently he sits at 45 goals with 5 years in Europe(and I’m pretty sure he will stay for at least another 5). On an International level Hernandez has 39 goals in 72 appearances and he’s still 26.

      Clint Dempsey on the International level has 112 appearances and 40 goals at the age of 32. During his time in Europe (which was 8 years) Clint had 57 goals.

      People on pro-American sites like to troll Hernandez, but his numbers don’t lie. If you don’t bite into the ‘bias-hate bait’ you’ll be able to see this, which is why I’ve never hated on Hernandez.

    • Chicharito offers 1 quality…which he is quite-good…but it’s only 1: goal-poaching

      Dempsey is a much more versatile player IMO…which gives him the edge in ‘is better’

      • I thought he has improved quite a bit this season with Madrid actually. He’s playing much differently and his passing has improved. 5 assists or so I think he’s accumulated in his last 6-7 appearances.

      • If Dempsey was who allot of USMNT fans portrayed him to be in his prime years in Europe, he would have been at a Top tier club. Bottom line, he wasn’t. Europa league for a mid-table EPL team was the highest competition he was able to reach.

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