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SBI U.S. Under-20 Man of the Match: Emerson Hyndman

U.S. Under-20s vs Myanmar (Getty Images)



Before the Under-20 World Cup began, Emerson Hyndman entered the tournament seen as the U.S. Under-20 team’s best player. On Saturday in New Zealand,  he lived up to that billing, helping lead the U.S. team’s rally past Myanmar.

Hyndman delivered a corner kick eventually sent home by Maki Tall in the first half, then the U.S. captain scored his own goal in the second half in the U.S. team’s 2-1 victory in its Under-20 World Cup opener in New Zealand. Hyndman’s performance helped him earn SBI Man of the Match honors.

The U.S. overcame a shaky start to the match, and Hyndman’s poise in midfield was key to turning the tide for the Americans. The Fulham midfielder’s sharp passing and work all over the field helped set the tone for a better second half for the U.S., which stands atop its World Cup group after the first match day.

Hyndman beat out Rubio Rubin and Maki Tall for Man of the Match honors.

What did you think of Hyndman’s performance? Which player impressed you the most against Myanmar?

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    • In total agreement. He really got going when Zelalem came on. Like, RIGHT when Zelalem came on. I think it had to do with him being able to roam more.

  1. If and when he breaks into Fulham’s first teams, I want to see what this guy can do paired next to Bradley. Seems like a match made in heaven

  2. Him and Rubin were quite impressive, Zelalem also showed some deft touches and the ability to weave out of traffic….he did have a few turnovers though.

    I can see why people are excited about Hyndman. He’s definitely not fast, but it looks like he’s pretty quick, that, combined with his advanced speed of thought helps mitigate the physical gifts he wasn’t born with. Allegedly, Dortmund has shown interest in him in the past? He’d be a cheap and potentially solid replacement for Gundogan, if that is the case.

    • Forgot to mention, but that mini dribbling sequence Emerson had where he side footed the ball with the outside of his foot just outside the box and passed the ball to the wing for Moore (or Allen?) was uber slick.

      That move was more telling of his skills than the goal he scored (which was very well taken).

    • It’s a bad indicator at this level when professional players do not play at with professionalism and control above their peers who do not see any first team playing time at their clubs.

      Likewise, it is a good indicator when players who have professional first team club experience do perform at a level above. It indicates that they are progressing at the right rate in the right direction.

      Hyndman, Tall, and Rubio are clearly a professional cut above after one game. We’ll see if other players step up after the initial shock of playing in a world cup game.

      Maki Tall was fantastic in this game…very dangerous.

  3. He was outstanding no doubt. Absolutely the man of the match. Rubin was very good as well and deserving of a mention. Hyndman looks like a real talent, poised for great things in the future.

    • Emerson was poised. He took his chance like a professional…very clinical. Acosta had a gimme of a chance (set up by an excellent play by Rubio, was not poised, and flubbed a sitter.

      Despite the hype driven for players like Zelalem (not Zelalem’s fault…it’s the goofy kid fans who create that hype), it’s clear that Hyndman is at a different level professionally. Same goes for Rubin.


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