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Must-See Goal: Lionel Messi


  1. i hereby ban anyone from ever again declaring a young player the ________ Messi, e.g., the American Messi, the Japanese Messi, the Uraguayan Messi. There is one Messi.

  2. While there are a lot of good goal scorers out there and Ronaldo may score as many or more than Messi, nobody I have ever seen scores as many eye popping goals as Messi. Only Ibrahimovic comes close in that category. Even after seeing the replay 3 times, it still seems amazing that he got that ball into the near post. The man is truly amazing.

  3. Ridiculous goal. Something out of nothing. Have him corralled and pinned to the sidelines with 5-6 defenders between him and goal and….. before you blink he’s effortlessly dribbled through the lot, and slotted a low near-post kidding shot in the net. Disheartening if you’re a defender. Seems he’s had 1 or 2 of these head-shakers weekly for a few months now.

  4. Not to take anything away from Messi because he’s clearly one of the best players in the world, and I know how hard he is to defend, but that was some pretty poor defending and goalkeeping.

  5. Where is this beast going to end up, if he comes to MLS.
    And I can’t say red bull because they are cheap and no big star would play for a company team but if they rebrand, and got the money, they have chance.
    What about cr7, I say LA2 will be his team.
    Where will messi, cr7, zlatan, Rooney go if they come to MLS.

    • I have to think that Messi would be looking at a combination of how much money he would make with which team is going to win championships Texas, Florida,and Washington don’t have state taxes to pay, Dallas and Seattle are great teams that just need to be able to close out playoff games. Does Dallas spend money on players?
      Of course by the time Messi is considering coming to MLS teams like Chicago, Colorado, Houston, and Philadelphia might have their shit together enough to be on top of the league.

      I’m not saying LA or NYC wont be the team, just saying don’t count out any team when it comes to signing Messi.

      MLS will proably want to make sure Messi and CR7 are put in different conferences. Having a Messi vs CR7 MLS cup would do wonders for TV ratings.
      If he comes to MLS be prepared to see the game get stopped by crazed fans going on the field just to take pictures or hug Messi. Every. Single. Game.


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