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23 for 2015: Projecting the USMNT Gold Cup roster (April 2015 edition)

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There may have only been one U.S. Men’s National Team friendly in the month of April, but that isn’t stopping us from seriously shaking up our projection for the USMNT Gold Cup roster.

No, this isn’t an overreaction to Jordan Morris’ impressive showings against Mexico (for senior team and the U-23s), but rather an acknowledgment that Jurgen Klinsmann can make several roster changes within the Gold Cup (after the group stage) which will give him even more options beyond the initial roster he must name.

That means we can see more players given chances this summer than we had been projecting earlier.

Does that mean everybody who is worthy of a look will get one? Not quite. There is still plenty of depth all over, and there will be some good players left out.

With that in mind, here is the April projection of the USMNT Gold Cup roster (the squad we see Klinsmann taking):

Projected USMNT Gold Cup Roster (April 2015 Edition)

(New additions in BOLD, *- Potential group stage additions)


Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando, William Yarbrough

Outlook- The first change to this trio in months sees Yarbrough slip past Bill Hamid for the third goalkeeper spot after Yarbrough’s solid showing against Mexico. He has been steady in his appearances and there is also the matter of cap-tying him to the U.S. When you also consider he wouldn’t be forced to miss matches like Hamid would, this one makes sense.

It shouldn’t be seen as a slight on Hamid, because the reality is Guzan and Rimando should have the tournament covered. Klinsmann could also choose to release Yarbrough after the group stages, when Gold Cup teams are allowed to swap in four new players.

Missed the Cut– *Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson, Steve Clark, Cody Cropper


Ventura Alvarado, Matt Besler, John Brooks, Michael Orozco, Fabian Johnson, Greg Garza, Timmy Chandler, DeAndre Yedlin, Brek Shea

Outlook- This remains a major area of uncertainty given all the options at Klinsmann’s disposal. There is a very strong likelihood that Klinsmann will use one, and perhaps two, mid-tournament roster changes on central defenders to give opportunities to all his top options.

Who will he call into the initial squad? Don’t be surprised if Jermaine Jones isn’t included in the initial team. Think about it. Do you really need Jones in the group stages when you have other solid options? It makes more sense to save him for the knockout rounds, which then frees up a spot for a player like Ventura Alvarado.

The same should go for another veteran, like Omar Gonzalez, who can slide into the lineup in the knockout rounds. Klinsmann could also leave Besler off the initial group, but in this projection we include two right centerbacks and two left centerbacks.

The fullbacks are pretty much the same, and it’s tough to see anybody breaking into that group, barring an injury.

Missed the Cut– *Jermaine Jones, *Omar Gonzalez, Steve Birnbaum, Tim Ream, Matt Hedges, Perry Kitchen, Eric Lichaj, Robbie Rogers.


Michael Bradley, Alejandro Bedoya, Mix Diskerud, Kyle Beckerman, Danny Williams, Graham Zusi, Miguel Ibarra

Outlook– Another shakeup takes place in this section, with Geoff Cameron projected as a player we see brought in for the knockout stages. We also include Miguel Ibarra, who Klinsmann clearly rates, and who is one of the few viable left wing options at his disposal.

And what of Lee Nguyen? It is tough to ignore the fact that Klinsmann has used him sparingly, and the fact that Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley are Klinsmann’s preferred options in the very role Nguyen is naturally suited for could make it tough for the Revs ace to make the team.

(Update)-We included one too many players on the initial projection, so Corona misses the cut. Also, as I note in the comments section, Zusi and Corona have very tenuous holds on their roster spots, and Alfredo Morales is definitely a player who could be included.

Missed the Cut– *Geoff Cameron, Joe Corona, Alfredo Morales, Lee Nguyen, Benny Feilhaber, Harrison Shipp, Wil Trapp, Luis Gil, Joe Gyau, Teal Bunbury, Ethan Finlay


Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Aron Johannsson, Gyasi Zardes

Outlook- No change to this group just yet, but Agudelo has served notice that he plans to take a serious run at this foursome. Klinsmann could definitely choose to use one of his four roster changes in the group stage on a forward rather than a third goalkeeper, which could free up a spot for Agudelo to either be on the initial team, or the knockout round group.

And what of Mexico killer Jordan Morris? It’s tough to see him being included in this competition. He has more pressing matters with Olympic qualifying in the fall.

Missed the Cut– Juan Agudelo, Rubio Rubin, Chris Wondolowski, Jordan Morris, Charlie Davies.


For those who have asked, here is the squad I would bring to the Gold Cup as of right now:

GK- Guzan, Rimando, Yarbrough

D- Alvarado, Brooks, Gonzalez, Orozco, Yedlin, Chandler, Garza, Shea (*Besler and *Jones for Alvarado and Orozco in knockout rounds)

M- Bradley, Bedoya, Johnson, Diskerud, Morales, Williams, Zusi, Nguyen (*Beckerman and *Cameron for Williams and Morales in knockout rounds)

F- Dempsey, Altidore, Johannsson, Agudelo


What do you think of this group of 23 players? Who are you happy to see included in the squad? Who is missing that you feel should have made the cut?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Is the US in trouble in goal? Guzan is awful average for a squad that often relies on excellent at the back. Rimando never had it on a world-class level and is now aging as well. Plus he wasn’t gifted with the body of a keeper. Howard is still the best option, but understandably he is taking a summer off *(I’m not convinced he will stay retired from international duty). Yarborough, Hamid, Johnson, Cropper all unproven at any level higher than MLS (Yarbrough not established enough in MX yet)

    This is as apt as any issue to cost the squad the Cup this summer.

  2. Lee Nguyen, Benny Feilhaber and Sasha Klesjan are all playing superior soccer and are influencing the outcome of their respective team …..compared to let’s say Michael Bradley (who isn’t doing anything in Toronto, captain or not……nothing)
    Juan Agudelo (with less talent around him) is playing better than Jozy Altidore, who is on the same power intensity as Bradley….Very Low
    Jermaine Jones…is he injured?? He is the best midfield we have….what is Klinsmann not telling us?
    Teal Bunbury is stronger, faster, scoring goals and playing way better currently than Graham Zusi…..who seemed to stop trying after his DP contract
    Beckerman, Bradley and Williams……….there goes all hope for a commanding attack in this competition

    The beauty of having most of your players in MLS you get to compare apples and apples……

    • Not sure if I’d go so far as to push Agudelo ahead of Altidore on the depth chart yet, but I’ve been impressed with Bunbury in the stretches that I’ve seen him play. If Klinsmann is going to try out Zardes as a converted winger, it probably makes sense to give Bunbury a shot as well. I don’t know if it will happen in time for the pre-Gold Cup games, but wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the fall.

    • Yeah I was just thinking about how much easier Klinsmann’s selection process was when you just had a group in Europe. Right now the talent pool seem much more murky. I mean who has really been better, Diskerud, Shipp, Nguyen, Kljestan, Bradley? Hard to say.

  3. I know it would be tough to break into the fullback pool at this point, and I know at 29 he’s a little old to be making his debut, but damn if I don’t think Chris Tierney would be a good fit for this team.

    I feel like his service is head and shoulders better than anyone who could play left back not named Fabian Johnson, and he’s saavy enough to make the transition to the international level fairly easily. With so much of our width and service coming from the fullbacks, Tierney’s ability to get into the attack and actually provide quality service makes him kind of an intriguing option, I think. Garza is probably a better defender, Tierney isn’t as dynamic as Shea nor does he have the long-term upside Shea has, and he’s not as fast as Rogers, but I think he’s the best overall player of any of them right now.

    Like I said, doubt he gets a chance, but would be interesting to see what he could do with the full squad.

  4. If Ibarra is that good, why hasn’t he moved to a better club? I appreciate that players improve and not getting a roster spot at Portland in 2012 is ancient history. But with the notoriety of being called form the NASL to the USMNT last fall, you would expect that some clubs would take a hard look at him and make an offer, unless, of course, they were not all that impressed.

    • Perhaps but now that Minnesota know they are going to be in MLS, I’m sure they want to everything they can to hold on to him. A MLS club would probably have to offer a DP contract to get him out of there at this point. If he’s any good or not I don’t know but I wouldn’t read anything into the fact he’s not on an MLS roster.

      • Minnesota isn’t in the MLS until 2018. That’s awful far away.

        IMO, the only think JK sees in him is his work-rate and soccer smarts. Just like Wondo, I’m guessing JK brings him along because it’s good for younger guys to see players work their tails off. That being said, Ibarra lacks the quality needed for MLS. I really don’t see Ibarra playing for the USMNT when it matters. If he does play, we’re a lot further off as a soccer nation than I thought.

  5. While I can appreciate the projection of the 23 presented along with the alternates/switches made after the group round I’d make the following suggestions:
    Goal Keeper: Drop Rimando completely. Keep Guzan, Yarbrough and use the 3rd spot for either Hamid or Johnson.
    Defense: I like the initial 8, but would only add Gonzalez after the Group Round. He’d replace either Orozco or Alvarado. No need to add Jones as a defender.
    Midfield: Drop Ibarra completely. Fabian & Shea can be used at LM. I’d also drop Beckerman and use Cameron for the Group, than replace Cameron with Jones after the group.
    Forward: By dropping Ibarra and using existing players it frees up an extra spot in the 23. I’d keep the 4 forwards mentioned (Dempsey, Jozy, Aron, Zardes) and add Agudelo.

  6. I hope Nguyen gets called in. Nguyen has shown more in his limited minutes than Ibarra. I know it wouldn’t be an exact position-for-position swap. Maybe drop one of the 3 d-mids.

  7. What has zardes done to deserve the call up? Not a big fan of someone with a terrible first touch and can’t play at the international level. Would rather have Andrew Wooten.

    • Have you actually seen Wooten play? His touch isn’t all that much better. He started the season pretty hot but has now gone 6 matches without a goal and 4 goals in his last 20 matches. You could argue Bobby Wood is even in better form with 3 goals in his last 5 matches.

      • OK so Bobby Wood is a better choice than zardes too. I don’t think he is that good and that is my opinion.

    • As someone who has seen Zardes play since his first game with the Galaxy, I don’t see how you can say he has a bad first touch and is unsuited for the international level. He wasn’t very good in Denmark, but the travel and a game that weekend probably had a lot to do with that. He was more than adequate against both Switzerland, Panama, and Mexico. The thing about Zardes is that he is speedy and a hard worker with a motor like Bedoya who is intent on refining his game in all areas. Barring injury, I feel certain that he will be on the 2018 WC team and will likely be a starter.

      • The pressing Zardes does will keep him in the conversation with Klinsmann for awhile, even if the touch isn’t there.

      • His pressing, and his speed, athleticism, and ability to run at and stretch a defense.

        I’m a lot higher than Zardes than many here. Some guys come in by storm…Zardes had kind of a rough first year with the Galaxy and then acclimated well once he got comfortable his second year. He still looks a little pensive and shaky and his confidence at the International level doesn’t seem there yet…but we have not seen the best, or even close, IMHO, of Gyasi Zardes. The guy has a killer work ethic in addition to great physical gifts and I think he’ll continue to bust his tail and get better…and in a year or two I think he’s going to be a hard, hard guy to leave off anybody’s starting 11. Honestly I think he’s the closest thing we’ve had to another Didier Drogba and while he’s not close to that level yet, exactly like Drogba I suspect he’ll be something of a later bloomer. Big forwards often are.

  8. Disagree with one statement: “There is a very strong likelihood that Klinsmann will use one, and perhaps two, mid-tournament roster changes on central defenders to give opportunities to all his top options.” because at that point it isn’t about opportunities, but it’s about continuity within the group. I really would hope JK, even if the opposition is weak, would just use a match against one of their group opponents as kind of a practice. For that reason I think you’ll see Omar Gonzalez there, etc.

    If one of the players is awful and shouldn’t be there, he might use the opportunity to swap him out. Also, if he’s got a player injured, he might use it to exchange them as well. I’m not 100% sure of the rules, but maybe if there’s a bad red card he uses the spot then as well. But there’s no way I’d be too thrilled with the manager taking his first round opponents lightly, regardless of who they are. And JK seems a bit ruthless in that respect – so I’d be surprised if he did that & threatened momentum & continuity. I mean if he did… I might be in the ‘Fire JK’ camp as well… lol

  9. The 23 I’d take:
    ST: Altidore, Zardes, Agudelo, Johansson
    MF: Bradley, Johnson, Bedoya, Dempsey, Nguyen, Shipp, Finlay, Cameron
    DF: Brooks, Gonzo, Shea, Yedlin, Alvarado, Chandler, Garza, Jones
    GK: Guzan, Hamid, Yarbrough

    While I like Morales, Williams and Beckerman, do we really need them all for a Gold Cup? Until probably the final, breaking teams down is going to the challenge rather then having to defend much. Cameron or Jones can slot in there and do just as well anyway

  10. It seems like JK will dedicate roster spots and game time to cap-tie the likes of Alvarado and Yarbrough, but what about the likes of Zelalem if he becomes available or even a Shawn Parker?

  11. Agudelo > Zardes
    Cameron > Beckerman
    Morales > Zusi

    Also, Ives makes no sense when he says to leave Cameron off until the knockout round. If he was MLS like Jones, that’s one thing but it’s not like Stoke need him in June. If anything, he would play in the group stage and leave for preseason in the knockout round and become replaced by some MLS player.

  12. Don’t be surprised if Yedlin is one of the players swapped out. Everything Tottenham has said points to the preseason being huge for him.

  13. I hope Klinsi calls in the team that he wants in the finals, from the beginning. To win the final chemistry might be the most important factor. With the fractured way that Klinsi calls up European, versus US, versus experimental sides, has he allowed his best team to build that chemistry?

    • Data from professional clubs would indicate that a rebuilt team takes 3 games to perform to expectations, but that the defense takes longer (9 games). That argues that keeping more continuity in the defense is important while there is more latitude to experiment further up the pitch.

      • what is this vague “data” you keep referring to? either name a credible source or quit annoying us all with your cut and paste comments.

      • Paul,

        Dennis may or may not have this data but it may well be irrelevant to the USMNT.

        International teams are not like clubs and do not have first call on “their” players.

        They borrow them.

        And no matter what they say, clubs never like “lending out” their property. Obviously they have to respect the FIFA windows but all international managers have to be careful about going to the well too often.

        In the Arena and Bradley era that was an easier conversation because a lot of the US internationals may have been easier to borrow in those days. These days that is seems less true.
        Since the World Cup the USMNT has played ten games, one more than Dennis’ ideal.

        I don’t know who y’all consider to be the “first choice back four “ but off the top of my head I’ll bet whoever they were, for at least part of the time spanned by the 10 games, they were injured, out of form or heavily involved with their clubs after having been away a lot for the World Cup.

        Those, like Rich, who think that the USMNT manager whoever he is, can call in whoever he wants, whenever he wants, are a bit off target.

      • Sigh,

        I wish I had the source, but I do not. These comments are not research papers so I was unaware footnoting was required. The data I refere to was a statistical analysis and it was done using data collected from professional club teams.

        I keep bringing it up because it is relevant to the issue of switching players, (trying out, looking at, or whatever you want to call it) for new players during a competition.

  14. Gonzo missing the cut? Are you daft man? After his game against Mexico and his last MLS game over the red Bulls were he shut down Wright-Phillips and was named to the MLS team of the week? Most would easily rate him above Orozco, Besler and probably above Brooks although he has had a good resurgence in the Bundesliga.

    Consider adding an extra Centerback to the 23 instead of the three, US Center backs seem to get more yellows in concacaf tourneys, where as a fullback position can be filled by a winger position a la Fabian Johnson or Brek Shea if in need.

    • It’s almost like you didn’t read any of the article aside from the names of the players then skipped on down to the comment section to complain. Very very very clearly says Gonzalez would be called into the knockout stages (ie the important games) to let some younger players get time in the early rounds.

  15. I just don’t see Ibarra making this team. He has played so little and you can put other players (Zarrdes, Williams, F Johnson). on the left wing if need be. I think Cameron will take his spot. I would rather see Jermaine Jones than Beckerman. J Jones has shown the ability to score occasionally.

    • I really, REALLY, hope Ibarra doesn’t make the team. The guy brings effort, but he seriously lacks the physical and technical abilities needed at this level. There is a reason he’s not even on an MLS roster. Although he may finally get that chance when Minnesota becomes an MLS team in 2018. That’s one way to make an MLS roster…

    • Jones is a better threat attacking than Beckerman, but Beckerman’s presence makes the team better because he is in consistent defensive position while Jones roams and makes others second guess themselves. Despite him being the better footballer

  16. Who has had a better season so far? Diskerud or Shipp? Zusi or Finlay?

    Also I haven’t been too impressed with Corona in awhile. I understand Liga MX is a better league then MLS but does that mean anyone getting minutes there is a better option then anyone in MLS?

    It would be pretty funny to see Klinsmann explain why Cameron isn’t in the team but Ibarra is. Always finding that highest level.

    • actually, we all heard what JK has too say in situations like that: “we took a hard look at it and geoff (or whoever it is) was really good in camp. But the coaches and I just feel there were some guys a tiny step ahead of him. So now he has to swallow hard and go back to his club and prove us wrong.”
      LOL Klinsispeak

  17. “It makes more sense to save [Jones] for the knockout rounds, which then frees up a spot for a player like Ventura Alvarado.” Uh, except that Alvarado is a far better central defender than Jones.

    • You can feel free to think so, but Klinsmann will absolutely start a healthy Jones in the knockout rounds, be it in midfield or central defense. He will be on the field. I think Alvarado is a player to build around for the future, but I also think Klinsmann’s focus is winning the tournament, not planning for the future.

  18. Not a fan of the idea of swapping out defenders after the group phase. The understanding of the back four is critical to their performance and is one spot I think we need some consistency after rotating so much recently.

    • Not an unfair theory, completely reasonable, but Klinsmann did swap defenders at the last Gold Cup, so it’s a possibility. Also think that he has so many good options that I just can’t see him settling on just four and leaving the rest out for an entire Gold Cup. Of course things can change, and injuries can happen, but if all his CB options are healthy I have a hard time believing he will stick with just four when he has the option to swap a few.

      • JK’s continuing to swap defenders, especially in the 2nd half of most all of the matches that we’ve tied or lost this year comes from the dissolution of harmonious cohesion. Granted these friendlies were for those experimentations, but finalizing for important tournament such as the Gold Cup, I believe that less change is a better option.

      • I remain skeptical about the wisdom of making wholesale changes to the back line. Data from clubs that rebuild their defenses over the off season indicate it takes about 9 games for the defense to reach its potential (and that is presumably the case even when the new defenders are better than the old ones).

        Sure there must be enough depth to allow for injury and suspension, but continued efforts to play together 4 guys , who have barely had time to learn each others’ names, will not lead to a cohesive defensive unit.

        If the defenders are really so close to the same quality, JK should just pick those whose style he prefers or who he finds cute, or whatever and stick with them as long as they perform reasonably as individuals and allow them to grow together. The choices do not need to be “fair”, just defensible based onisoccer. JK certainly has not shown he is all that concerned about “hurt feelings” so it is not something he is likely to lose much sleep over.

      • If your 9 game figure is accurate then it is already pretty much too late for the Gold Cup .

        Even if JK wanted to play the same four guys in a back four for 9 game straight the realities of injuries, club availability and scheduling etc., etc.make that a practical impossibility.

        The USMNT does not necessarily have the right of “first refusal” for a player unless you have the kind of clout that LD had and which no other player has at this point.

      • GW – While you’re right that we can’t get a set of four defenders to play nine games together between now and the GC final, it’d be better to have five or six games played together than two or three as Ives is suggesting.

        Also, any team in the tourney that has mixed in different players during recent friendlies will be in the same situation as us. So we can have a back four that have played the last five or six matches together like our opponent, or we can have two or three matches together while our opponent has more. I’d stick with the same back line, barring injury, from start to finish.

      • JC,

        I’m sure any manager would love to have the same 4 guys in their back four for nine games.

        Don’t you think JK would love to put down the same four names and not think about it?

        The fact that it hasn’t happened for the US tells me that we don’t have a four guy grouping who have played that well together to deserve being played 9 in a row.

        There are promising players in there but, except for Fabian, none of them are what you would call a consistent international level defender at least not yet…

        Besler comes the closest but he has looked awful lately and Gonzo is next but when he is good he is great and when he is not he is deeply awful.

        It’s the inconsistent talent that causes all this shifting around..

      • GW – I’ll give you the inconsistencies, but I don’t think that is necessarily the cause of all the shifting. JK likes to mix it up all over in order to see what he has. It’s just part of his coaching style. I think we’d see all the shifting even if guys were consistent.

      • JC,

        One of the things about national teams is they only play about a third as many games as a club team.

        Given that and the fact that the US does not have a group of Juventus approved defenders national team managers in JK’s situation have to kind of mix and match and try to play who ever is hot or matches up best with the opposition.

        That was the value of a consistent Dolo, He was not all world but I don’t ever remember him having an awful game.

      • Who were the defensive changes during last Gold Cup? Was it due to injury or poor performance?

        I completely understand JK looking at a variety of players in friendlies and making halftime changes but, as a coach, I don’t see any way he plays one set of players during group stage and brings in different players for elimination matches. The group stages will be used to build cohesion and work out the kinks. You don’t do that in elimination matches.

        I suspect the changes after group play will be due to injury, performance, or possibly even club needs for group-stage bench players.

      • I did a little research and found that the four roster changes in 2013 were Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Alan Gordon and E Johnson coming in, and Onyewu (injured during GC), Herc Gomez (injury), Corey Ashe and Jack McInerney.

        Besler had three caps prior to that tourney while Gonzalez had seven. It’s not like they were major players previously for USMNT and were left off to get other players experience, as you (Ives) argue.

        Sorry Ives, I disagree with you here by a wide margin.

      • Sorry.

        …four roster changes in 2013 were Besler, Omar Gonzalez, Alan Gordon and E Johnson coming in, and Onyewu (injured during GC), Herc Gomez (injury), Corey Ashe and Jack McInerney *leaving the squad after group play.*

      • Besler and Gonzo as I recall. Gooch either got hurt or was replaced for poor performances by Besler. OG didn’t play except as a time-killer sub in the final.

  19. My 23:

    K: Guzan, Raimando, Hamid
    D: Gonzalez, Besler, Brooks, Cameron, Alvarado, Garza, Shea, Yedlin, Chandler
    M: Bradley, Jones, Mix, Morales, Johnson, Bedoya, Green
    S: Altidore, Dempsey, Johansson, Zardes

  20. ST: Altidore, Zardes, Agudelo, Johansson
    MF: Bradley, Johnson, Bedoya, Dempsey, Williams, Mix, Morales, Cameron
    DF: Brooks, Gonzo, Shea, Yedlin, Alvarado, Chandler, Garza, Orzoco
    GK: Guzan, Rimando, Yarbrough

    4-4-2 diamond midfield

    • If apples to apples comparisons are made, the only place where there more than a couple US players scoring goals and that would be MLS.

      So far this season, Dempsey, Altidore and Wondo have 4 goals each, Gordon and Davies have 3 each while Fielhaber, Agudelo, Rolfe, Grella, Rowe, Kjlestian, and Rico Clark each have 2. Dempsey and Rolfe each have 3 assists.

      No one has had a really hot run and as you might expect Dempsey, Altidore and Wondo are leading in goal-scoring. It may be a bit early to judge by season statistics, but it does serve to point out that the young guys have yet to take over the scoring burden for their MLS teams. You can argue if the can’t score in MLS why would you expect them to be able to score in international matches. (It may be true that scoring a lot in MLS is not the same as scoring internationally, but not scoring much in MLS is surely not a positive sign.)

    • i don’t see how they clash? unless the U-23’s are playing in friendlies during the Gold Cup.. still knowing Klinnsman I would have thought he will bring a handful of the Olympic team guys at least for the group stage games.

    • For Morris it is. On the Gold Cup team he would be a last guy on the roster type player. In Olympic qualifying he will be one of the team’s key players.

    • Olympic qualifying is in October, that is a problem for Stanford not Gold Cup. There is no schedule conflict so I would assume he is called for both. I could see him being called in for group then released as the tournament progresses because I think in a more A team situation he is not really of that class, and it would free him to get ready for NCAA.

      Along similar lines July is late enough I could see some staggering of personnel with an eye to their seasons and training camps. You might bring in Euro based for the Euro friendlies and the group rounds and more MLS and in season for the knockouts because it’s late July at the end. I expect us to try to win but also to do some shuffling based on quality and schedule demands.

  21. Alfredo Morales will be on this team. With how well he’s playing for club and country and Klinsmann’s affinity for him, he’s going to be on this team.

    Between Graham Zusi and Joe Corona, one of the two will be left off in favor of Morales

      • Agreed about Graham… I would take Bunburry over Graham.

        That Bunburry like Hansel is so hot!

    • Entirely possible. If the players who made this latest cut, Zusi and Corona are about as far from locks as anybody, so Morales can certainly make this team. The June friendlies should help clear things up quite a bit.

      • Ives,
        I’ve been busy the last few and just now catching up. Good to see you in the house! Hope you can make a habit of it, like the good ole days.

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