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Report: Carlos Tevez’s reps inquiring about move to MLS

Carlos Tevez Argentina training 41

photo by Tommy Gilligan/USA Today Sports


One of the most dangerous Argentine attackers in the game today could soon be making his way to MLS.

No, not Lionel Messi.

Carlos Tevez. reported on Tuesday that Tevez’s representatives have reached out to MLS to explore the possibility of having the 31-year-old forward join the league. Tevez is currently under contract through the 2015-16 season with Italian powerhouse Juventus, but the report states that he is genuinely interested in signing with MLS.

The quick and powerful Tevez currently leads Serie A with 20 goals this season, and is trying to help Juventus move past Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League semifinals. He was also recently named to Argentina’s provisional 2015 Copa America roster.

Tevez has made a number of successful stops in his career, starting with Argentina heavyweights Boca Juniors and playing for other noteworthy clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City. An Argentina international, Tevez has scored 13 goals in 66 appearances and played in two World Cups for the Albiceleste.

What do you think of Tevez potentially joining MLS? Hoping MLS seriously pursues a move to sign him? What club would he be a good fit on?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. As in could some MLS teams use the 31 year old Argentine international starting striker for Champions League semi-finalist and Italian Serie A winner? Yeah, obviously. He’d be an upgrade at that position for literally every team in MLS.

  2. Any team put a “discovery claim” on Tevez yet? If not, on behalf of the New York Red Bulls, I do hearby discover Carlos Tevez. Send me a check for $50K when this is all settled.

    • Sorry Dan. I don’t mean to blackmail you but two nights ago at the bar I filed a discovery claim on Tevez. On a paper napkin I wrote,
      “Dear Donny G. SKC’s got dibs on Tevez. Finders keepers.
      Love, Pete Vermes”
      I spilled some beer on the napkin but I still have it so it’s legit.
      So feel free to send us that check for $50k and Carlitos is yours.
      To sweeten the deal go ahead and throw in a bag of balls and some orange slices.

      • Good job BW.

        I like how you put the MLS fans in their place with the orange slices finish. Classic.

        See you at the next post, keep up the good work.

      • Yeah. Though I’ve got no problem with MLS fans. I’m a big MLS fan. Just not a big fan of all the bizarre player allocation mechanisms. But that horse has been beat to death here already.

    • Why? Because he’s not 40-something and still incredibly talented.

      You guys can keep picking from the old folks home and the discard pile.

  3. “other ‘notorious’ clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City”.
    The primary definition of ‘notorious’ is
    1. famous for something bad.
    Why did the author use this word?
    Perplexing. Maybe could have said “other clubs of note”, or “notable clubs”.

    • A “trouble maker” who is homesick a lot,. but a trouble maker who scores 20+ goals a season and unlike a Balotelli, who thinks he deserves to score 20 goals a season, but really, is just a trouble maker.

  4. so his current contract ends just in time for a 2017 start with Atlanta FC.

    Tevez, Zlatan and Drogba as the 3 DP’s haha

  5. No, to all above, He would be the perfect anchor for an expansion team like LAFC, who would need star power to attract fans.They could build a team around him for the next few years, at 31, he could barring injury play for 3-4 more years,especially in the mild LA climate.

    My advice would be to put Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra on a plane to Italy. Argentina or the finals of the CCL (if Juventus can hold on against RM) and make an offer, hammer out a deal and get er done

    A golden goose does not lay her golden eggs on your lawn everyday!

    • Magic Johnson? Mia Hamm? Nomar?

      Nah. This is a job for the true “big gun” of LAFC. Somebody get Tony Robbins a plane ticket. Tevez has spent his entire career trying to unlock his Power Within. Time to get serious, Carlitos.

    • I had a double-secret probation blind draw with all the teams, but no many how many times I run it, it seems to always end up with the Galaxy or Sounders. Not sure why this is.

      Guess I need to bring Ali back to run the draws, or at least write me a 300 page plan on how to, in his words, “maximize core operational efficiency while leveraging a value-added player distribution model.”

    • ————-Tevez—————Keane——————

      Bench: Juninho, Lletget,

      GALAXY FTW!!!!

      • LOL

        You forget that the MLS will have to adopt the “Arena Rule” which allows all coaches named Arena to have 5 DP’s.

        But the dream lineup for 2017



        Rogers___Leonardo___Gonzales___De La Garza

        Saint Penedo

        Ronaldo on the right Wing Llletget a left footed, good crossing midfielder on the left

        Gerrard as your forward offensive Mid and Juninho as your defensive box-to-box mid

        The usual suspects in the imperious Galaxy Back line with Leonardo paired with Omar and De La Garza on the right withRrogers on the Left and Saint Penedo between the stix.

        Pretty Good sub Bench with Zardes and BJ-IV, Ishizaki and Husidic

        This could be a team that wins the CCL…lol

    • this guy still yapping about being close to his daughter? Get over it dude, she’s already a teeny bopper dating old dudes. You should’ve stayed in S. America


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